Suzy Reportedly Cast as Leading Lady Opposite Hans Zhang in Upcoming Time-traveling C-drama

It’s undeniable that Korea loves Suzy, whether she’s singing, acting, or doing CFs, at this point she can do no wrong. I don’t see her popularity extending overseas to the same degree that she’s beloved domestically, but her first foray into Chinese acting waters is forthcoming which may expand her reach. Chinese entertainment news is reporting that Suzy will be the leading lady in the upcoming big budget period C-drama Braveness of the Ming (Chinese title 锦衣夜行 which sounds quite lovely and literally means Imperial Guard Night Travels) opposite leading man Hans Zhang.

The drama will be adapted from a very popular C-novel series of the same name by writer Yue Guan, involving a leading man Xia Xun who time-travels to the early Ming dynasty and assists Emperor Yongle (born Zhu Di and becomes the third Emperor of the Ming dynasty) in expanding and strengthening his dynasty empire. Filming is scheduled to begin shortly in Hendian, China as the production finalizes the details on the entire sprawling cast. I haven’t read this particular novel series but have heard good things about it. Hans is a period C-drama staple while Suzy picking this as her first C-drama is going to be worth watching just to see how she fares.

Suzy in a historical drama brings back baaaaad memories of her epic fail performance in Gu Family Book. Since she’ll be dubbed, I wonder if a more animated voice actor will help alleviate some of her stiff cringe factor when she emotes? I don’t think much is needed for a leading lady role in a drama about the time-traveling leading man and his bromance with the Ming dynasty emperor so her casting may end up being just fine. I do wonder how she’ll look in period Chinese costume, not all Korean actresses can pull off it as the standards of the two countries are quite distinct when it comes to ancient beauties.


Suzy Reportedly Cast as Leading Lady Opposite Hans Zhang in Upcoming Time-traveling C-drama — 55 Comments

  1. am i the only one who gets unhappy whenever there is any news of suzy acting. i like her as an idol but when it comes to her acting…..urghhh. i have a bad feeling that her acting will be as bad as it has been.

    • Me too. And in period dramas at that….at least it’s not a kdrama this time so kdrama watchers are safe from her cringe facial expressions and line delivery. Korea loves her, but not her acting.

  2. His name is commonly known as Zhang Han. There is no ‘s’ after Han. I am fond of this actor, hope this project will go ahead.

  3. I don’t understand why Chinese entertainment choose korean actors to act for there historical drama. No other talented actors could fulfill the roles? I don’t think so. No actors that could attract chinese audience? I don’t think so too. Lack of beautiful actors? Big NO. Since I know very well chinese actors are beautiful as well as very expressive in terms of actings. Maybe the only reason is MONEY since their popularity is no joke. But the end of the day, Popularity and star power doesn’t always guarantee the quality and sucessful of a project.

      • I’m not sure about Koreans, but I know that Taiwanese stars earn much less than their Chinese equivalents in terms of talent and popularity when they take part in CDramas. Chinese celebrities earn insane amounts of money due simply to the huge domestic market. There was an article talking about Chinese Running Man hosts earning about 10x the amount Yoo Jaesuk earns. I guess foreign actors more readily agree to lesser payment, because that amount is already several times what they earn at home. This is also a cheaper way to reach broader audiences by riding on the star’s popularity.

  4. Dear Koala. you’ve had a personal vendetta against a certain guy and had that now for few years and trying to keep him down, without any success unfortunately but still persistent in your attempts. but for whatever reasons of grugde you hold against him, his not at blame for it and coming around to his GF its kinda of weird and getting out of hands. I have read thru your archive and early articles and it all shows that you pretty much dislike one guy on a personal level which is unhealthy in itself and I know you like movie related things but don’t let things like that get the better of you and putting shame to your writting talents. he may have overshadowed other talents you were cheering for but at the end of the day it was not his fault and his just doing his job and fate kinda went his way but nothing to obsess over for a guy you really don’t care for. regarding Suzy I’m proud of her development as an young actress who has quite good hits of her own rights and we should encourage and cheer for her in this kinda of situation for landing a big budget drama. we love you Suzy

      • Yes for any further evidence back track archive..

        I will also like to reply to this qoute? ”Suzy in a historical drama brings back baaaaad memories of her epic fail performance in Gu Family Book”

        I have seen ratings failed success forcefully labelled succes and the other way around and in this case sadly its a oxymoronic claims to label a Tv-show like the Gu Family book a fail or failed performance by anyone in that better since it did really good.

        and Has an average ratings of 16.1% and has sold its rights to 0ver 10 countries and broadcasted. so if we are playing the judge of things lets do it atleast fair so people can have a reality view of what is success and what is not a success.

        Another hypocrisy I have noticed is labelling a average shows around the 12-10 average ratings viewers failed in some cases and success in other cases.

        but atleast I can give you the credit for not standing for a 5-6-7 ratings.

      • How shows are normally ranked?

        Success: 15-20% or above!

        Average: 10-14%

        Failed: 0-9%

        Add that to numbers of overseas Tv-Broadcastings, and International internet portals such as Youku, Dramafever, or Netflix etc etc.

      • @ouch It’s really hard to rank shows nowadays due to the prevalence of online streaming sites, unless someone does a CPI evaluation (content power index), which is also not perfect. in the end it doesn’t matter much, because popularity doesn’t equal money or quality, except for the actors, who might see a boost in CF endorsements. Therefore, I don’t really know what it means when the drama “failed” or achieved “success”. For an international audience, what’s probably more important is the quality of the acting, plot, directing, and production. These are difficult to evaluate without an objective standard, so I the end it’s down to personal opinions and whether or not you want to agree with these drama blogs.

      • @Ivana

        The online streaming viewership can’t be taken into account since the results are simply not reliable. There is many streaming portals all around the internet and no one can really say or know if the numbers are infact correct.

        But instead places like Youku, Dramafever and others Chinese portals are not streaming sites, so in that case they can be taken as legit source and TV-ratings.

        So we have to use what we got now? example online streaming is a really problem to even pay-per-view events such as the mayweather’s fights or UFC’s Zuffa coperations. there is simply no chance in controlling or knowing about the numbers on online streaming which is must left out in any major sport statistics.

        Which makes the judging platform the same as before. But what I believe is that there is to much inflation of shows which kinda made the people tired of watching show after show that reminds of each other… maybe the broadcasting systems should tune down the mass production.

      • @Ivana

        I would also like to reply to this quote? ”so I the end it’s down to personal opinions and whether or not you want to agree with these drama blogs”

        I agree and disagree.. Personal Opinions should be taken seriously but on a large scale not just individuals opinion and by this thought the ratings will come into play again since the product itself was intended to the viewers at home or across the globe.

        I personally myself loved once a show that did horrible ratings and it ended on like 5% average but I still loved it but it dosen’t mean that the majority of the viewers was on the same boat as me? If a show starts having like 20% in viewership and just continues that numbers then it means 20% were interested in watching it and liked it since they were keep coming back until the show ended with a thrill and Shows I absolutely didn’t liked that I found weird is example who you came from the stars but how did the viewers reacted to it was different from my reactions to it, but I didn’t go and start bad mouthing the entire production team because they achieved success and I can’t take that way from them since they sold there product successful to the viewers at home or overseas. so everything has something to do with taste at the end of the day. But being a blogger who is somewhat an expert should definitely not rob people of there achievements by just personally disliking it even thou it was universally loved and forcefully labelling a failed one a success becuase you happened to like it personally when infact it was a failed production who didn’t sold there product to the numbers they were aiming at which means majority of the people didn’t care for it or walk out on the show or never was interested to begin it.

        This is in my opinion how things should be judged fairly but not on a personal dislike that you may have for individuals or what not. its clear to see its like day and night. credit is due where it belongs regardless of emotions.

      • I agree with you on the bad mouthing of some dramas being highly controversial despite the shows being extremely successful and overachieving there set goals of realistic results. It comes off like a bitter bashing rather then anything else or let me say a fandom being butthurt. its absolutely bizarre.

    • Umm. How is this article at ALL about Lee Min Ho? The only guy she mentions here is the co-star. You are the person who is bringing this up. Koala actually really likes Suzy and thinks she is bubbly and cute, but that doesn’t mean she has to like her acting. She said as much when she was recapping Gu Family way before Suzy became Lee Min Ho’s girlfriend. If you are such a fan of Suzy, you should be thinking of her independently and not as an appendage to any man even if it is Lee Min Ho.

    • Miss Koala has never been a fan of Suzy’s acting, well before she was dating Lee Min Ho. Go through the archives on Suzy. And it really is not a personal vendetta against Lee Min Ho.

  5. @Koola aid, netizenbuzz has reported about the salary for Korean stars working in China, lot cheaper than the Chinese top stars.

    • Chinese top stars are not known around the World except for those who got into Hollywood; whereas Koreans are known worldwide, where Korean dramas are sold all over the world!

  6. Nobody in China knows who she is though.I understand why Kim Tae Hee or Yoona were invited cause they have a huge Chinese fanbase but nobody seems to care about Suzy in China not even after her dating scandal with Lee Min Ho. And she is not a good actress so production wouldn’t really call her for her talent. This news doesn’t really make sense.

    • They cared enough to give her a weibo goddess award and bring her up every once in a while about her acting in this or that.

      I will never understand the need for every successful site to have an award ceremony.

      Or why there is a need to report random rumours as news.

      On a personal front I find kim tae hee, yoona and suzy on equal footing in the emoting department, none of them are good.

      Kim tae hee and suzy are at least pretty and interesting every once in a while.

      • Sorry i don’t even know what Weibo awards are. I didn’t even know Weibo had awards lol.

        What i was trying to say is she is not popular enough to get lead role in Chinese drama.

        Considering this rumor was proved false i guess i was right.

        And both Kim Tae Hee and Yoona are prettier and better actresses than Suzy, though Goddess Tae Hee is far more beautiful than other two.

    • I don’t how popular Suzy in China but saying nobody knows her??lol..Miss A is popular in China and just like the other said she was given a weibo goddess award,if nobody knows her why would they gave such award to her??

  7. Saying no body care with suzy in china, she got the award off weibo goddess, Chinese make the remake oh her drama Dream high and her movie architecture101 alongside with dating cyrano agency. and Gu family book also airing at china.

  8. suzy is less popular compared to park shinhye, song jihyo, kang sora and yoon eun hye in China.. But telling her nobody knows her is just too much.. i am personally not a hater or a fan of suzy and ive seen only one drama of her ( dream high) and shes not that really bad there .. give her time to grow , shes still young. she will improve in the future as she takes lots of project.. and please this article has nothing to do with lmh .. ms koala is just stating her opinions ..

  9. Prefer Bae Suzy in Kitty as a korean catwoman, can not they delay the movie and find better story line like a real feline woman who can charm everybody

  10. Daebak! Not too bad become lee min ho’s gf. Now China wanted her too…
    But she’s better off stick with singing and dancing. Acting is not her forte.

    • that’s also what I’m smelling, they want to ride on her for being Lee Min Ho’s gf. is it official already, she’s LMH gf? free rides here ha, hmm not really a good compliment, where her persona was overshadowed!

  11. True,suzy is really less popular in China compared to the likes of PSH,YEH,SJH,I wouldn’t add KSR cos she’s not there yet.the three big names actresses overseas are PSH,SJH and YEH.these actresses popularity are no jokes.theirs fanbase is as big as any idols

  12. I love Hans so much but I hate dub and Suzy’s acting even more. Can’t he just drop out and there is the SARFTs ban on time travel dramas. or has that changed

  13. Wow.. I cannot believe how biased you are. You obviously did not do any research on suzy or even tried to find out anything about her but continuously bashed her based on what you “think” you know. You called her unknown ?? She’s extremely popular in Korea, although not as well known in china, she do a lot of promotions in china because her group, Miss A has two chinese members and Miss A stands for Miss Asia. In addition, you called gu family book an epic failure . LOL, that is kind of funny considering how the drama was dominating over over dramas during its ENTIRE RUN. It stayed #1 every week. You can search that up as Allkpop posted a lot about it too. The drama was extremely popular and successful. If you didn’t like it, you might have considered it as a failure but the fact that majority of korea liked it enough to watch it to the point it stayed #1 says otherwise. Although suzy’s acting might have appeared a bti stiff, she is slowly improving and the rest of korea can see that considering two of her dramas were huge hits and her movie architecture 101 was a huge hit, breaking box records and selling of tickets. Then again, if someone doesn’t practice how will she improve? She only starred as the main lead in 2 dramas. compared to other actresses ofc she has less experience. we’re about TWO DRAMAS ONLY. how can she improve if people constantly puts her down as if she has no ability to improve and grow ? she is only 20.

  14. I don’t dislike Suzy…but….this girl is so stiff. Ancient series is hard to pull off. I don’t know how a Korean actress can pull off the ancient Chinese drama. I really like these types of dramas so I hope she pulls off….

    HZ is not too great either. I always think he’s so stiff when he acts…

  15. im in shock that some say that her acting is not good….and that her acting in Gu Family Book was an epic fail?……………i don’t believe it >_> i would never forget that film..that was actually precious…suzy can simply make everyone laugh, smile, mad, and cry. Just sayin’ folks.

  16. Weird, just read fr weibo that Han will be filming a modern movie with Zhao LiYing on Apr 26. And here said he will film a period drama with Suzy….Which is which?

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