Hyde, Jekyll, Me Episode 16 Recap

Forget whether you think Hyde, Jekyll, Me is good or bad, and just raise your hand if you actually understand what the heck is going on now? Because I certainly no longer have a clue, this coming on top of barely making sense of it before. With Tae Joo out of the picture, one would think that the drama would focus on Seo Jin and Robin’s DID conundrum finally. Except that doesn’t happen either, nothing really happens for an entire episode other than everyone walking around and talking, forever walking around and talking and going nowhere. Cousin Seung Yun gets increased screentime now that the story can’t milk the Tae Joo cow anymore, too bad he’s as fail of an antagonist or comic relief as this drama has failed at telling an interesting story.

Seo Jin keeps trying but his efforts feel much like this drama being produced and then doing nothing with it. With four episodes, left his romance with Ha Na is as promising as Seo Jin grabbing a random eligible young lady off the street and propositioning her. I’m of a mind that he do that, actually, because Ha Na has turned him down flat so many times (with as flat of a monotone delivery as possible) that she’s not into him that way. Which is fine, she’s free to like whomever she wants, except when she likes Seo Jin’s manufactured personality Robin then that’s a problem for me. Because she knows and he knows and people around them know – Robin does not exist. So why is she still dating him like it’s no big deal rather than working with Seo Jin to find a way so she can love both sides of him, which is really what it’s all about.

Episode 16 recap:

Seo Jin asks Ha Na if he can love her, which is very polite of him since most chaebols would just go ahead and love regardless. He wants to learn to have a caring heart like her and to live a happy life. Ha Na claims not to know why she’s helped Seo Jin so far, whether she simply pities him or actually has romantic feelings for him, or neither and she sees him as Robin’s younger brother that she wants to take care of.

Seo Jin asks if Ha Na knows the answer but she doesn’t. She gets comfort from Robin while she gives comfort to Seo Jin, but love should be the two coming from the same person. She wonders if she was lonely coming back to Korea and fell for Robin. But love can’t be a healing medicine, just like she can’t be that for Seo Jin, she is also aware that she has looked towards Robin for comfort in the past. Ha Na urges Seo Jin to rethink his feelings for her, suggesting he’s just mistaken, but Seo Jin simply asks that she doesn’t keep her distance from him or invalidate his feelings for her. He reminds Ha Na to take the medicine and not get sick. He also takes note of what she says about love being happy and comfortable together.

Ha Na looks concerned. Or constipated. I can’t tell anymore. She calls Jin Joo to come pick her up immediately, claiming she wants to be able to rest starting tomorrow. She then picks up a pen and starts writing. If Ha Na thinks love is about being happy together and whatnot, then she should also start thinking of love as being with a person who actually exists in this world, rather turning Seo Jin down but then then having no issues dating a personality figment conjured up by a guy she claims she has no feelings for that way.

Robin wakes up with the memory of Ha Na hugging Seo Jin after the latest kidnapping, as well as her yelling at Seo Jin to hang in there and not run away, i.e. not to let Robin take over. Robin realizes that Ha Na effectively prevented him from coming out. He gets out of bed and passes the mirror, stopping to smile and repeat that he’s Robin and he exists. Robin finds Ha Na’s room empty with a note for him explaining that the danger has been resolved and she’s moved back with Jin Joo. She also asks Robin to deliver her other note to Seo Jin, explaining that it’s just a thank you note.

Cousin Seung Yun and his lady love have parked themselves at Publisher Min’s café waiting for Robin to show up at night. Seung Yun claims his detective work has revealed that the café owner is also the publisher of Robin’s work hence Robin will definitely come by at night. Publisher Min takes a call from Robin and Seung Yun immediately tries to eavesdrop. Publisher Min gives Robin an address for an officetel which Seung Yun notes, as well as Robin’s request for an ID number and to give an interview. When Publisher Min notices Seung Yun lurking, he immediately buys 10 of each cake to cover his tracks.

Eun Chang tenderly puts a bandaid on Woo Jung’s finger cut while the others snark at him making a big deal out of a small cut. Can I ship this whole gang off to the nearest snake pit? Why is this even a scene in the drama. Ha Na takes a call from Robin and meets him at a light fixture store. She looks at a lamp she thinks he would like while he’s choosing to buy a smaller one he think she likes. Ha Na tentatively asks why Robin isn’t curious about what happened last night? He claims everything is resolved so there’s nothing to ask about.

Robin does wonder why neither Ha Na or Seo Jin called him out when the situation was dangerous and could have gone wrong. Ha Na claims Seo Jin needed a chance to apologize and move on. He’s such a closed off person who cannot accept any stress but he’s finally willing to face the problem so she wanted to let him resolve it. Robin asks if Ha Na isn’t worried that Seo Jin would try to eliminate Robin after the danger is resolved? Ha Na has nothing to say to that.

Robin takes Ha Na to the officetel and suggests they decorate this place as their new office. Robin feels he doesn’t have anything that belongs to him, even when he publishes his drawings it’s under Publisher Min’s name. To even register an internet account he needs to use someone else’s ID number. But he can have something that belongs to just him and Ha Na, right? He wants to create that with her now. Ha Na doesn’t look thrilled at the suggestion but then walks over to hug Robin and agree to do it before giving him a small smile. Can they build their little love nest in another country, please, and get off the screen together.

Ha Na helps Robin pack up his things from Seo Jin’s house and notices that Robin doesn’t own a suit. Robin was just planning to buy one and explains he’ll be holding fan meetings and attending movie premieres when his work is adapted to the big screen. He plans to live his life out in the open going forward and Ha Na looks concerned when she hears this. Ha Na tries to ask Robin to do it slowly, explaining that Seo Jin barely resolved the last danger and is just getting his life back in order.

Robin explains that he’s sacrificed a lot for Seo Jin this whole time, helping him get through all the pain of his past. With the danger over, Robin faces an uncertain future where he might disappear at any time. If Seo Jin also loves Ha Na, then he should be the one to sacrifice this time, but Robin knows Seo Jin can’t do that, he can’t treat something as not belonging to him. Robin knows Seo Jin and the Chairman will try to remove him so Robin has to look out for himself so that he can love Ha Na and be with her.

Seung Yun suddenly has an epiphany over the information he overheard from Publisher Min. It means Robin is trying to establish an independent identity and declare war with Seo Jin so he can exist. Seung Yun decides to throw his lot with Robin, supporting his fight to exist, which will lead to Seo Jin being unable to return to the company. Ha Na zombie walks back home to brood.

Seo Jin wakes up in the morning and reads Ha Na’s farewell note, apologizing for moving out without telling him beforehand and thanking him for everything. Young Chan rushes in to hug Seo Jin happily and explains how long he’s served Seo Jin, coming so close to quitting many times, but sticking it through in the end. Young Chan hears that Seo Jin already knows Ha Na moved out, so instead brings up Tae Joo who is now in police custody and refusing to talk.

Seo Jin takes something out of his closet and pays Tae Joo a visit at the police station. Seo Jin knows Tae Joo is refusing to talk and reveals he also didn’t talk for a year after the incident. Seo Jin knows Tae Joo was the only one who did nothing wrong in that incident, and it was Seo Jin who betrayed him by leaving him behind. For that Seo Jin apologizes again. Seo Jin pushes an envelope over to Tae Joo who opens it to find some children’s drawings inside.

Seo Jin asks if Tae Joo doesn’t remember drawing those for Seo Jin, and Seo Jin ended up winning an award for it. He remembers Tae Joo was talented artistically back then, and a flashback shows us little Seo Jin having a hard time drawing while little Tae Joo has a hard time with his school work, so the two little boys switch assignments. Later they play at the amusement park and go watch a racy movie together, with Seo Jin trying to cover Tae Joo’s eyes from the making out onscreen.

Tae Joo remembers those happier times but still doesn’t talk to Seo Jin, who brings up Robin being talented at drawing so clearly Seo Jin still had Tae Joo on his mind. Tae Joo suddenly says “Seo Jin-ahhh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for my father, and sorry for all the things I did to you. From now on, please don’t come anymore. Let us both let go.” Seo Jin counters “To this day, I don’t have another friend, other than you. I’ll keep coming.”

Professor Kang and the detective watch this meeting through the one way mirror, with Professor Kang seemingly quite pleased with the progress both are making. She sits down with Seo Jin outside the police station and jokes that he’s gotten better without her around which makes her feel useless. Seo Jin jokes that she is a bad doctor since Seo Jin turns out to be a great drinker. Professor Kang brings up the serious topic of Robin being stronger than expected and wishes Seo Jin healed his emotional pain before Robin showed up again.

Seo Jin doesn’t care about that, he just wants to live his life now the way he could be. He’s going to learn all the things to be better, including how he talks and how he’s so serious all the time. Professor Kang is happy to hear that but worries Robin is looking to live his own life as well.

Ha Na meets with Young Chan to ask what will happen if the world found out about Robin and Seo Jin’s connection? Young Chan paints a dire picture, with the company shares falling and Seo Jin being removed from office. Ha Na suggests telling the world they are twins but that doesn’t work, Young Chan explains the Chairman would have sent Seo Jin to the hospital already but for Robin agreeing to behave in a low key way in the past. Ha Na suggests Chairman Goo might act differently now but Young Chan explains in no uncertain terms that Wonder Group is the Chairman’s first son and Seo Jin merely his second son.

Seo Jin pays his dad a visit and Chairman Goo is quick uncomfortable with their changing interaction after yesterday’s phone call. Seo Jin gets right to the point, thanking his dad for the support and consideration yesterday. He wants to continue taking time off for now and the Chairman agrees to it reluctantly. Seo Jin leaves the office and breaks into a small smile.

The circus troupe is sorting costumes when Seo Jin surprises them with a visit. Eun Chang wonders if he’s here to see Ha Na but Seo Jin says no, he doesn’t necessarily need to see her. He hears they are fixing costumes after yesterday’s performance and tells them to go back to doing that, he just came to see them hanging out. They try to make excuses for Seo Jin to leave but he just sits down and watches them work, making everyone very uncomfortable.

Eventually Seo Jin brings up how his presence makes them uncomfortable, which happens all the time with him. But he has no plans to leave so they can choose to keep being uncomfortable or get used to it. Jin Joo accepts the challenge and puts Seo Jin to work helping them. He ends up holding a sparkly dress as Jin Joo sews the missing sequins on. Conversation turns to pop music and Seo Jin is clueless as usual and tries to learn more. The troupe changes the topic to the latest legal news which leaves Woo Jung clueless. The girls then talk about the latest lipstick colors while Seo Jin takes it all in.

Ha Na walks in shocked to see Seo Jin hanging with the circus and holding a dress up. She asks why Seo Jin is here and he answers matter of factly that he’s helping out. Ha Na drags Seo Jin out and the troupe lets out a sigh of relief. Ha Na wonders why Seo Jin is here and reminds him that she rejected him very clearly. He knows that but she didn’t prohibit him from seeing the circus. He wants to learn to hang out, to have fun, to live a normal life. He wants to become friends with people and didn’t know that she would feel uncomfortable about that, so for that he apologizes.

Seo Jin walks off and Ha Na actually looks rather remorseful so she follows him as he walks into a movie theater. She sits down a few rows behind him and watches Seo Jin as he watches the movie.

Professor Kang pays Chairman Goo a visit to discuss Seo Jin. Both are pleased with the immense progress Seo Jin has made to overcome his emotional pain. Now Seo Jin doesn’t need to hide behind Robin anymore, so soon he will be completely healed. Chairman Goo wonders why Robin is still around now when the childhood trauma that created him has been conquered. Professor Kang’s preliminary conclusion is that Robin still exists because of Ha Na.

Chairman Goo asks if Robin feels he can’t leave Ha Na because he’s in love with her. Professor Kang then brings up Seo Jin, suggesting that maybe Seo Jin likes Ha Na and that’s a reason Seo Jin hasn’t let Robin leave. He like Ha Na so he doesn’t want Ha Na to lose the man she likes. For that reason Seo Jin is holding onto Robin for Ha Na’s sake. Young Chan listens in on this conversation and looks really upset.

Young Chan talks privately with Professor Kang outside the office, explaining that Ha Na is very important to Seo Jin. If Chairman Goo heard Ha Na is keeping Seo Jin from healing completely, he’ll send Ha Na away and that’ll make Seo Jin worse. Professor Kang counters that she’s a doctor so her job is to heal Seo Jin, her job is make Robin disappear. Robin may be a great guy, but he’s like a pretty tumor that still must be removed in the end.

Seung Yun hears from his lady love that Professor Kang and Young Chan was talking about Jang Ha Na, then after they left the office Chairman Goo called Ha Na in to see him. Seung Yun deduces that Ha Na is the reason Robin hasn’t disappeared so Chairman Goo is trying to send her away to get rid of Robin. Seung Yun decides to take matters into his own hands to keep Robin around.

Chairman Goo asks Ha Na to relax, explaining he’s here talking to her as Seo Jin’s dad. He wants to know her relationship with Robin and asks that she be candid. Ha Na admits she’s dating Robin but doesn’t have that relationship or feeling for Seo Jin. Chairman Goo brings up Seo Jin liking Ha Na but she chalks it up to Seo Jin being grateful for all the help Ha Na provided so he confused it. Chairman Goo thanks Ha Na for all her help in getting Seo Jin to stop hiding behind Robin and face his own fears.

Now Seo Jin doesn’t need Robin around anymore, so why is Robin is here? He suggests Robin is still around because of Ha Na, but as Seo Jin’s dad he only cares about the wellbeing of his son. He wants Seo Jin to live his own life in one piece, and one day he’ll hand everything to Seo Jin to run. Ha Na tells Chairman Goo to speak openly so he asks Ha Na to leave Seo Jin’s side. Only then can Robin disappear that Seo Jin finally become normal. This is his wish as a father for his son and he asks Ha Na to please understand and consider his sincere request. After the meeting, Ha Na remembers Robin wanting to stay alive and protect himself, but also Chairman Goo’s request for Seo Jin to live a normal life, which is also what Seo Jin wants.

Seung Yun buys food and drink for the circus and claims he wants to grow the circus for the sake of Wonder Land. He hands out bonus money for the circus while waiting for Ha Na to come back. Ha Na returns and takes a walk with Seung Yun to discuss the circus. He compliments the recent circus performances and suggests planning a theatrical to better promote the circus. He then tries to ask what Chairman Goo spoke to Ha Na about and claims to support Ha Na in staying strong and doing whatever she thinks is right.

Seung Yun walks off which is when Ha Na notices Robin standing there having overheard the conversation. Robin demands to know what Chairman Goo spoke with her about, was it to ask her to leave. Ha Na lies and says that’s not the case, he just wanted to thank her for all her help. Robin doesn’t really believe her since that doesn’t sound like Chairman Goo’s way of doing things.

Robin and Ha Na return to the officetel where he tries on his first suit for her. Robin is preparing for her first interview with reporters and he’s especially nervous since he’s never gone public this way before. Ha Na doesn’t look excited and asks if Robin has to do the interview, suggesting now is not a good time. Seo Jin just got his hope in life back so if Robin appeared to the public then it would place a heavy burden on Seo Jin.

Robin asks directly if Ha Na like Seo Jin? Ha Na claims she doesn’t, and even if she doesn’t like Seo Jin she can worry about his life. Robin asks if she worries about his life? Ha Na just says now is not a good time and asks Robin to reconsider the interview. Han walks home brooding while Robin does the same in the officetel.

Publisher Min checks the stats on the news that Robin will be giving his first interview, pleased that the reaction is so high among his fans. He then gets a call from Robin calling off the interview. Seung Yun also gets a call from his reporter contact that the interview with Robin has been cancelled, which annoys him since he was so close to succeeding. He decides to take matters into his own hands.

Ha Na returns home and gets a text from Robin that the interview has been cancelled. She texts back an apology and a thanks, then another text offering to cook him a meal tomorrow at the time the interview was supposed to happen. That makes Robin smile. He writes a note for Seo Jin before going to bed. Seo Jin wakes up to a note asking him to check the video message. Robin reveals Chairman Goo spoke privately to Ha Na but she won’t reveal that the conversation was about. That worries Robin so he asks Seo Jin to find out.

Jin Joo accompanies Ha Na to the offictel to bring groceries over for her to look later that night and jokes about why Ha Na needs to live with her when she can live here. Ha Na stares at the lamp and thinks about Chairman Goo calling Robin a freak that shouldn’t exist.

Seo Jin hears that his dad wants Ha Na to leave before Robin reveals his existence to the world. Seo Jin asks if Ha Na doesn’t need to leave if Seo Jin reveals the truth to the world first? He plans to not protect his dad anymore, he will protect himself going forward.

Thoughts of Mine:

Help me. Heeeeeelp me. *whimpers* How can this drama keep getting worse, how is that even possible. This episode was basically devoid of any energy or momentum. Only one day passed in the story but it felt like a year, an interminable year where everyone just skirts around the Robin issue. That’s exactly what he is, an issue that needs to be addressed, not a person who deserves personhood to the point of getting his own residence and ID card and holding press conferences. How can Ha Na just go along with it, other than being afraid Robin might go off the Terry deep end, or maybe there is no Terry deep end since he’s never been discussed again. Yet Ha Na’s reaction to Robin doesn’t seem to be handling him with kid gloves, she keeps on dating him while looking out for Seo Jin’s best interests, making it a total mess that she’s perpetuating. If she wants to be with Robin then she ought to be going along whole heartedly with his identity reveal to preserve his existence. Nothing about her thought process makes any sense, on top of her having the personality of a dim turtle.

I actually had no issues with Chairman Goo in this episode, even if his turning into a decent human being all of a sudden has zero basis for the transition. But then again, the drama never convinced me why he was such a cold asshole to Seo Jin to begin with, and being a cheapskate who won’t pay a ransom doesn’t cut it. The way he asked Ha Na to leave for Seo Jin’s healing was fine since he explained his reasoning to her and asked for her understanding, leaving the ball in her court rather than forcing her. It’s what any concerned parent would do, and it’s better that he ask Ha Na rather than have her waffling between Robin and Seo Jin to exacerbate the balance between them. I never thought Seo Jin could be subconsciously keeping Robin around for Ha Na, I think it’s a stretch but clearly the drama looks to be hitching to that explanation. It would work if Ha Na falls for Seo Jin and therefore doesn’t like Robin anymore, giving the story an easy out to shuffle Robin off. I know Robin is supposed to be sympathetic but he’s operated more as a plot device for me in this story, I have no connection with him even as a character, so his insistence on his right to live just comes off as delaying the inevitable.

Maybe there is no story left so the drama will delay Robin’s presence until the final episode, which once again strikes me as majorly stupid. There is no romance between Ha Na and Seo Jin, if the story wants to end with that then it sure as heck needs to send Robin off so that the correct OTP gets time to unfold rather than feeling like an add on. Seo Jin was nice and sweet and thoughtful in this episode, continuing his major personality transplant exploration, even taking it so far as to reach out an olive branch to incarcerated Tae Joo. That works since Seo Jin has accepted his own responsibility for leaving Tae Joo behind regardless of what happened before or afterwards. Tae Joo will get his due punishment, it needn’t come from Seo Jin, and ultimately Tae Joo was a victim as well. I was rather moved by Seo Jin admitting he’s only ever had one friend and that was Tae Joo. Even though Seo Jin is the only main character I like and care about in this drama, his personality development remains at the whim of whatever the story telling requires. His final threat to out his condition to the world so that his dad doesn’t send Ha Na away is just bizarre. If he chose to do it for himself that’s fine, but I have a hard time seeing how shooting himself in the foot in exchange for Ha Na, who still insists she doesn’t like him, makes any sense. Oh drama, you continue to one up your own ineptitude. *slow clap*


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  1. Ob puh-leez I wanted to kill myself watching her expressionless face when Seo Jin declared his feelings.He might as well as said I have a bomb strapped to me. I’ve never watched a confession scene with less interest in any drama.

    And, omg, I have to go back later when it’s my turn to edit the subs. I’ve never had such torture. Episode 20 come quickly.

    This episode was not only boring as all heck but the total void of feeling that is Hana is making me insane.How can she legitimately hug a delusion?

    • Binnie loved being a marine so that’s no comparison. He probably would pick doing a root canal without anesthesia to filming this drama.

  2. “Ha Na looks concerned. Or constipated. I can’t tell anymore”


    That was funny.

    But to me it seems that the writer wants Hana to pick robin. From your recap I don’t see Hana showing a bit of interest in the other hyn bin, the one that doesn’t look like a retard. But I can’t help you. I am just reading your recap at this point.

  3. Just finish the episode and actually quite enjoy it. I like the dignified way Hana gently refuse seo jin and time spent potraying the subtle/or not so subtle change in seo jin and Robin.

  4. I feel painful for the casts to have to act on this poor script.
    It is the example that how crucial the writing is.
    The crap writing will ruin everything Despite It has other qualities like popular actors/actresses with great acting skills , cinemaphotography, music ….
    The actors and actresses couldnt show their talent because of the nonsense writing . have to put up with this called script and continue to live shoot in tiring conditions.

  5. *Sigh*… Nothing about this show makes any logical sense, absolutely nothing…I can’t even come up with a good reason for why I’m still bothering with it…and yet, here I am…*deep sigh*

      • Absolutely. I find this drama utterly and extremely boring. But I don’t want to betray my first true K love so I continue on.

    • seriously?-can’t you guys just appreciate the heck of this drama rather than judging it like It’s so lame eventhough you guys enjoyed it?even if you hated it then stop watching

  6. ZzzzzzzZZZZ.

    The only thing I’m looking forward to at this point is the post-drama interviews. Curious to see what the cast (esp. HB) have to say and how they feel about that mess.

  7. The only reason I am putting up with this stinker (and what it has turned into… I really did enjoy it up to maybe 3 episodes ago) is Hyun Bin. But now I’m just really frustrated with the lack of any action in it. As in people doing things instead of standing around just talking and doing nothing to change anything!!

    Still going to be around til the bitter end, no thanks to you – writer-nim. So, Hana really has some sway around Robin huh? She can prevent him from coming out too. He cancelled his interview because she asked him to. So how about SJ actually ask Hana to help him again with this whole Robin thing and the DID healing?

    The two little boys at the racy movie LOL — hmm… at the very least, adult 30+ yr old SJ should get in on the action sometime too!!! Sigh…

    • I don’t know what powers Ha Na has or doesn’t have, but I would appreciate if she showed the power to apparate right out of this show.

      • Hahahahaa I just can’t stop laughing
        My thoughts too
        When she starts to say “sang mu nim…”
        I literaly ROLL my eyes every time and think
        There comes the Drone…zzzz ….. Zzz

  8. You should also do a recap on Kill Me, Heal me. Initially I thought KMHM will be a second to Hyde, Jekyll, Me. But while I was waiting for HJM to release it’s episodes, I got hooked by KMHM instead! It was really good in my opinion(I love the comical bits!). Ji Sung is really a great actor and I feel that Hwang Jung Eum’s role was soooo much better than the really undeveloped character of Han Ji Min. It would love to see your recaps on KMHM and of course your opinion on it!! But of course, this is only a suggestion. :))

    • Kill me heal me ended today. So a recap is not happening. And I second your view on Ji sung. The man can act. He is truly Devine.

      I am so want him to be in the running to be Ha Ji Won’s door mat in the remake of in time with you. XD. That face can do teenager, sweet puppy, shy, confident, sexy as hell. Ji sung can do everything.

      Some of the other names I hear are actors that always look angry or confrontational. I am not naming names.:-)

      • I hope not. Ji Sung deserves some much needed rest after playing 8 characters. I’m pretty sure he’s in a hurry to return to the lovely Lee Bo Young to take care of her and their sweet bundle of joy.

  9. Once Seo Jin gets “loved” and his existence validated, not just as the cold and heartless CEO of Wonderland, but simply as Seo Jin, then Robin by extension should also feel validated and finally meld back to his original person. That is if the real reason Seo Jin is even trying to keep Robin around is so that he can express his love for Ha Na. That in itself is not half-bad as a solution nor plot point for this story. However, the big caveat in it is that Ha Na would have to believably convey that she actually loves Seo Jin and not Robin, and that she would have to accept that Robin is actually Seo Jin. Again, that in itself is a conflict worth considering, but the problem lies somewhere “convincingly”–meaning both her (Ha Na) and (Ha Ji Min as the actor) portraying it, should be able to convey it in a manner that is palpable in-story and to us the audience. At this point however I’m really doubtful how could they portray such a drastic change in such a short span of time, especially considering the lack of over all energy between Ha Ji Min and Hyun Bin. It’s literally like watching water turn to ice whenever the two interact with one another. In fact I probably felt more spark between Hyun Bin and Sung Joon, nay, even young Seo Jin and Soo Hyun felt more organic and warm. If Soo Hyun wasn’t currently incarcerated, then I would rather ship him with Seo Jin. Sadly, not only does this drama failed to portray a successfully gripping DID narrative, it have failed twofold by having a non-existent romance too. Having this credited under Hyun Bin’s name is like the biggest disappointment of K-drama this year, and perhaps the past half a decade. This drama had flopped more ways than fish that fell of its bowl would be.

  10. this drama I can’t I just can’t believe that with each passing week it keeps getting worse and worse. And to think the first few episodes I liked HJM just as much as KMHM

  11. Huhuhu poor Seo Jin…can’t Ha Na sees that they are the same person. What is Seo Jin decide to banish Robin?? Robin would be dissappear forever..Inconsiderate girl…Please writer..do something have some mercy towards Seo Jin..

  12. Here are my at leasts
    At least Binnie is beautiful to watch in glasses…
    At least there are only 4 more episodes…
    At least the Doctor can go to the bathroom freely…
    At least the guy with the skunk head makes me laugh sometimes.

    I feel like Dad is Elmer J. Fudd and HJM is a wabbit, and it’s wabbit season.

    Watching this episode was like a viewing a pretty nice calm pond where only ripples happen. Nobody ever talks loud enough to make waves on it.

    I like that the doc names Robin for what he really is – a symptom of severe mental illness. He can’t go on TV, he can’t have his own apartment. What does that mean?
    He has to sleep at SJ’s because he IS SJ.

    Maybe getting rid of Hana is the answer. She’s useless, and you are right. How can she possibly fall in love with SJ in four hours of show?


  13. You know i used to really love your recaps on other dramas, but you shouldn’t really do recaps if you don’t like the drama, really. It’s a pain to read……. And i think this drama is not that bad really! There are a lot worse than this so just be positive about it and stop comparing it to other dramas

      • Seriously, why are you wasting your time recapping this drama if you hate it so much??!! I just get annoyed reading all your negative comments. I actually really liked this episode because it feels that we’ve finally moved past the whole Soo Hyun ordeal and we can finally refocus on the SeoJin/Robin DID. Seo Jin was ever cute in this episode in trying so hard to learn to fit in, socialize.

    • Why do criminals get lawyers? Even bad dramas need someone to recap them. If all of us only did things we loved, most of us would not have jobs.:-)

    • I love breaking things down for peeps.

      1. I really love recapping good dramas. Emphasis on “good”.

      2. I love Binnie so I chose to recap HJM.

      3. I keep hoping HJM turns into a “good” drama, but that has not happened. Hoping HJM is good does not, and will not, lead me to PRETEND it’s actually good and therefore write a recap extolling it’s nonexistent virtues.

      4. I never claim to write happy recaps. I write what I feel. This drama makes me mad. Makes me so fucking mad I can’t even. I’ve actually restraining 99.9% of the extent of my rage in each recap.

      5. I COULD stop writing, but because I love Binnie I keep hoping this drama somehow magically gets better. That’s why I keep going. That, and to lead the few remaining to the promised land that is freedom for Binnie. See? I make so much sense sometimes.

      • True just of something horrifying. With 4 episodes to go the writer can’t be seriously thinking of making Robin the end personality right? Like Seo Jin decided to sacrifice himself for Hana? I mean there is no effort whatsoever to try to integrate them. In fact Hana is continuing his illness.

        That is terrible.

      • 🙂 YAY!

        I think the main theme for the majority of the few that are left still watching is our love for Binnie must be really strong (I mean really strong cause I think a lot of his fans dropped it already) and thankfully, he is still gracious and rising above the crap and still acting pretty darn swell. 🙂

      • Don’t you feel better reading all the comments here? I think you will becauss I laugh so hard. Frustration can make people become funnier I guess 🙂

      • Thank you so much for these recaps, Ms. Koala. I come here to read your thoughts about HJM as soon as I finished each episode. I just love reading your blog so much.

    • hmm…
      but stop recapping just make it worst for the one who wanted to read
      I find it’s been fair and there’s another site you can visit for positive review

      Idk but I think koala have been showing how the drama fail on some week and it is as fair to think this ep was bad or good as long the point is made
      koala has stated the recapped because of Hyun bin, so…why so afraid on some negativity

    • okay, this writer should take some time off and seriously improve her story telling skills. yes, there have been bad/crazy dramas out there, like DOCTOR STRANGER and marry him if you dare, BUT this one really manages to get under my skin for wasting so much potential and since it’s also BINNIE. i can’t help but think it could have been sooooo much more IF the script was stronger. so thanks koala for sticking through with this. it’s only a handful of us watching now sigh. it sucks to keep watching this and NOT feel so much ANGER and FRUSTRATION for giving such a crappy crappy show. sad to know binnie’s name is affiliated with this drama. i really hope he does another drama (with infinitely much better script) to really make me forget about this let down.

    • From reading the recaps, HJM, probably… At least Blood ends on a cliff hanger each time and actually makes you want to watch the next episode.

  14. I thought it was ok, yeah it’s slow but what’s new.
    Even I am getting used to the rhythm of the show
    I like seojin and he shines again. I like how much he has grown (well he’s the only one in this drama) it sure does help that hyun bin is very good looking as seojin hence my patience is really high for this drama

    The writing is just very flawed
    No one seems to address hana is not comprehending that Robin is NOT real.
    I mean, look at her expression at seojins direct confession and that lame duck reply abt her feelings for him maybe because he’s Robins brother
    HELLO They are one person! I mean, what the 83@&@&9@$ i cannot understand this part of the writing
    And seriously who would fall for Robin when seojins around.

  15. Okay so I can tolerate this drama the only reason I keep anticipating this drama is knowing what’s next. Still don’t like that seojin character doesn’t have that many intimate parts with HaNa and its ep 16… And she still can’t make up her mind if she loves seojin. Is it wishful thinking that all these episodes were dragged on crap was leading to an amazing end???

    My thoughts on how this will end is like the ending from Big (which I didn’t like) … That seojin will leave trying to heal himself and finding ways to have robin as part of his overall personality… And ultimately learn from himself to accept himself (or some cheese crap sht) and tells Hana to await his return… Then fast forward 2~3 years later ha na in her wonderland show and sees seojin again and he’s like “ha na-shi” she turns around they smile while OP music plays and END … Yeah I see a sucky ending leaving us with questions… And seojin self will never kiss ha na …. Ever.

    • OMG! If the ending is like that I will freaking smash my phone..
      For goodness sake I can tolerate slowness I can spend my time looking at hyun bin cheekbones like koala but give me that kind of stopid ending I’m can’t even

      • WHAT THE HECK!!! i’m with @stardust! that would be the WORST possible thing that could happen to the drama. if it ended like that, then, i need to go a mental hospital!!! and at this point the kiss between seojin and ha na is a lost cause….just like the ratings have been! wow, good job drama, just speechless now. still love binnie but wowww…

      • Save your phone! LOL 🙂 Hugs! Your phone and mine.

        If that is the ending (which anything is possible), I’m not quite sure what I would do, but it won’t be pretty.

        Don’t you dare – writer-nim! Don’t you dare!

      • don’t smash it,
        you can give it to me….hmmm

        maybe because I am not fans of any actor/actress here,
        so I am not that frustrated
        but still you can throw your phone to me, (^^)

    • Would it be a better ending if seojin got into some accident and went to a coma (like all kdramas do) and he has this dream as he’s in the coma that he finally meets Robin. They talk and say how funny it is that this is where they have to meet finally. They come in terms and like for each other and then somehow magically seojin and robins memories and ideas fuse into one personality. He wakes up and he sees Hana on his bedside. She sees him awake and she says “seojin?” He shakes his head.. “Robin?!” He shakes his head. He’s like its both .. It’s all of me . I remember those dreams now . Then the cure or cause wasn’t ha na at all it was all seojin himself that can fix it.LOL i kinda like it like that. I don’t want seojin to go and I don’t want robin to leave haha I really hope they go along the lines of this because wouldn’t it be funny for seojin to remember the memories he did as Robin?

  16. You should have recapped Kill Me, Heal Me (way funnier). Even that series had its cofusing moments, but I I don’t thing Hyun Bin can save this sunken ship. I really hope they give the split personalities a rest in kdrama land.

  17. Friend peers into phone
    “..u still watching this? I heard its total crap”
    “And why are u still on it?”
    “So if I like HB I might like this? Gawd he’s cute…those dimples”
    “Urgh that guy is so boring I can’t even … This one’s the deal”
    “Er what’s up with the side parting and the Harry Potter specs. I’m so team dimple”
    “No you won’t”
    “Cool. I kinda like HB. I’ll try ep1 I’m dramaless now ”
    “Woah honestly Please, dont ruin ur life.”
    “I liked him in secret garden”
    “..so did many.. not enough..”
    ” ok I survived that drama with his ex,it was so slow that sometimes I fell asleep…I fast play a lot but I watched it”
    ” that had decent writing at least. Take that pace x10 and a bland female lead”
    “You can’t be serious. that show was S.L.O.W”
    “Yeah I am”
    “I got through snow queen. It was you know not that great too”
    “Gal, I’m serous, this drama is way bad. Don’t start it”
    ” so why the heck are you still watching it”
    “Seriously. I don’t know”
    ” what? Then drop it already”
    ” I like some parts, mainly just his parts.”
    “So I might like it too yeah”
    “I wouldn’t count on that”

    One week later

    “What the 585&9(&59&;(&9&(4&;&)@$@@ is wrong with this drama? &&@@”&@@998 tell me does it get better? It HAS to get better Seriously! $&@”897385@@55@@ I can’t believe this writer actually got to write a hyun bin drama, what a 78994@95@6@65″ waste. He’s really good. Tell me it gets better because it sure darn can. The potential Is there!! They just have to make it right!$&@&@@”

    “So how much have u watched?”

    “I’m at episode 8”

    “Sure. Welcome to being slowly driven insane”

    • We seriously need an award to celebrate our dedication to Hyun Bin. The only thing that will make me happy again is seeing him in another ratings success drama… and maybe his announcement of dating Ha Ji Won. That ship is gonna sail. One. Day. I JUST KNOW IT.

  18. hahahahaha
    never I laugh this hard reading comments of a recap,
    even ms.koala diligently replies many comments hahaha
    Omg… my tummy! XDDD

    • I second it. My poor tummyis suffering now. Wonderful comments from the recap of a crappy drama. Ms Ockoala has a new record now.


  20. Btw Blood is far more interesting than HJM. Ahn Jae Hyun may be a new comer but he is working hard and putting a lot effort. Can’t write off a good drama bcos of him.

  21. okay,
    I am inclined to see the latest ep to give some credit due to low rating
    some really positive reviews
    and feel that I can’t judge it as half series with disappointment
    also spoiler for last minute 15 ep and whole stop of TJ kidnapp
    but then i feel loose again

    I just wanna said that Hana is really slow at thinking or she is egoist
    I saw lot audience said she is mature but IMO she never pay attention to anything
    she been doing that and there with SJ and SJ is the one that make TJ case ends
    and little bit sympathetic feel doesn’t arise at least doesn’t show
    logically think it was right not to accept his feeling now and not feel love for sympathy
    but he has mental illness for god sake, very bizarre and rare one
    if she just think once or asking about the illness
    how can she accept personality relationship and refuse to help the other one/leaving
    didn’t she has doubt that her bf will vanish or the other will
    didn’t she ever think abut who is the real one and think it was same person?
    didn’t she remember she is the one that make bf appear?
    didn’t she think it exhausted to that man body to live like that?
    (even in another drama about people living with diff way, they got sick or
    the other didn’t full half day control)
    it wasn’t mature but strike more as ego since Rb can make her happy
    think about SJ as person who need to be happy and you bring it
    it wasn’t about being kind but it is how it supposed to feel about someone kindness
    it didn’t need to doctor degree to understand if she just really thinks or care as this is ep 16

    now I understand what really stand out in this series

    how unrequited is GSJ affection and love so far

    @koala pardon my comment since I love the way you being honest in this recap
    (even sometimes I disagree but you have a point in your critique) but still give credit when its due
    also not posted just about the positive things in the series
    since it really good as story in paper
    but the ep itself is disappointing

    sorry if I miss something but some ep just forgettable

    • Agree. I think he definitely is awesome at whatever projects he takes. No problem with that. It’s just the projects themselves! That is what frustrates me the most! Really needs to make much better decisions when choosing his dramas!!! It really brings him down!!!

  22. Why is Hana speaking sooooo slowly ? There’s no sense of urgency, excitement, confusion, or any emotion in her speech. For the love of Binnie, I’m watching this and look forward to new episodes, how ever painful they are. I thought epi 16 was ok except for Hana.

  23. This drama is getting so boring to the point that i am having a hard time to stay awake watching every episode. Even Blood is way more entertaining.

    I still don’t understand why hyun bin rejected KMHM for HJM. Maybe he was not willing to act as Yo Na??

    • oh, hyun bin was offered the role in KMHM? i think he’s regretting it now. poor hyun bin. huhu

      and i agree, Blood is wayyyyyyyy more entertaining than HJM, and this coming from someone who’s allergic to vampire drama/movie (I blame twilight for this. lol)

  24. Why don’t they cut down this drama?????
    They do it all the time with GOOD dramas because of the (#$#%#?!#%?%&!?&!@&) ratings so why not for a (!??!%?&!&#&?%@%!) drama?????

    This would free the actors (and specially Binnie) from this hell, too!!!!

  25. ockoala – I stopped watching this series after ep. 2 but kept reading your recaps because of the hilarious comments. Between this and My Lovable Girl, if you have to take one series to make it disappear from the world forever, which one would you pick??

  26. I dwnld 1.5gb of ep 16 within half an hour, but i finished watching the whole episode in less than 10 minutes (thank god for the forward button)

    i watch it for hyun bin, but right now, i’m struggling to even try to understand what the hell is happening in the drama. I don’t know what the writer is doing. He should’ve put on more effort for better script, but instead he keep on busying himself with accusing KMHL plagiarizing HJM. mai gawd…

    The worst drama in my list is Blade Man, and the worst actress in my list is SSK, that is, until now.
    The more episode of HJM i watched, the higher it moves into the top of my worst kdrama list. heck, even Shin Se Kyung in Blade man act better than Han Ji Min in this drama (sorry Han Ji Min fans).

    i guess they cannot cut short this drama into 16 episodes, seeing that the casts are pretty big names, so they had to continue the drama with nonsense and twisting out our mind with non-exists plot.
    I’m gonna still watching it until the end, for the sake of Hyun Bin. God Bless Me.

  27. It is really sad how a bad writing is ruining all the efforts of the rest of Hajina Team…
    Like many fans, I continue watching only because I want to support HB until the end.
    I am worried that HB won´t want to do dramas after this one. It took so long to him to pick one. Btw, I don´t question his original choice to this drama… maybe the first script he was given was interesting, the concept was good, it had a lot of potential, but the screenwriter couldn´t “lift off” the idea, so it started to move in circles…

    I am a little worried about HB image too… do you think this drama will take away a little of his popularity? I hope not! He is the one that makes this drama “shine”… his performance has always been great despite the bad script.

    Hugs to all!

    • oh god i hope he doesn’t stop making dramas for awhile after this. i hope he realizes that it’s not him, but the drama itself!!! and i’m too worried about his image. i think it might take away a little (with all that has gone on with this drama) but i hope he gains it back though!! and yes, he does make his drama shine. if he wasn’t in this one, i would have dropped it a LONG time ago!

  28. The problem is the writer thinks that viewers are retarded. The gorilla scene in episode 1 was so ridiculous. The writer must have loved King Kong very much. Then the kidnapping plot was used so many times. Sung Joon had become a pro in kidnapping. The circus is used as a filler. Even an elementary school kid can think of better ideas.

  29. The pace of the show and the lead lady character or the other things is not work well, it is good as separate things but combine together flesh out the flaw more than what we can enoy
    we came out with no understanding on what happen or why they did, it just did and move the plot and we just watch then nothing
    what really work is Hyun Bin character, Sung Joon character and beautiful background

    as question, why they shoot indoor now? it’s like the background is not as much as 1st 8 ep, and what happen in Jang Hana came 1 day late?

  30. I know how you feel.. wish i could pat your back and say It’s okay..

    Still keep up the good work and dont be stress.. hwaiting!!!

  31. I really want to like this drama since I’m a huge fan of Hyun Bin, but this drama feels really dry and bland, I see no chemistry at all between Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min too I hope he can do better in his next drama, Binnie-oppa fighting!

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