C-version of We Got Married Finalizes Star-studded Cast and Starts Filming

Three Up and Three Down (三上三下) is the most apt description for the final celebrity casting of the C-version of popular Korean variety show We Got Married, as the earlier leaks got three right and three wrong. Titled We are in Love (or Let’s Fall in Love), the C-version is produced in full conjunction with the original MBC production team and the biggest change is eliminating the show marriage and cohabitation element.

The show will instead follow three celebrity couplings on their dating (i.e. courting) process, with the caveat that all the participants must be single in real life and open to romance actually happening from the pretend dating process. The three up correct spoiler leaks for the casting are top model Liu Wen, C-actor Kimi Qiao (Qiao Ren Liang), C-actress Xu Lu. The rumored castings of Jerry Yan, Kris Wu, and Tang Yan didn’t pan out in the end. Instead the final three spots have been filled by Choi Siwon of Super Junior, TW-actress Ruby Lin, and C-actor Ren Zhong.

The show has already started filming in China and Korea, and the pairings will be Ruby with Ren Zhong, Siwon with Liu Wen, and Kimi with Xu Lu. To say I’m surprised Ruby is doing this show is an understatement, but then again she’s always had a healthy sense of humor at the media’s dogged fixation on her still single status despite pushing 40 (and still looking not a day over 25 years old), so doing a dating show might be her in-joke at the public fretting about her lack of a dating life.

Siwon is merely the latest in a long string of Super Junior members doing some version of WGM, and a cross-border collaboration isn’t even the first as Heechul paired up with Puff Guo already for the WGM Global Edition season 2. I think the C-version might be tons of fun since it doesn’t take anything seriously and got all the participants to go in with completely candor to give this date a sincere shot and see where it goes from there.


C-version of We Got Married Finalizes Star-studded Cast and Starts Filming — 15 Comments

  1. wow Liu Wen is GORGEOUS. A little different from the usual type Chinese ent seems to find pretty, but she’s so striking.

    and realistically, I don’t think anyone will end up dating from this show, especially not the k-idols. Imagine the ructions among the SuJu fanbase…

  2. Does Siwon understand Chinese? Or Does Liu Wen Speak Korean or English fluently? Even though Puff & Heechul were cute it is a bit annoying when they were having trouble with the communication..

    Still shocked Ruby Lin joined or super model Liu Wen agreed to this!

    • Siwon can understand Chinese and English well, but he doesnt speak both languages fluently. However, he is 100x better than LMH in Heirs

    • Liu Wen does speak English, her english is not perfect but it is understandable. I am huge fan of her 🙂 Glad she is doing this 😀 I can see her more now on TV

  3. Ah, so Tang Yan and Jerry Yan decided against it? I say good decision! I couldn’t believe TY would agree to this when her career is red hot. This show attracts delusional fangirls that might make life hell when real relationships happen. I would never understand WGM’s concept so I’m glad people I like choose to stay away.

  4. How much are they paying Liu Wen to appear in this? I can’t really believe that one of the top supermodels in the world is doing a show like… WGM.

    • I Googled her. She earns so much. Why the heck is she doing it? Her career is that good that she doesn’t even need the publicity.

  5. I’m surprised that Siwon doing this type of show, even tho’ he speaks both Chinese and English. It’s not like he needs the money! I thought he said he was doing a K Indie film this year and he had meetings in LA recently, so I was hoping he’d do a U.S. film before he enlists.

  6. This guys popularity is really underrated.. his huge in china and overall on SNS. He works with the likes of jackie chan and has acted in different movies or dramas! now recently in one billion heirs.

    His up there and will take over the torch when LMH and KSH enlist as the leading face of Hallyu.

  7. Hope this will gonna be released with an English subtitle and will be available to Asian site and viewers. Please, thanks

  8. I still find it absurd that Liu Wen agreed to this given her top model status and all. I still wish that she would have been paired up with Jerry though 🙁 even if it’s also impossible since the guy is just beyond picky with projects!

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