Descendants of the Sun Lead Cast of Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo, Jin Goo, Kim Ji Won Locked Down

It’s much appreciated for KBS to provide a complete news update on the casting status of upcoming high profile prime time drama Descendants of the Sun. The drama didn’t just confirm the two leads today, it went ahead and confirmed the second leads as well. For many folks this news is both a relief that casting is done as well as something to look forward to if any or all of of the actors or actresses participating is right up your alley.

The drama leads will indeed be the rumored coupling of Song Joong Ki with Song Hye Kyo, making a new Song-Song onscreen couple that hopefully will sizzle rather than fizzle. Joining them to round out the main leads will be mostly movie actor Jin Goo and rising actress Kim Ji Won as the second leads. The drama heads into full pre-production this June with an eye towards an October air date in Korea, with reportedly a simultaneous airing in China whether streaming online or on a television network.

This will be a drama land return for three of the four leads after a few years away. Song Joong Ki’s last drama was Nice Guy in late 2012 after which he shipped out to the army (has it really been that long?) while Song Hye Kyo did That Winter, the Wind Blows in early 2013. Jin Goo’s last drama was also in early 2013 with the lowly rated Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek but he will be seen on the small screen next week in a cameo role in the jTBC drama Falling for Innocence. Kim Ji Won worked with DotS screenwriter Kim Eun Sook‘s last drama Heirs so it’s no surprise to see her make a return as the second female lead here.

DotS will be set in a fictional war torn country that is currently dealing with a humanitarian crisis after a recent earthquake hits the already beleaguered nation. Song Joong Ki plays a UN peacekeeping troop commander while Song Hye Kyo is a doctor from Doctor’s Without Borders working in the crisis zone. Both second leads will be subordinate officers reporting to Song Joong Ki’s commander in the troop, and they will also be exes who are still not fully over their breakup. Filming will take place overseas and within Korea, all standing in for the crisis territory as the story line will be set almost entirely outside of Korea.


Descendants of the Sun Lead Cast of Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo, Jin Goo, Kim Ji Won Locked Down — 122 Comments

  1. If we go by netizens’ comments so far they are not feeling this. They are still angry about the tax issue.

    Let see how long they stay mad by the time this airs.

    • Once the drama airs and it lives up to the expectation, netizens will praise her for her great acting. Netz hate her for tax scandal but her beauty and talent will surpass if the drama do well. I am looking forward to this drama. I am excited for Song Jong Ki and Song Hye Kyo couple. Kim Ji Won is great too, Jin Goo is so-so but he’s obviously better than idols.

      • hmm, dont think that is the case. Knetz boycotted her movie with Kang Dong Won last year even the movie was adapted from well-loved and popular novel. Sometimes, Knetz’ witch-hunt is scary. But one thing for sure, this drama would do well online since both Songs have big fanbases

      • @j2hr I thought ‘My Brilliant Life’ did respectably well on the box office. Although, the movie is competing alongside with Tazza 2 & Lucy during that time it managed to accumulate 1.6 million admissions on its whole run.. Tazza 2 & Lucy are action films, & those type of films usually rake big in the box office. ‘My Brilliant Life’ is a family drama & these type of film usually manage to hit 1-3 million admissions. Plus, It was well received by the audiences because the storyline & their acting

  2. Why cast Song jong ki? she said that she wanted to re-created another trending hallyu wave thru the world like heirs but that cast won’t bring her at she is demanding. and to be honest she has good reputation internationally but its sad to she her sink with this casting. I’m certain this won’t even do good rating let alone match her demands.

    • Wha? I’m more scared that JoongKi will sink by taking on her project. LMH went from my favorite actor, who introduced me to Kdramas, to someone whom I don’t really care if he returns to dranma land or not after Heirs. JoongKi is a solid actor, who has yet to disappoint in anything he’d been cast in. Granted he doesn’t have an extensive resume, but even with that he never failed to wow the audience with his acting (a feat that many more experienced actors has yet to achieve).

      • I’m not a heirs fan or LMH but KES fan i’m legit worried for her awesome reputation.

        SJK has only headlined to projects where LMH has hits after hits since BOF. He brings success everytime he goes out to perform both locally and internationally. his a reliable cast if you have high ambitions like KES but SJK sadly is a risk and he have been gone for a long time here.

        I’m really worried for KES and what is she thinking btw don’t forget this is big budget drama and why not atleast cast Jo in sung, Rain or Hyun bin cause they do have some sort of hallyu power atleast

      • @ Nabila LMH had hits because he chose commercial projects aiming to increase his popularity rather than take on any challenges as an actor. In other words, he only aimed to expand his popularity, while SJK chose to hone his skills. The concepts of Heirs and BOF were so similar that there were many raised eyebrows when he chose it. His acting was probably best in city hunter (didn’t see Gangnam Blues yet), and has stagnated or went downhill since.then, if you look at SJK, many tried to discourage him from taking the younger role in Tree With Deep Roots, as he could take on much more significant roles. However, with just 4 episodes, he proved his skill and wowed the critics with his acting. Then The Werewolf Boy and Nice Guy further broadened his acting range and his skill became publicly recognized. He became a top actor in a separate league from his peers. popularity is definitely a fleeting thing, which was why I was glad that LMH decided to challenge Gangnam Blues rather than stick to playing shallow characters. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find the movie yet.

      • Hallyu power alone won’t be enough these days (look at Jekyll Hyde and Me), and that’s with Hyun Bin, who actually knows how to act.

      • None of JIS and SJS are both strong actors, unfortunately SJS turned her down (I don’t remember if this was offered to JIS), and I don’t blame him. I only wish SJK could’ve done the same, cuz all of his works since SKKS had been hits. It’s only unfortunate that he’s in the military when Kdramas exponentially increased its influence in China.

      • It dosen’t matter what projects he chose because this is the entertainment bussiness and its all about the commercial success then anything else. A drama like heartless city which IMO was the best thing I ever watched is totally forgotten in peoples minds because it was commercially disaster.

        KES needs a commercial power house and I do agree with you that Hyun bin didn’t deliver as expected becuase he was gone for to long and rain usually never gets ratings which leaves us with Jo In sung or So ji sub being potentailly strongst candidates since KSH has a project and LMH god knows where he is now in the middle of scandals and love stories or what not and his not the right man now in his current situation.

        SJK is absolutely not the man for this job coming from a KES fan and even SHK is not right for this JOB. I don’t even think that you can force a badass image from SJK if needed for his character.

      • @Nabila – Have you watched Nice Guy? He was quite a badass there.

        I think KES’s name is enough to get people’s attention, and this being SJK’s comeback project is also going to garner a lot of public interest. Nice Guy was well received, and you can bet SJK has the skills for the role. I wish he didn’t take on this role either, but we’ll see how it turns out.

      • @Nabila – Lee Min Ho brings success every time? What was Personal Taste and Faith then?

        Song Joong Ki had two huge hits before leaving for the army and his talent (not just star power or visuals, talent) is highly praised by the Korean public. Stop putting him down just because he went to serve in the army.

      • @pigsnout

        Why is Lee Min Ho being dragged into this discussion?

        And to answer you on Personal and faith in which world were they not success. They both had average ratings and Internationally blockbusters. Faith setting record in Japan last year by being most sold on DVD market and winning award for it over local and american shows and PT made its way all the way to the middle-east.. They were decently success commercial and average ratings. which was great. LMH has clean record deal with it.

      • Agree! Heirs have brilliant actors/actresses in the cast, but the script writing sucks to the heck. Lee Min Ho somehow lost all his charm to me since Heirs. I hated Woo Bin’s character in the drama. And Park Shin Hye was almost out of touch in her emotional scenes. Heirs is the worst among the worst K dramas for me. So who’s going to bring whom down? Ridiculous enough to think a sophisticated actor like Song Joong Ki would bring down the “reputation” of the inconsistent writer! Not a fan of Song Hyu Kyo, but I have no particular whine about her acting either. She is impressive in her last drama as a tough blind heiress even that story line is not in my favor either.

        I’ll watch this drama for Joong Ki’s sake even the synopsis doesn’t sound very appealing and I’m puzzled how they will film it in a convincing setting. War torn zone in the third world? Just hard to imagine how they will deliver it on small screen.

    • If the script and acting are good, the drama would create new Hallyu stars (i.e: KMHM with JS)

      If the script is trash, Hallyu stars cant never save the drama (i.e: Rain with MYG or HB with HJM)

    • Eeeh, I wouldn’t put SJK anywhere below the current trendy actors tbh. You can see how hot of a name he is when he’s not even discharged from the military yet tons of offers have been sent to him and just wait for him to get out and ACT. He was the trendiest name in 2012 along with Kim Soo Hyun, too bad he had to go at the peak of his popularity, but good thing is that he’s an actor remembered for his skills so he wouldn’t have to worry about losing a bit of fame. Oh and I have to say he has hallyu power too. He’s the kind that the public loves to follow regardless of being a hardcore fan or not. Brains, acting talent, face, he receives love from all ages and fans of other actors because of his perfect image. You seem to not know the hype he has. I’m actually disappointed he choose a KES project to comeback tbh. Hope the script works this time, Heirs was such a disaster.

      • I have nothing to add on this little convo except for I was the first one to tell you that this won’t work out at all. (do to lack of hallyu power and long time inactivity) See you in december when it ends airing.

      • @Nabila – too bad that some people think talent matters more than hallyu power or cf deals, for a leading man. And I don’t know if you have heard of the concept of dramas becoming hits and making their stars into Hallyu favourites, but it happens. It happened with your bias too.

      • So right! The difference of a real/charismatic actor from a commercial-hyped star is that he can communicate every subtle nuance of emotion. It’s easy to tell that difference by just watching a difficult role to play in a single drama. Commercial hit records do not reveal this information. Song Joongki belongs to the former league. I saw similar acting talents in Lee Jong Suk’s breakout drama “I can hear your voice”. And his subsequent dramas proved I had the right eyes about acting talents. In my opinion, dramas fail the rating mostly due to bad script writing and directing. Even a superstar with super acting charisma can’t save it from failure due to bad writing. Heirs proved that.

    • Wait, I reread your comment and you said LMH has hits after hits after BOF. I absolutely have nothing against LMH but no, he doesn’t have híts after hits. I have to remind you that Personal Taste and Faith are also parts of his resume, and both of which failed big time despite having big name co-stars. SJK, on the other hand, is slow and steady with his career, but has only gone up but never down.

      • Look I’m not a LMH fan and actully don’t care much about him at all.. I’m a KES fan and appreciate her awesome CV which is having Commercial hits and she is on to an awesome career and don’t want to see that ruined. on the other hand as I remember PT and faith had average ratings but were overseas commercial success.

        Lets not kid ourselves SJK has only been the lead in Innocent man and werewolf boy.. so there you have it.

      • honestly, I dont like the writer. Specially how she write her’s characters … I dont get the hype too. personally as jong ki fan, I hope he pick another project. I cant stand another ‘nice guy’ .. great acting, great chemistry but the story made me furious… that double amnesia… sigh

    • @Nablla, you may take it as insult since you’re KES fan. But I think the writer doesn’t have a credible nor consistent writing record. Besides, you mentioned Rain as a possible male lead for this war-zoned drama. Then I see how you judge an actor’s acting skills is questionable too. I do not have high regards for Rain as an enlisted service man in the military. He was reported several times trying to evade his duties. However, Song Joongki earned the compliment and recognition from his military unit and would be just out of the camp before the drama started shooting. I doubt such a weak character as Rain could properly paint the hero in this war-related drama. He’s not convincing at all. BTW, he stinks in his last drama My Lovely Girl. Being famous as a singer or had a handful ok dramas do not guarantee Rain is an all-round actor. Like KES as a writer, he’s not consistent. KES delivered two or three hit dramas. But I see her repeatedly trying to use the same old romantic tricks in all her dramas, old and new. She was lucky to have mature and A-list actors/actresses in all her cast. But she still failed them in Heirs which I consider the worst of all in the K drama history. Just take the fact and don’t miss the points.

      • Typo correction – “Song Joongki earned compliment and recognition from his military unit and would be just out of the camp before the drama START shooting.

      • Some people are beyond stubborn and naive when making comments.

        You do know that ”Heirs” was a megahit and went worldwide and KES best project in her enitre director career. (for a fact)

        It overachieved and became a megahit for KES and I don’t know why the few vocal haters aren’t letting go of heirs yet and trying to put it down when its to late it already overachieved gain majoritly millions of fans worldwide..

        Its like standing in a empty battlefield when the battle was over like 1.5 years ago..

      • @ Lissa. I don’t give a dang to the commercial success of Heirs. That drama is a quality failure in many ways. Being stubborn or not, that’s my personal taste and judgment. And I believe many people are holding the same views as I. Ann Lee’s movies were not always a hit. But he’s always an acclaimed director because of his unique artistry in filming production. So what’s the point to bring down Song Joong Ki in order to elevate KES’s overrated status. Heirs sucks regardless of the rating or commercial success. Period!

      • Blind stubborness is very sad case in itself Especially when someone is just bitter of the sad fact. Its like saying the world dosen’t exist labelling Heirs ”quality failure” Do you know the meaning failure to begin with because if ”Heirs” was failure in the real world then all dramas that aired before it or after it would become a failure.

        people have different taste but the majority makes dramas hits or megahtis in this case the world opened there arms for ”Heirs” only to your bitterness and thats a reality you can’t deny nobody how stubborn you keep going..

      • @Lissa, now I see you a rabid fan among Heirs daydreaming fangirls. LOL…it’s you beyond stubborn not those who being critical of Heirs writing and directing styles. Now that you’ve revealed your taste and artistry level, there’s no point to downgrade myself to participate in frivolous debate with you. So comical, Heirs is just another twisted version BOF without much creation but repetitive gimmicks and cliche to woo delusional daydreamers. That’s the last thing I want to say in response to you.

    • SJK is one great actor. He has this unique talent of bringing his roles out. I was more captivated by his acting in Tree with deep roots as well as SKKS than all the other male and female leads ever did. He shined through everything and in Nice Guy, omg, that was one awesome delivery. On top of that he is so hot. He can look innocent, cute, playboy-ish, rough, stressed out and pure evil. That’s not really easy, given his baby face. I love SHK but I just don’t want her to ruin the ratings due to her tax evasion scandal. Kim Eun Sook has always been a great writer, but this storyline is a bit…meh…and looking at her works this isn’t her style either. So, idk…it might just be the other way round— Kim Eun Sook and Song Hye Kyo bringing him down.

  3. I’m happy for Song Song couple!! They would look good together. I don’t care about their age gap too, it’s not too big and they’re looking gorgeous!

  4. I’m looking forward to this drama even thou I don’t think its going to do great ratings or overseas blockbuster.

    And as someone already mentioned which I agree KES is very ambitious with her works and to see her cast SJK means red flag and having the ambition to start another hallyu wave globally with dOTS like heirs while havin cast? I don’t know whats going on with this drama but it dosen’t seem seriously planned out.

  5. sounds good on paper, hoping this will work out fine. I only watched Autumn in my heart and I thought Song Hye Kyo was great, not interested with the rest of her works due to lame storylines. Song Joong Ki was good in Nice guy, his only work that I watched, yes I am pretty picky, I dont watch kdrama that much but he is a good actor. Looking forward this SONG couple.

  6. ahhh omg did I just see Kim Ji Won? am I dreaming *pinches cheek* nope. I’m not. *screams* finally! This really came out of nowhere. Though I wish KJW to get her leading soon but i guess people still think of her as second lead material *sighs* I just hope her role isn’t the usual bitchy and jealous (ex)girlfriend, don’t want people to hate her again here 🙁 but knowing KES I have feeling it’s gonna be the same formula…
    Anyway, I was kinda excited for the Song-song pair and hoped for it to be true, now with KJW is definitely a plus. Now I have sth to look forwards to 😀

  7. I’m really disappointed with the casting of Song Hye Kyo…

    My interest for this drama just went down the hills…

    I find her acting terribly cold and boring.

  8. I like the cast!! Yey! I want Kim Ji Won paired with Song Joong Ki but Song Hye Kyo is OK. Jin Goo, he’s one of the most underrated actor in Korea and this drama will give him a chance to shine.

    Song Joong Ki, I know from the start that he’s confirmed the moment Kim Eun Sook’s side release an “article” about it. Now I’m excited to see him again.

    Except for Heirs, Kim Eun Sook really did well for the casting this drama.

  9. Wait – I’m so confused… why is everyone concerned? KES does ratings hits.. she has a lot of them under her belt, even when netizens cry that the script was crap, she still got ratings hits on those too (cough Heirs). SJK has never had a low rated drama. So I think he knows how to pick the right projects. SHK is a bit up and down but she has clout and has been cast in a lot of highly reputable dramas & movies domestic and international. So I think it’s a positive that she’s been cast.

    I honestly think this will be very good for SJK as a comeback drama. There’s no way this will fail. It’s a guarantee to up his star power IMO. He already has both acting skills and star power, but this will definitely add to it. KES has clout and she gets the job down when it comes to raking in ratings.

    • I only stuck with it cuz I WAS a LMH fan, and hoped desperately that it’ll get better with the next episode. Now I just want to permanently delete it from my memory, especially that part with the personality transplants. Thank God YFAS came around!

    • I also think Heirs was able to do well simply due to the story’s premise of rich school kids and their troubles. BOF was a guaranteed hit regardless of which adaptation, and that made a deep public impression. This time though, the military/medical premise definitely has much less appeal. Would’ve just ignored this completely if not for SJK.

      • Good observations about KES’ dramas. She has a tendency to play old romantic tricks in her drama. Some worked with good chemistry between OTP in Secret Garden. But those tricks looked so uncompelling in Heirs. She’s an overrated writer with commercial success. I usually think Knetizens being too harsh and critical of K entertainment. But I sorta on their sides regarding how they criticized KES’ scripts are craps. I’ll still check out this drama just to see how Song Joong Ki will end up doing. He surprised me in “Nice Guy” with his brilliant and sophisticate interpretation of the character even that story line is not much more brilliant than KES’ dramas.

  10. I love the story of what they tell us about the drama. I dislike this pairing. Song Hye Kyo is older than him, and she does look like his noona.

    • so funny reading comment like this….

      i havent seen any harsh comment about noona – dongsaeng romance (KSH & GHJ) in drama producer.. but look in DOTS cast…

      only 4 years different and it seem a big deal for nitizen.. LOL

      • Doesn’t help that song joong ki has a baby face on top of being a dongsaeng!

  11. While I like the actors they casted and have SHK as my ultimate girl crush, I’m not really feeling the SHK-SJK pairing yet. But I do trust in SJK’s acting and have faith that they will make it work, so yes, I’m still pretty much looking forward to this airing.

  12. I was kinda hoping SJK would skip this one and do Kim Young-hyun’s new sageuk. I mean, come on–we could have had a real prequel to Tree With Deep Roots, before SJK grew up into HSK. Haha yep, I know I’m delusional.

  13. I’m so looking forward to this couple… how they will work.. how their chemistry..

    and can’t wait for surprise acting by Kim Ji Won…!!!

  14. Keeping your own opinions about actors or actresses! But THE DESCENDANT OF THE SUN has been confirmed, who will be lead actor and actress. Then THE DESCENDANT OF THE SUN’s romantic storyline and 2 SONGs will bring many suprising to the viewers.
    Around October, 2015, let ‘stick’ with the chair for drama THE DESCENDANT OF THE SUN that having TOP TEN ACTORS and ACTRESSES LIST from INDUSTRY INSIDERS’s voting[2013, voting from PROFESIONAL, not from the viewers/fan/media]: Song Hye Kyo(actress) and Song Joong Ki(actor).

  15. Watching Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo’s dramas/films, with their good acting, will trust 2 SONGs in The Descendant Of the Sun!
    Honestly, dropped Heirs at middle of episode 2 because Park Shin Hye’s lack acting, specialy in romantic story/scences! Then not knowing who’s Jin Woo(Heirs). And no idea about Kim Ji-won-I. Hopelly, Jin Woo and Kim Ji-won-I will enjoy and happy with The Descendant Of The Sun like second lead couple Kim Bum and Eungji(?) in That Winter The Wind Blow(Song Hye Kyo&Jo In Sung).
    Best wish TEAM WORK, The Descendant Of The Sun!

  16. I love tho Song-Song pairing. Both are beautiful and talented. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the success of this series.

  17. Hmm nothing really manages to excite me about this!! Maybe jin goo a little bit! Dont fancy the song-song pairing, she looks like his aunt! And kim ji won was so annoying in heirs,then again who wasn’t??

    • The annoying ones in Heirs for me were weepy Park Shin Hye, jerk who excessively stares Lee Min Ho, and screeching Krystal. Kim Ji Won….at least I could understand why she was being a bitch. Her acting was better than the others too and she’s pretty.

    • As much as I like KJW and I think she’s a great young actress I can’t understand that people have different tastes. The same happens to me with Moon Chae-won. I can’t stand watching her on screen even though she’s not a bad actress. It’s just that her face annoys me to no end lol.

  18. I haven’t watched SHK in a while, but am thrilled that the other three will be onscreen again! I’m kind of apprehensive about KES. Heirs and Gentleman’s Dignity were kind of dull.

    I don’t mind Kim Ji Won not getting a lead if that means she gets more interesting roles as a second lead. With so many insipid and overshadowed female lead roles in dramaland nowadays, I would say she needn’t be desperate for another one of those (although the same applies for second lead females). She is the only one I wouldn’t mind being in a KES drama because that means more exposure to the public.

  19. The leads is all super talented and great combo but the plots seems serious and not like Kim So Eun other dramas before.

  20. All In reunion. i’ve liked jin goo since he played young lee byung hun in All In, and now he will be starring with song hye gyo as maybe his love interest.

  21. Wow I think this is the only upcoming drama that has 4 talented lead actors. And they’re all ACTORS with acting training. Good job writer-nim!
    And I knew KJW will sign on for this drama, even as a second lead, mostly b/c she loves SJK so much. haha
    One more thing. The 2 second leads are exes of each other or are they exes of the main leads? That part is confusing.

  22. I am rooting for the Song pairing. Count me in! I have to say SHK’s looks are timeless and I believe she can make the couple chemistry very believable. Who cares if she looks a few years older than he does?! t didn’t hurt other dramas with similar age casting.

    • She does look a bit older than him, but when you have a 12 years difference between the second leads, a 4 years difference between the mains doesn’t seem that big of a deal anymore.

    • Me, too, neither. The combo leaves me cold for some reason. Mostly, I don’t like the writer. If they let SHK be warm and funny, it could work. I don’t want to see her be beautiful and cold anymore.

      • Yup! I’ll follow up with this drama because of Song Joong Ki. He’s been very consistent in all his drama in terms of interpreting his roles, regardless of SS, A deep rooted tree, or Nice guy. I really love him as a sophisticated actor. Not so impressed with SHK. But I think the greatest liability of this drama to be a failure is the writer. She, in my opinion, is not consistent and loves to sell cheap tricks in her plot. I don’t have confidence in her.

  23. Having worked for one of the above humanitarian organization as frontline worker, my only hope is that the drama will be somewhat realistic and true to life. I hope that the KES team had/will have the facts and especially medical/relief work portions of the drama checked carefully; and all the first and second leads will be good enough to act their respective parts!

    Looking forward to the SJK and SHK pairing!

    • I hope the leads speak decent English.
      I hope whatever foreign actors they bring speak decent English.
      I hope we are not subjected to scenes where everyone has babel fish in their ears (any H2G2 fans?)
      Lastly I hope this does not turn out into a Hyde Jekyll me. Good acting cannot save a bad script. Heirs was certifiably a bad script. Soured all my LMH euphoria post City Hunter.

      • Heirs: bad script, big hit, everyone became famous. HJM: good actor, terrible script, flop. (oh my Binnie) I wasn’t able to watch HJM and I am struggling whether I should bother at all.

        If they don’t speak English at least to a level that most will understand, please spare them and us !!! An accent is alright – English is nobody’s first language, actually most field workers have heavily accented English or French anyway but all the technical jibberish will be difficult for even the native speakers to pull off well!

      • At least they cast SHK who is old enough to be an actual field Surgeon, even though she will need to look mighty haggard. Lol.

      • @ Kandiboo, I really appreciate a professional like you working in the field chimed in to share your first-hand experiences. Your concerns are legitimate. I’m also very curious how would the filming crew make the filming set look convincing. It’s always tough to portray war-related scenes on screen, not to mention the story background is set in the third world. This writer doesn’t have credentials in this area. She’s got huge commercial success in her scripts stemming at romantic and day-dreaming chaebol/poor girl fairy tales. I’ve seen the male lead SJK’s subtle acting skills in different characters. He’s very versatile. Also he’s earned good reputation and praises from his military superiors for his service and will be just out of the camp. Therefore I have much confidence in him to nail the role given a good script. But I don’t know about the writer though since she has some track record of writing craps even those are commercial success.

    • @ Kandiboo and KDramaNewbie, this is the most constructive and meaningful conversation in this thread I’ve come across so far. I’m glad you both made great points by simple words. I’m not particularly excited about this drama because of the writer. But I’m still holding hope she will not hand out a crappy script like Heirs for Song Joong Ki’s sake. A brilliant actor as Joong Ki has no super power to save drama failure from lousy script writing. Let’s pray! LOL….

      • @Drama2015 thank you. At this point I really don’t care too much about who is cast as long as they are strong actors/actresses. There’s not much point bashing the cast, or saying who should be in it, who should be paired with either of the pretties.

        To be honest, I’m really more interested in how they will be able to make it work and how both UN and MSF will be portrayed, especially since I’ve “been there and done that” in a slightly different setting. TBH SJK is a pretty darn good pick since he’s fresh out of the army and (I presume) he’s climbing up in the commander ranks for newbies. SHK is gorgeous and they will have to roughen and toughen her up to make her a realistic army surgeon (nobody looks that good in the field lol). I don’t know the other two, won’t comment.

  24. While so many love the Producers main 4 lead cast and they haven’t seen the drama yet, they sure are mixed and quick to judge the 4 main lead cast of this drama and they haven’t seen them on it yet either. If we’re going to based these two dramas main 4 leads based on their pairings, their looks, and who would look good together, I think the cast for DotS has the best looking main cast over the Producers cast…but that’s just how I see them, lol… 😀

    • Haha I thought I was the only one who thought “wow they’re all so pretty” when I first read this. And scandals or whatever aside, they’re all talented as well, so this might be quite a show.

    • Agree. I find SHK and SJK stunningly beautiful. The 2 support casts are quite good also. I am excited for this drama.

    • Yes, I agree, the leads here really are aces in the visual department so regardless of the storyline, their pretty faces alone would be a plus for me as I watch this. LOL.

    • The important thing is THEY ARE DECENT ACTORS/ACTRESSES. Nonetheless, I’m more concerned about the writer than the cast. The writer has been claimed to have commercial success. But I think her last drama Heirs is rubbish!

  25. what’s wrong with everyone who bashing the lead casts????? well i’m not a fan of KES, i’m a fan of SJK…as far as i know SJK’s acting is improved from time to time.. i watch him since Ob Gyn. aired and he proved that HE CAN ACT in werewolf boy and innocent man. he got enormous support from k-nets.

    i don’t agree with what @nabila said that SJK is lack of hallyu power.. agreed with @ivana that SJK got a wide space in k-nets heart. man you got to know he featured in many CFs from clients that work previously with top stars. even he paired with SHK as LANEIGE HOMME ambassador 2012-2013 before his enlistment…

    and please….this drama genre is different from heirs… the genre is melodrama humanity..not highschoolers’ romance

  26. I read that Joong Ki made millions while being in the military from CFs so I don’t know why some people think he doesn’t have not having enough star power. His bank account would like to disagree with you.

  27. i kinda agree with some people here. joong ki star power is greater than lee min ho in korea. if you follow korean media closely, kim soo hyun and song joong ki are the only actors at 20 during 2012 that was favour by knetizen. then sjk enlist to army. ksh further expand his power until today n you can see how big soo hyun star power in korea now. sjk has the same ability. both of them are always been compared together in korea. they both proven their star power both in big screen and small screen. i dont understand why international fans think lee min ho star power greater than song joong ki? looks like dramafever wash their mind thinking lmh is the only famous actors in korea maybe.

    • @purry and Xilem..

      I just want to state the obvious here and while being humble and this should not be viewed as arrogance or anything cause I just want to state the facts.

      Yes the Knetziens like jong-ki and ksh because of there light appearance on peoples eyes.. ksh has been chellenging LMH who has bulid himself a dynesty few years ago and its only been growing thru the years and at the moment. He has more fan following then koreas entire population and while a million of them being korean and the rest 49mio being international fans. Dude is on crown and sits solid on it and has hardly anyone to match him except soohyun who himself is long way off LMH’s solid established empire that is far stronger then Joeseon dynesty in numbers and nowadays korea. We can call that the Minseon dynesty in answer for joeseon dynesty.

      I can see KSH being his nemesis but to topple the dynesty he needs several big hits and minimum 3-4 years or LMH to suddenly start losing interest in k-biz or maybe starts underperforming. I’m not a fan-fan of him like that but truthfully speaking dude has reached legendary level and no k-actor or celebrity has reached this far. he opened up the market to the international fans thru BOF way back in 09 and since that he hasen’t looked back. People question him or comparing him to SJK I don’t know were they have been in these years.

      • This is just me stating humbly my observations and how things have been going in the last 3 years or something. I tried to put little bit humor in there hope not my words makes you angry or anything. just my observations in the K-ent.

      • i just humbly want to state that you mostly follow minoz population only who just know talking about his sns account. actually in korea ksh and lsg have the biggest fandom. lmh fanclub in korea mostly come from international fans.

      • i want to add some more. if lmh fandom so big in korea then why it become very hard for his movie gangnam 1970 to reach 2million admission? you tell that he has 32 million fans. where are they? eventhou it is 18 rate movie, with 32 million fans must be easy at least to reach 3 million views. as i knew, lmh korean fans even watched gangnam blue for 10-20 times to increase the viewers. ksh n sjk films are both box office. all reaching 7millions viewers. ksh movie secretly greatly make a record to just achieve 1million admission in just 48 hours. i hope this can open close minded minoz who are living under the rock.

      • Gangnam Blues is rated film and needs IDs so it can’t be compared to the werewolf boy or secretly greatly and I admit both these movies were Box office success but Gangnam Blues did really good numbers for being rated. Cable Tv dramas and National Tv dramas can’t be compared and its the same with rated and non-rated movie.

        Besides that Gangnam Blues did really good internationally and even made into Chinese version.

        He has enough fanbase in korea that can be useful to him maybe not the most but solid numbers of k-minoz + that with his internationally you got yourself Minseon dynasty. when it will fall only god knows.

      • Nope! Your words did not make me angry. But you did sound hyperbola with all the exaggeration! I love LMH in many of his dramas except for BOF and Heirs. But I think you overstated his star power compared with other K actors. There’re quite a few media polls showing his fame has been eroded slightly by other rising Hallyu stars. I don’t want to name those rising names to start fan wars. I’m not a fan of those other stars though. I actually favor LMH than others, but have to be honest.

      • This Drama2015 is coming from a very bitter place and want even to deny the easy telling reality everybody can see. haha! what a character!

        If he was exaggeration then let me take this to the next level.

        ”Lee Min Ho is the all-time most famous korean ever to exist”

      • On a worldwide plan and your talking about something rising talents.

        – Hollywood send him scripts from time-to-time(offered brad pitt partnership)

        – HK and China as well(Zhang Ziyi called him personally not long ago)

        50M fan following empire… His name heard from the east to west!

        Has several gigantic Hits under his belt. I salute Minseon dynesty!

      • LOL @ Joey. It’s you who sounds bitter because ppl including me don’t buy your K hero’s superstar power theory! I’ve been Min Ho’s fan for years. He’s the first K star leading me to K dramaland. I love him even I don’t appreciate some of his dramas like BOF and Heirs mainly for the storylines. I’m just being honest about how much more powerful he is as a K actor compared with others. But instead you got worked up so much and kept raving about how popular and influential he is. Besides that, you bashed me out of blue, calling me bitter? So funny! We all got it. Calm down! These discussions and debates are all confined to this single blog only. Min Ho would never get to know how obsessed you’re about him and appreciate your loyal dedication as a fan. LOL….so let’s keep our basic courtesy and don’t randomly attack any person with different opinions from you by calling them out and accusing them being bitter. Yor’re so comical and delusional! As a fan of LMH following him for years and being called bitter about his success, I’m astonished at the level of your insanity and obsession. LOL…

  28. Not really happy with SHK accepting this project because I can’t see her with SJK yet. And no – to all her fans – this has nothing to do with her tax scandal. I didn’t even know about it until I read it here. It’s more that I never really felt her as an actress. She isn’t completely untalented but also not extraordinary talented. And I feel that next to SJK she won’t be able to impress. I’m going to give it a try for SJK because it’s his comeback drama and I know he won’t disappoint. 🙂

      • I could see the chemistry might be sky rocketing like the returning OTP in Kill Me Heal Me if that happened. But I would reserve my opinions about SHK. She may have a breakout performance pairing with SJK. Think about Park Shin Hye in Pinocchio. I think the latter had brilliant acting perhaps because of Lee Jong Suk.

  29. It would be a smart move by KES if she secured PSH with YSH (check out so ji sub mv) or PSH with Kim Woo Bin (especially the pool scene in Heirs and check PSH acting in Pinocchio, stairway to heaven & tree in heaven with Lee Wan instead of complaining about her acting in heirs as she is following the scrip given to her)as guests roles for 2-3 episodes in her upcoming drama “Descendants of the Sun”(DOTS). I am pretty sure the ratings will shoot up even higher with their presence. Just in case YSH could not make it because of his coming drama as lead role there is Kim Woo Bin. They have screen chemistry (including Ha Ji Won) and are able to convey any type of emotions just by their facial expression without saying a single word (to make you laugh or cry or both). Just keep my fingers cross. Should PSH/YSH/KWB/HJW received a love call from the DOTS team. Hope they are given solid scrip and portray characters with depth where they can deliver a good/solid performance.

    P.S.For those in doubt about PSH capacity in action pack drama, just check out her driving skills in Top Gear, her other skills mentioned in Strong Heart and she also participate as guests with Lee Seung Gi in RunningMan.

  30. SJK & KJW should be the pairing for this drama. I would prefer to see SHK with LMH in a drama. That would be a much better pairing Agree?

    I like SJK and LMH. I also like SHK I kinda wanted to see her paired with my other fav Park Hae Jin.

  31. All the naysayers have been proven wrong. This is a huge hit. SJK reviving Hallyu with his charm and acting prowess. Plus, SHK does not disappoint.

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  33. l love song hye-gyo and song joong-ki for their impressive perfomence and i hope to see these couples in next dramas again.i love you all.

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