Gong Yoo Makes Appearance at the Soft Hands Kind Heart Charity Media Event

It always brings a smile to my face to see Gong Yoo out and about, even if he’s a tad skinny and a ton too pink for my tastes. I know that only his pants are pink (salmon to be more specific), but goodness does it draw the eyes straight down there, which might be the intention of his coordi for all I know, LOL. Those hoping for a drama land comeback (three years and counting now since he did Big) will have to keep on waiting as he’s confirmed his next project as the zombie K-movie Busan Line (or Busan Bound) about a zombie outbreak happening in a confined quarters of a high speed train headed for Busan. Filming starts this month and into the summer, making it impossible for him to finally get a chance to work with Ha Ji Won in her summer drama The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days. I’ll still keep the faith, and until then savor any chance sighting of Gong Yoo, pink pants and all.


Gong Yoo Makes Appearance at the Soft Hands Kind Heart Charity Media Event — 16 Comments

  1. Secretly as soon as I heard about Ha Ji Won and the drama plot for K-version In time with you, I thought Gong Yoo would be perfect. Now that I hear he’s likely to do a movie, I feel sad. Oh, who cares! Even if hope is small, it will still totally happen!!! (in delulu mode)

  2. Interesting study case with the Body Shop Marketing team’s choice for its French slogan, which slightly defers from its English meaning, and picking Gong Yoo as a rep. At least he’s more credible than, say, Lee Byeong-Hoon.

  3. run to watch Coffee Prince for nth times!

    can i dream he acts in a drama with yoon eun hye againnn..they r so lovely together..

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