KBS Releases Script Reading Stills for Upcoming Dramas Producer and School 2015

Ready or not, two new K-dramas are coming and both share the common thread of starting filming recently and being produced by KBS. The network kicks the new week into gear by releasing script reading pictures from both dramas. The more high profile one oddly gets the less high profile time slot – Producer starring Cha Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Soo Hyun, and IU (I list the four leads in age order lest anyone assume there is any other significance), the drama premieres May 8th on Friday night.

The other drama School 2015 is basically cast full of relative unknowns, with just leading lady Kim So Hyun being a familiar face though it’s for her child actress cred. It’s nice to see the script reading stills for Producer, just to prove that KBS really did wrangle such a star-studded cast together. Even without the impetus to watch for the leads, I would still be curious about Producer since it’s upending drama production norms by being slated for 12-episodes and is produced by the KBS variety show department rather than the drama department.


KBS Releases Script Reading Stills for Upcoming Dramas Producer and School 2015 — 7 Comments

  1. Glad that you mentioned put the name according to the age for drama Producer, if not some fans will get salty. Why their fave not first mentioned what not…

    I still think that School 2015 should swap cast with Orange Marmalade.

  2. So. Excited. Producers needs to hurry up and light my screen already. I think it’s really going to be awesome and while I absolutely love the whole cast, it’s the writer that makes me so optimistic.

  3. Definitely gonna watch both of these.Producer’s better be good! I’m putting way too much high hopes on this one 😀

  4. kim soo hyun for producer kim so hyun for school 2015.. lol.. kim so hyun need to change place with iu so producer will have all actors and actress casts while school 2015 will have all idol casts

  5. Why do I feel like the storyline in producers won’t be anything special, it’s just going to be about which stars R gonna cameo in each episode

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