First Look at the Cast Script Reading for Hong Sisters Drama Warm and Cozy

My interest in upcoming Hong sisters drama Warm and Cozy (Feeling Good and Warm) got cut in half when first leading man choice Kim Woo Bin elected to pass on the offer. Nothing against eventual leading man Yoo Yeon Seok, but I don’t feel much for him either way while I was super stoked to check out Woo Bin in his first drama leading man role. That’ll have to wait until another time so for now I’m mildly anticipating Warm and Cozy more for whatever story the Hong sisters have up their sleeve.

Leading lady Kang Sora is always good at whatever role she’s performing but I like her only contingent on how much I like her character. I loved her in Ugly Alert and couldn’t stand her in Dr. Stranger, let’s hope she’s lucked out in getting assigned a likable (and smart) Hong sisters heroine. The drama has been filming since late March but MBC has held onto the cast script reading stills until today, releasing the first look at the main cast seriously perusing their scripts. Warm and Cozy takes over the Wed-Thurs time slot from Angry Mom, which marks the premiere date for mid-May. Just when the weather gets warm and cozy, heh.

The picture above are the first two scripts for the drama, providing the first look at the illustrated drama logo. Looks on the cute side which makes sense since the drama is billed as a rom-com.


First Look at the Cast Script Reading for Hong Sisters Drama Warm and Cozy — 29 Comments

  1. You and your neverending hatred towards her..grow up stranger era is done, JSY still at that nowhere to go level, and you forgot to mention misaeng..if u don’t like then better don’t write at all..

    • I have to agree,she did awesome in misaeng. Because of misaeng i totally forgot about doctor strange, I guess I moved on. It kinda seems like you’re holding a grudge.

    • I dont think koala hate kang sora, and I dont feel any hatred feeling towards KSR in her above post, I think you just not used to reading koala’s post yet… 😀
      Koala has been like this even towards her favorite actor too 😛

      btw, I really anticipate this drama… I like kang sora and though never watch YYS before, but I like his presence already…. since both talented young actor, hope another fun and hit from HongSister.

      ah, I hope koala can recap any of Hongsister or and Producer, please koala ^_^

      • are you sure when she writes for her favorite actor/actress she doesn’t blame the co-stars for any failure she sees? and please with this excuse that is her blog and she can write whatever she wants. Nobody says she can not.But we can agree or disagree with what she says.I do not see any rule that says I have to agree with everything that has Koala’s name underneath.

    • then whats up with your hatred towards koala? if you dont like her then dont bother to come to this site. She never mentioned about hating kangsora, I doubled checked twice. may be you are suffering from visual hallucination or may be you should visit ophthalmologist . kangsora was sucked in dr stranger i agree with her and I din watch misaeng as it not my kind of drama. probably I sud just to judge her performance.

      • then clearly u ‘look’ at the wrong place…and surely u didn’t aware what was going on over a year ago..

        “don’t feel much over YYS?”..duhh~
        not hating u but we all know what u’ve wrote in the past and like I’ve been expecting, here comes the ones who with zero minded.

    • Don’t be an ass to koala, she doesn’t deserve that. Anyway I agree that Kang Sora is a good actress and worthy of being lead. And Misaeng was truly great. She deserves her leading lady role much more than mediocre (even saying mediocre is too much praise) JSY.

    • I see that your shipper butt is still without relief from that terrible drama and equal parts terribly written second lead character of whoever-duckface-name she had in Dr. Stranger.

      Kang So Ra is a good actress. Koala even recognized it. She even went on to say that she likes her. But I think you’re more concerned about hating on another actor instead. And no, don’t even start with that vile about JSY again. The girl has been cleaning up the mess of these networks for the past 3 years already. Imagine had it been YOUR favorite actress who had to be cast as lead in the TERRIBLE Dr. Stranger, the big-budget flop Age of Feeling, and ratings dud Five Fingers. If anything, she’s done the (dis)service of playing in terribly written roles that would have otherwise been given to other actors who are no more deserving of being hated themselves. The girl deserves at least respect, no matter how you think of her acting.

      • “cleaning up the mess”

        wow, that’s a nice euphemism I’ll have to keep in mind for if my bias ever sucks as hard at acting as that – they were just ‘cleaning up the mess’! And I suppose Bridal Mask was a ‘mess’ too, that she ‘cleaned up’?

    • SMH, how in the world does “KSR is always good at whatever role she’s performing…I like her only contingent on how much I like her character…I loved her in Ugly Alert…let’s hope she’s lucked out in getting assigned a likable (and smart) Hong sisters heroine” translate into “neverending hatred”? Truly mindboggling leap of comprehension here. I don’t think Ms Koala watched Misaeng, so why should she mention it? Why bring up what happened over a year ago? Take your own advice, stop bearing grudges and hatred & move on. KSR has also moved on to showcase her talent in much better & quality projects like Misaeng and hopefully Warm and Cozy.

    • Please take your own advice and don’t read if you don’t like.

      Anyways, I only like the writers, so I’ll check it out, hopefully it won’t be another ‘Big’.

  2. I don’t know much about YYK acting. I have seen him only in Gu family book. Is he a good actor? I really like sora especially in doctor stranger and also misaeng.

  3. Every Hong sisters drama can be hit or miss. But at least the pairing really work. Sora look great with YYS. Now I am okay with this drama and I forgot woo bin.

  4. Yep, understand the excitement level dipping when Kim Woo Bin declined the offer but still looking forward to this due to Kang Sora. From the little I saw of her in Misaeng, she redefined the ‘cool chick’ for me.

  5. I have watched most of yoo yeon seok drama or movies.firstly,not because i’m his fan but he happened to be casted in movies or drama i’m looking forward to.from oldboy,whistleblower(i loooove park hae il),AM1994(watch this because i enjoy AM1997),GFB,introduction to architecture,1 movie with hwang jung min it,and 1 indie movie i can’t recall the title.don’t worry everyone,he is a good good actor.i haven’t watched royal tailor,but i must watch it someday.

  6. Wow just looking at the pictures of the cast doing the script reading got me excited.

    Love the pairing of Yoo Yeon Seok & Kang Sora. Both are good actors. Looking forward to this drama. YES! Bring it on!

  7. I think she liked Sora…just not her CHARACTER in Dr.Stranger. Funny how everyone ignore the part where she says she LOVES her in Ugly Alert. Much ado about nuthin’I say.

    I liked her in Ugly Alert too. Also didn’t watch Misaeng. But looking forwards to the writers-PD combo because I thought Best Love was hilarious.

  8. Loved Kang Sora in Misaeng, and love most of the Hong Sisters’ dramas, so double yay for me. Have been looking forward to a fun romcom from the sisters with no ghosts, and hope that they will create memorable characters for YYS and KSR.

  9. We are in Miss Koala’s playground, and she’ll talk about dramas if she wants to… that being said, I’m grateful for her refreshing honesty.

    She never said she didn’t like Kang Sora, she said, “contingent on how much I like her character.” Really, the character in Misaeng was great because of the story and being immersed among other fab leads. I’m looking forward to this drama, but we’ll see how it all plays out.

  10. I am going to love this drama and YYS will make me cry.
    YYS wins my heart no matter what and KSR is awesome.

    I can see them being tentative around each other, but really hitting it off on screen.
    They are both smart and instinctive actor types.

    • I think they will surprise viewers cos these 2 are actually really good actors. I am sure they will win some hearts for sure.

  11. i like these casting and I like Hong Sisters eventhough Big was a dud for me. Best Love was one of my favorites, so I’m happy that the team from Best Love will be on the helm of this

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