Big Screen Version of You Are My Sunshine Drops Visually Arresting Full Movie Trailer

I’m always impressed with how fast China can slap something together when it gets working on it. Case in point the movie version of You Are My Sunshine, which started filming in February and will be hitting the big screens on May 1st a mere three months later. It likely helped that the story is a romance with no special effects needed other than moody closeups. Granted it has arrive the sooner the better while the popularity of the C-drama version with Wallace Chung and Tang Yan remain fresh in the audience minds.

The movie version starring Huang Xiaoming and Yang Mi will condense the source novel Silent Separation by Gu Man even more to produce a dense two hour romance ride about college lovers separated for 7 years and find their way back together again. The supporting cast won’t have much screen time but the production has gotten some famous faces to pitch in including Angelababy, Amber Kuo, Tong Da Wei, C-supermodel suihe, and Tao (Huang Zi Tao) of EXO. The full movie trailer just came out this week and was quite a visual treat so check it out below.


Movie trailer for You Are My Sunshine:


Big Screen Version of You Are My Sunshine Drops Visually Arresting Full Movie Trailer — 9 Comments

  1. This is wayyyyyyy too fast. I’m so amazed by the production team’s speed. The trailer seems really good. So excited! 😀

  2. Based on the trailer, I will probably end up liking the movie’s Mo Sheng. Tang Yan’s portrayal made me want to slap and shake Mo Sheng. I’m not sure about HXM though. Wallace’s YiChen was so nuanced for an otherwise one-dimensional character. But I haven’t seen enough HXM’s movies and dramas to be able to judge his capabilities.

  3. I’ll pass this because the drama version has grown deep in my head. I love the drama version. I felt as if I were reading the novel when I watched it. Besides, I don’t like the female lead in this movie. I’m also very subjectively not fond of Tao for his weird looks – my personal taste.

    • I think Tao looks weird too but his weird looks will bring something fresh to an otherwise slightly pathetic side character… If that makes sense, lol.

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