Orange Marmalade Looks Promising with First Pretty Stills of the Three Leads

Now this is what I consider an all-around good looking casting. The first stills are out for the three leads of upcoming KBS Friday night drama Orange Marmalade and I’m liking what I see. Yeo Jin Gu, Seolhyun of AOA and CNBLUE‘s Lee Jong Hyun are shown in character wearing high school uniforms and all look quite convincing, with the former playing a human boy while the latter two are vampire high school students in a fictional universe where vampires coexist with humans but are ostracized.

Seolhyun at 20 years old is just out of high school while 18 year old Yeo Jin Goo probably is enjoying the dramatic chance to live the high school life he’s had to miss out being a full time child actor prodigy. I’ve never seen Seolhyun act so am game to give her a shot here, and to help matters along I find her quite pretty in an easy-on-the-eyes way. Lee Jong Hyun hasn’t been impressive in his acting efforts so far but he’s definitely got the looks to pull of a broody vampire oppa.


Orange Marmalade Looks Promising with First Pretty Stills of the Three Leads — 18 Comments

  1. OMG, lee jonghyun is so handsomeeeee >..<
    and seolhyun looks so pretty but looks not healthy (i mean, she's so pale, looks like a vampire who lost her energy, and yess,she fits the role)

  2. I hope Jonghyun’s acting is better this time, even So Ji Sub levels of good looks are useless if he keeps being as bad at actting as before.

    • Seolhyun is as bad as Jonghyun if not worse. Her acting in Ugly Alert was positively cringeworthy. I am not completely against acting idols because some of them are quite talented, but this is just sad. FNC Entertainment’s ability to shove their talentless (I am only talking about acting here) idols everywhere is both mind-boggling and dusgusting. At least most other companies have enough decency to limit it to one idol per drama.

      • I thought she was rather winsome in Ugly Alert. She wasn’t great in any sense but definitely not cringe worthy. And I didn’t even realize she was an idol. Still dunno who she is singing wise even now lol

      • I honestly think seolhyun did pretty good in ugly alert. She played the perfect maknae cute, annoying but lovable. So i’m curious to see how she’ll do as a vampire in this drama. But the main reason to check this drama is to see yeo ji goo as the main lead. Totally excited …

  3. Yeo jin Gu is a great actor, hope the other two do well. I think Jonghyun will manage to pull of broody and not much else, so hope that’s what he’s supposed to be. Looking forward to it!

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