Onew of SHINee Offered Supporting Role in Descendants of the Sun

Just as I was wondering why Descendants of the Sun hasn’t added to the main cast yet comes the first supporting role casting news. The drama starts filming in June and is clearly a huge production with tons of supporting roles in the soldiers and doctors category. With screenwriter Kim Eun Sook‘s casting style, she’s bound to throw in an idol or two just for the buzz factor so it’s no surprise to hear that Onew of the boy idol group SHINee is in talks to join the drama.

I don’t mind Kim Eun Sook casting idols in supporting roles for her dramas, with this particular casting I have even less commentary to proffer since I have no clue who this Onew is. I know SHINee by virtue of watching member Minho in To the Beautiful You and that’s about it. If Onew acts about as “good” as Minho then I’ll get my laugh bag ready. Onew is up for the role of a junior doctor who works underneath Song Hye Kyo‘s doctor female lead, while the other confirmed cast members Song Joong Ki, Kim Ji Won, and Jin Goo are all playing various military personnel.

Kim Eun Sook’s dramas vary in subject matter and setting greatly, with her most recent one Heirs being a huge outlier in her oeuvre since she typically writers mature romances and that one went back to high school. One thing that remains consistent is her quippy dialogues, which can either come across as witty or too precious. In the mouths of high schoolers in Heirs, typical Kim Eun Sook lines were even more out of place, which brings me to worrying that her brand of snappy line trading is going to grate when the leads of DotS are doctors and soldiers. People in critical and powerful positions trading barbs back and forth has a huge possibility of making me think everyone is immature. With that said, she managed to make politicians seem hilariously likable in City Hall so I’ll continue to keep my hopes up with DotS for the time being.


Onew of SHINee Offered Supporting Role in Descendants of the Sun — 29 Comments

  1. Kim Won-Seok (Queen’s Classroom, Friend Our Legend) is the co-writer. Two very different breeds of writing. Wonder what the collaboration will be like.

    • Wow, KES is working with a co-writer on this one?! That’s unexpected, I’ve never thought a writer of her stature would actually work with a co-writer. Hopefully it results in a better drama than the ott boring but still watchable wreck that was Heirs.

  2. You don’t know who Onew is?!! What world have you been living in? He’s only the sweetest cutest kindest person in the idol world. He has a beautiful singing voice. If you watched TTBY you’ll know that he sang the OST for it – it was called ‘In Your Eyes’

    I’m surprised some people don’t know who onew is. Your missing out!

    • I’m not very familiar with Shinee but from the little I know, they are very talented singers and pull off some really difficult/intense choreography. I only know Jonghyun and Taemin but now you guys make me feel like I should check out Onew’s solo work too.

  3. Aww, I love onew! I was very excited for him when I heard this news actually. He recently beat out over 2000 people for the lead role in a small web drama (Dating Was The Easiest) so I’m hoping that means he has potential. However, before that casting his only other experience with real acting is this short sitcom on JTBC, so I can’t say for sure if he’s decent or not (although, hopefully better than Minho lol). He’s very busy right now, but I hope he still takes it.

    Kim Eun-sook is apparently a big Shinee fan so that might explain the random casting offer. Onew has a beautiful voice so I recommend looking up some of his live performances!

    Here’s a short snippet of him sing LSG’s You’re my Girl

    Just hoping this drama turns out better than Heirs or Secret Garden, so I can at least get through the whole thing lol.

  4. Onew has a really nice singing voice for ballads… I remember he sang a song for the To The Beautiful You OST. It was daebak.

  5. When I first read the title of the post, I thought you had written, “One of Shinee” as if they hadn’t released who it would be yet.
    Onew is super sweet. Didn’t he play a doctor on some show for about 30 seconds once?

  6. Love Onew but never saw him acting before so i don’t know what to expect.

    I’m excited to see more of Jin Goo, i saw him first in “Falling For Innocence” that’s currently airing and he’s so likable and warm, I’m glad he’s in this drama too.

  7. woaaah… Onew?
    I think Onew is better than Minho in acting, or he just always get good casting since I just seeing his news or his appearance sometimes in small role, gag/comedy skit and I think a web-drama recently by casting
    and he also doesn’t look like the type to treat fangirl, I mean many likes him but not over like him or having huge fanbase as Taemin and Minho
    plus he can sings the OST- which is totally what absolutely better if his acting is not sufficient enough for this drama.
    He is fine and fresh look to drama-land

    • I’ve been following Shinee for about six years and I would argue that Onew has a much bigger fanbase than Minho lol. Onew’s fanbase is very active and extremely dedicated (especially since many of his fans are in their twenties). Taemin and Onew are probably the most popular within Shinee. Minho is more well known to the general public because SM is constantly pushing him into variety and acting. I would say their individual popularity differs depending on which sector you’re referring to.

      It would be a complete waste if Onew is casted in the drama but doesn’t get to sing an OST. So hopefully he gets to do both!

      • I get your point but for the fanbase, imho Onew is generally liked and people can easily said they are fans of him but for news blast,the hype is not as much as Taemin and Minho
        and I knew SHINee pretty long too, since RDD maybe, He is my favorite, he has a lot loyal fans but his news is sometimes just didn’t get many talks-which also show how well liked he is- and for many drama-land viewer, he practically a new-comer other than Taemin and Minho, obviously everyone knew Taemin somehow but Onew is not the usual name to not kpop-interesting viewer.

        But he need to sing, seriously, he need to get OST

  8. Onew has been in Musicals before.So hopefully that will help him.If he play Joongki’s sibling,I wouldn’t be surprised.They are look-alikes.Plus Koala unnie, he sang one OST for the drama Ms.Korea.

    • Totally agree! Onew’s acting background in musicals may be of help. I think if this role plays on his strengths and personality – being kind and brilliant but clumsy and laughable – he’s going to do great. I really hope Onew does this drama because I would LOVE to see him with Song Joongki! They are cute and handsome in the same way and could very likely be brothers!

  9. I saw a couple of episodes do Onew’ s sitcom, he did well with comedy. Maybe it’s my bias, but I am thrilled by this news!

  10. That’s hilarious cos Onew and Joong Ki are known for being lookalikes (though i personally think Joong Ki is way more good looking). They should have made him Joong Ki’s brother.

  11. As long as he can act, I think it’s fine. I don’t mind idols acting in smaller roles, and this is not even a second lead.

  12. Like his smile and innocent look. Maybe writer Kim Eun Sook choose Onew because she means it…….Onew=OST.
    Same writer but surely DOTS will be great drama because great stars!

  13. Well, I’m ready to give him a chance and check this one out – he looks very capable and is easy the eyes (wink)~

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