Kim So Eun Pretty in Star1 Pictorial and Weathers WGM Backlash

Variety shows don’t interest me but if it did I’d probably be all over We Got Married just for the sheer pleasure of watching fake romance being sold as maybe real and wondering if fans actually get swept up in the make believe. I get the concept but find it really flawed with too high a probability to go off the tracks. Kim So Eun has been in the hot seat for the last few weeks, going from We Got Married darling for her sparkling chemistry with partner Song Jae Rim to public enemy number 1 after a series of interview faux pas so to speak.

It appears there is almost no in between it seems, one either likes Kim So Eun for her outspoken nature or can’t stand her for biting the WGM hand that’s making her popular.The whole thing hit a nadir last month with the breaking news that she may or may not be dating actor Song Ho Joon in real life, to which both sides vehemently denied it. The worst damage appears to be done in the realm of public opinion, with Kim So Eun remaining on WGM and going about her business. I actually think all of this publicity has been great for the show because in showbiz there’s no such thing as bad press.


Kim So Eun Pretty in Star1 Pictorial and Weathers WGM Backlash — 28 Comments

  1. I used to be a huge fan of SoRim’s couple before because they have such great chemistry and their 19+ rated interactions were always hilarious to watch but there is no denying that after her “frank” interviews, I completely lost interest on them. I am not that delusional to believe that those two would have hooked up/slept together or other stuffs but for me and even though all her words were completely true (how can you fall in love with someone when you only meet him a few times for filming), she crushed the image I had of them. She is part of WGM. She is supposed to make viewers believe that they are for real. It’s not like she is not getting anything in return seeing how the couple was/is so well-received so yeah’. Just imagine, during the scene of some drama, the OTP stops, looks at the camera and says “WE ARE ACTORS. WE ARENT IN LOVE IN REAL LIFE, GOT IT ?” You are completely aware of it so you don’t have to get reminded of reality especially when you are in the middle of fiction because let’s face it, WGM is too scripted to be considered a reality show.

    • Yeah, this piece of news isn’t so new anymore. People have moved on already, I was surprised there’s a new article about this thing.

  2. I find this whole We Got Married thing so weird. Like, you want to see people pretend to be in love? Just watch a Drama, sheesh. But then, I think real-life shipping is pretty creepy in general, so I am probably not the target group for this show.

    I have never seen Kim So Eun in anything but I would like to, because she is just so pretty and has The Best Hair Ever, lol.

  3. Her scandal is old news and kind of nothing compared to Yewon being outed as a liar about the Lee Tae Im incident, netizens are still pushing for YW to be taken off the show now.

  4. I just don’t understand the WGM concept. Because if one believes in what they are trying to sell, then that person is just plain delusional. And if you don’t believe couples are actually in love (because DUH, isn’t that obvious?) then how is it an issue if she talks about her personal life and/or date outside the show?

    These little kids acting out remind because of KSE’s sharp tongue reminds me of when LBY was getting married right after IHYV. Fans took an issue with that too because they were delusional enough to believe something was up with her and LJS. It’s not even frustrating, just straight up hilarious!

  5. Honestly, I was disappointed when the interviews released too. But this news is so old, anyone still biting on it needs to chill out. It was bad answering skills, that’s all. If you really want that “space” to imagine them together, you can really still do it -_-. Because just cuz she said those things after a few months of being on the show together, doesn’t mean nothing’s going to happen in the future. The couple was just a lot different than others, being quite close almost right from the beginning. ACTUALLY being close, takes time.

    I’m sure the rumours about her dating was probably the media’s efforts in trying to picture her with someone right after that backlash about her answering that question in the interview. It’s an opportunity for them to create even more backlash, of course they’d jump at it.
    Anyway, I think all the haters about this issue really needs to take a seat and forget about it. Who cares….

  6. I have always really liked her. But I think the whole WGM thing was a bad move on her part. I mean yes, we don’t expect her to fall in love and marry SJR. But I think there is a persona element that she should have maintained during the filming. It’s like when lead actors are asked who they liked acting with most. They name their current costar to fan the flames for people shipping the pair. But above all, its not as big a deal as everyone seems to be making it honestly. I still like her.

    • I agree– she should’ve maintained the persona during her stint on WGM, and her bursting so many people’s bubble was a big mistake– but despite that, I still think she’s a really awesome person.

    • People know it’s not real but KSE is paid to sell it to viewers that it’s “real”…

      the same way that when people watch a movie or a drama, they know it’s not real, but actors are paid to sell characters…otherwise why would people say this actor or actress are not good actors…it’s because people know that “acting” is portraying a character that is not real.

      You hear actors say all the time that the public don’t know the “real” them, and most people only remember them for their characters.

      I’m really getting tired of people that call viewers that enjoy watching WMG as delusional…

      Well…those people shouldn’t watch movies or dramas either, because I’ll call them delusional too since they are watching actors portray characters that are not real, the same way that actors in WMG are.

      To each its own…but movies, dramas or reality shows are all bundled up into the world of fiction…there’s no need to call others tastes delusional.

      • Very well put, you couldn’t have said it any better.

        Fake or real, there are always rules to the “game”, what’s the point of playing it, if you cannot follow the protocol? Think before you speak and act, no matter what you do in life. Nothing against KSE, I’m sure she’s a great gal, but she could have avoided some of the things that came her way. Anyway what’s done is done, but still if one doesn’t agree with WGM, then do not watch it. It’s as simple as that. No reason in assuming things about fans who enjoy the show for their viewing pleasure. They may be similar but not the same, we don’t all except engagement, wedding and babies right after a couple goes off air. It’s just a remixed version of a drama/movie for all of us. If others can ship OTPs from them ( who are almost never themselves but are playing characters ), what’s wrong with having the same hope from WGM couples? Live and let live people, there are more serious things to worry about in life.

  7. This article is way old. The photos, along with the interview that came with it, were taken before the 2AM brouhaha. Yewon’s scandal has overshadowed it, but I still think their segment is getting more stale by the minute. She’s clearly overcompensating, but everything seems so forced now. I stand by my opinion that she isn’t cut out for variety and I do hope that this will be her last after they finish their run.

  8. I think she should not have sign up to WMG if she is not willing to play by the rules period.
    I mean it’s like she wants to have it all, but she wants the viewers to be left wanting.
    She gets all the acclaim from being on the show, the CFs etc…
    Yeah… Guess what…in reality, I can never fall for SJR.
    Well…KSE…I know this but you are getting paid to make me believe that YOU CAN…
    It’s like an actor saying that he could not stand his costar.
    The public is not stupid…they know what’s real in a movie, drama or reality show, actors are paid to sell scripts… and her babbling was just plain unprofessional…I’ll add stupid…it has nothing to do with her being outspoken…it’s just stupid.

  9. The whole concept of WGM is just plain weird to me to begin with so I could care less about this sill “scandal”. I enjoy her acting a ton and can’t wait for her to get back to it. They should make Liar Game 2!

  10. Why you bring up this issue again? But, I’m glad the comments here are more logical that the delusional/immature fans. One thing for sure, she is lucky to pair up with Jae Rim that it highly demanding in K entertainment now. Im sure if not because of JR, they might be kicked out from the show. And now she is able to clean back her image, thanks to him…

    • I agree with you. She should have been like JinYoung who understood her WGM responsibilities. She mentioned in her interview that during her stint on the show, she didn’t meet up with other guys and viewed Nam Goong Min as the only man in her life. That is a true professional.

    • Frankly, the only reason he’s popular now is *because* of WGM. Both have benefited from the show and both have said highly questionable things regarding their participation in it – yet netizens consistently choose to single out her comments and not his. (Just saying.)

      • His popularity was already on an upswing when he joined WGM having been a scene-stealer in Inspiring Generation and that mermaid drama. But yes, WGM gave him a bigger push into the spotlight.

        But do you know why netizens don’t single out his comments? It’s because he has been consistently smarter, more thoughtful, and strategic in his responses – never bursting the fans’ bubbles and leaving statements open to interpretation. A consummate professional.

  11. My heart aches for her. Poor girl. You really can’t win ’em all. I thought it was poor judgement on her part to join WGM. At least she got her name out and on the lips of every knetz. And she looks darn purty in this photoshoot. i’m totally captivated by her character in Entangled. I’m definitely watching that. Can’t wait for her next drama. Please take up Liar Game 2!!

  12. not to be mean, but Koala…this is so last year. I’ve forgotten about the scandal if not for you mentioning it again. hahha~

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