Yoo Seung Ho and Park Shin Hye are Cavity-inducing Cute as Lotte’s Latest CF Couple

Last weekend was the first television interview of Yoo Seung Ho since he was discharged from the military in late 2014, finally giving me a chance to see the cutie onscreen again. It was a double treat since the interview sat down with him on the set of a CF filming costarring Park Shin Hye. I already called her having saved a nation in her former life to be paired with basically every hot and popular K-actor under the sun, but this is actually her second go-around with Yoo Seung Ho, after doing an MV with him for So Ji Sub‘s single back in early 2013. The CF they were filming was for Lotte, running department stores and duty free shops in all major airports and cities, and a company with a keen eye towards the latest and greatest Hallyu stars to rep its brand. Yoo Seung Ho and Park Shin Hye are indeed as sweet as cotton candy together, with an added treat of a side of smoldering sizzle.

Yoo Seung Ho and Park Shin Hye for Lotte Duty Free:


Yoo Seung Ho and Park Shin Hye are Cavity-inducing Cute as Lotte’s Latest CF Couple — 19 Comments

  1. Love them both for growing up in showbiz still rooted to the ground. I’m excited to see YSH act again as he seems to have that depth in acting and of course I always find Shin Hye adorable. They look so good together but I find a Noona-dongsaeng vibe in their interview.

    • well, they are noona-dongsaeng LOL. He calls her noona and she treats him like her little brother… But they have chemistry in their MV so I say bring it on if there is a chance they can work in a drama or movie together

  2. Now that ship with LJS is also sinking, let’s see how much time it takes before they start shipping her with this cutie 😉

  3. For once I would like to see shinhye do a drama that’s not about romance, or do a drama without always having to act with hot and coming actors, CUZ that’s mostly way she’s known for

    • Shinhye shines more w/o those flower boys actually. Miracle in cell n.7 and Don’t worry I’ma ghost are a few examples

      • THIS. i actually prefer and want her to work with older actors. She has amazing chemistry with Go Soo and Yoon Kye Sang.

      • Mind I said drama not movie, pretty soon she’s gonna run out of hot k actors to act with then was she gonna do

      • @aby Don’t worry I’m a ghost is a drama. But why are you picking on her? She is one of the biggest actresses in her generation and 98% of dramas is focus on romance. It’s likely she’d romance with some top or coming actors out there for her popularity and star power. Do you expect her to act with a no name actor as a lead couple in drama? There any many young actors she hasn’t worked with so don’t worry. She hasn’t worked with YAI, JW, LJH, JCW, etc… But I’d like her to focus on movies, where she can work more with seniors. She shines best and has best chemistry working with them. Plus she can learn from them, which is one of her goals.
        And nope she isn’t know for having working with hot and coming actors… She is actually known as an actress with midas touch. There are many young coming actors what wish to work with her Excuse you!

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