New Actor Ji Soo Gets the Focus Spotlight In and Out of Angry Mom

I think it’s clear that I really like newbie actor Ji Soo, writing about him immediately after watching the first episode of Angry Mom and being unexpectedly surprised with this fresh face talent. K-netizens feel the same way, as Ji Soo’s star has been rising exponentially fast with AM’s airing, even landing a bevy of news interviews with accompanying photo spreads (see below) that typically only happen after a drama wraps. I have no problem with K-ent acknowledging Ji Soo as a promising new acting talent, I’m just feeling unsettled with the narrative direction AM is taking along the same vein.

Anyone else think the last four episodes have had tons of unnecessary Bok Dong scenes, almost to the point of fanservicing because it doesn’t really advance the central school corruption investigation. Similarly, the supporting actor I thought would play a meaty role, namely Baro, has all but disappeared from the drama. What gives MBC? If Angry Mom sucked in either story or acting then the noticeable script focus on fan favorite Bok Dong wouldn’t bother me, but the story is tight and the acting is good all around, making this type of narrative pandering all the more annoying even if I get to see more of Ji Soo. I love seeing more of Ji Soo, but I was hoping that would be in the future when he got bigger roles, not here when he’s really just a side character in this drama and should stay that way.

Despite my annoyance with AM obviously increasing his screen time, he’s at least delivering solid acting to back it up so it’s not painful to watch. I also love all the photo spreads he’s doing recently, more pretty pictures of Ji Soo to add to everyone’s collection.


New Actor Ji Soo Gets the Focus Spotlight In and Out of Angry Mom — 34 Comments

  1. Bok Dong amazing loved him and really happy for his success even he just a side character he make this attention that’s amazing

  2. I thing you’re over thinking it – there were some recent episodes were he was hardly present and other characters were given a lot of screen time, it makes sense that now it;s his turn. I think Baro will get a lot more screen time in the final episodes with ‘my father is a bas!@## it’s time to break away from him’ type of angst.

    • I disagree. It’s not a matter of giving him screen time because it’s “his turn”. I think that the scriptwriter should quash this bit of crush Bokdong has on Kang-ja soon.

      • I’m just saying that they were a lot of unexplained about him, it makes sense that they would at least delve deeper into his angst and whatnot. I hope they quash his crush on Kang Ja too (I totally ship him with A Ran, but shhh 😀 ).

      • @kitai I agree with Smoogie here. His character much more complex than Baro’s and just having a crush on Bang Wol/Kang Ja. What with witnessing his classmate’s death, helping his brother, and protecting everyone around him.

        I don’t mind him having more screen time because like ockoala said, he always delivers his part.

      • I’m totally ready for his crush to end. It was funny at first, if a bit squicky, but any more and it will be too much.

  3. He is very cute. I think monolid eyes are beautiful and i wish it was more of the norm with asian entertainers.

    I’m planning to watch Angry Mom when it’s done. I’m watching Punch right now (v. good drama!) and I don’t think I can handle two intense shows at once. I hope it ends well too!

    • Monolid is actually the norm with most of the top korea actors – Yoo Seung Ho, So Ji Sub, Lee Seung Gi, Lee Jong Suk, Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Woobin – is it me or don’t these actors all have/or appear to have monolids?

  4. I have been very vocal on other sites about my fear of this rare well written drama being ruined by fanservice, but so far it hasn’t crossed the line for me. Bokdong really only had a lot of scenes in episode 10, one big scene in episode nine, and basically zero scenes in episodes 7 & 8 (Baro’s character Sangtae actually had a lot of scenes last week, although basically none this week). Actually, I think all his fans who keep talking about him to the exclusion of all else makes it seem like he has more screen time than he really does. So I’m hoping that, as Smogie said above, it’s just that he was in focus in that particular episode (because his story does have a lot of parallels to Kangja’s past, so they did plan a certain arc for him from the beginning), and another character will take the focus next week. If I’m wrong and they really elevate him to a main character to pander to the fans, I will lose my faith in humanity, or at least in kdramas.

  5. I think Bok Dong is just the CUTEST thing since sliced bread & Gong Yoo in Biscuit Teacher!! Also that the outpouring of love for him is just 1) all the moms in the audience fantasizing they can still attract such strapping young uns and 2) all the other ladies finally getting an insight into how teenaged boys act when they’re in lurrrrv cause we didn’t get a camera zooming into our boys’ swoony smelling faces when it was our turn hahaha. Whether’s it healthy for Bok dong… well, he’s a teenager. They do stupid things.

    At this point I’m just about READY to give up plot & point for more Bokdongie <3 <3

  6. I don’t mind more Bok Dong, he’s the reason I’m watching this show.
    Besides, his character has more layers than Baro’s.
    1- he has a connection to Yi Kyung(the girl who died)
    2-he has a connection with Dong Shil
    3-he has a connection with Ah Ran
    4- He has a connection to Bang Wool
    5-The teacher wants to save him from Dong Shil

    To me his story is the most tragic…Besides, he can act and he’s soooo cute.

    In regards to his crush for Bang Wool, I believe the cliffhanger in episode 10 will end it. And it was only for 2 episodes, nothing to complain about.

    I ship him with Ah Ran anyway, but his crush for Bang Wool is totally natural.

    I mean students get crush even on their teachers, it doesn’t mean that they actually go out with them. I cannot count how many of my teachers I use to dream about when I was in high!
    I think the crush scene was not overdone. For someone like Bok Dong who is starved of love, and who pretend to be a tough guy, it’s only natural that he will fall for someone who stands up to him and show him real affection like Bang Wool did.

    So, I don’t think any fan service complaint is justified in this case.

    Anyway, If they give him less scenes, I’ll be out. His story and how it will get resolved is the only reason I’m watching the drama. Everybody else is doing a great job, but their stories are boring to me.

    • I agree, Bok Dong has turned out to be actually a key character in the story: witness to the murder, reluctant underling of the villians, new-found protector of the heroine, and with the strongest – and riskiest – redemptive arc.

    • aside from the angry mom, bang wol, i guess he is one other character that practically interrelates with other main characters.

  7. Does anybody know what is up with that wink and hand thing he is doing in the 5th picture (top to bottom)? I’m seeing a lot of people doing that recently. Is it a new thing?

  8. Personally, I didn’t feel that the increase of Bok Dong scenes in AM was for ‘fan service’. Maybe it is but I enjoyed his increase scene especially since it’s showing the depth of his character and his great chemistry with Kang Ja. Though I actually thought Baro was an important character, his scene is just lessening but I hope that the the next episode we can explore his personal story. I’ll definitely keep my eyes out on Ji Soo’s future projects because that guy can really act.

  9. I love bong dok. So I really dont mind and I can still feel the connection between him with the lead roles, esp with kang ja dongchil bum, that is one crazy story right there. But Im just wondering, because before the premiere they keep talking about baro, so I thought he was gonna shows up a lot more than this. But perhaps in the end he will have a crucial moment as well? Who knows. I just wish this drama is getting even better and better!

  10. nah, koala, I think you’re off base on this one. He actually matters to the story/has more connections to the other characters than the initial promotions had us think. And he is more important than Baro, that much was evident from Day 1.

    And I would much rather that a drama gave a talented young supporting actor some screen time to work with, it’s better than some dramas which have focused on leads played by completely incompetent actors ‘just because’ that character is supposedly the lead.

  11. I totally agree with you on this one. I hope he doesn’t ruin the tight plot. His acting isn’t as great as people are making it out to be, and the other actors in the drama should be the standouts.

  12. I love Bokdong! Though I have to say that it’s partly for shallow reasons. lol. He’s cute! & his character is layered and interesting as well. I think its the same for Sangtae as well. I know there is more to the Sangtae character. So I actually kinda find it unfortunate that it’s already 10 episodes in but yet we still dont really have an idea who Sangtae really is. Yes, he’s a jerk and he’s got a jerk for a father and his mum left. But that’s pretty much all we know. Im quite sure he’s not meant to be just a one dimensional bad guy. Hopefully they’ll shift focus abit on Sangtae as well and flesh out his backstory a little bit. I’m actually the most curious about his character. While we get to know about most of the characters especially Bokdong, we still don’t really know much about Sangtae. Well we still have 6 eps to go. Let’s see how it goes.

  13. He almost look like a crossover between Jo In Sung, Taeyang and Winner’s Seunghoon.

    I’m so invested in Bok Dong’s character in the show, I never had a crush on a highschooler this bad .. maybe since Park Soo Ha’s IHYV days LOL! That scene in episode 10 when he turned back to smile at Kang Ja…. ahhh melt a million times (‘: I’m glad Ji Soo’s getting the recognition (from K-Netz especially) because that means more acting offers for him in the future! I honestly don’t mind more Bok Dong scenes in the final 6 episodes.. <3

  14. I think he was more than a side character from the beginning… His storyline is pretty solid considering his similarities to Kang Ja (accused murderer) plus his connection to the villains. The promo materials probably couldn’t hype him and that’s why didn’t really promote his part.

    As for Baro, I’m pretty sure we’ll have his side of the story soon, he might become the trump card for the good guys. The writers haven’t been doing much with his character from the beginning.

    I am liking story, though I was expecting the writers to grow the relationships between the students.. Ah RanxBok Dong friendship at least. But the focus is mainly on how Angry Mom relates to everyone.

  15. Koala, based on the many comments here, I am definitely siding with the majority, not because I am fangirling over our latest heartthrob. I thought his scenes in ep 9 & 10 were most appropriate to bring us to the resolution that is the cliffhanger at the end of ep 10. As Gwinna above said, he was almost absent in ep 7 & 8 while the focus was on Sang Tae and issue of cheating. That’s what I like about AM. It is like watching a mini drama in each episode all complete with its eight point arc structure.

    I do agree with you that Ji Soo is on his way to be the breakout star of 2015. Just like the recognition Misaeng brought to Im Si Wan, though not the lead, Ji Soo has earned his badge with his Bok Dong protrayal in Angry Mom.

  16. I tried to watch the scenes in 10 that he was in to see if they were
    1. just filling time.
    2. not advancing the narrative

    I asked myself could the story go along without him there and then? Could someone else have done the scenes instead, namely Baro? But I decided it all worked, and I like what sogazelle wrote.

    Plus, he IS the one that KJ can save from Dong-chil – where she couldn’t help herself or Beom. Maybe the character wasn’t originally written with as much depth, and JS made him more compelling, but I don’t think the character arc was re-written for him.
    That is what I want to believe. He isn’t quite as unimportant to the plot as Lee Jung Jae was in Sandglass, but just as lovely to watch.

    He is also very good with all the other actors in the show. He makes KHS as Bong-wal believable because of how he treats her. I love how KHS yells his name and stamps her foot when she is frustrated with him. I LOVE IT!

    I can’t wait to see what the actor does next.

  17. Lol l dont mind if Jisoo have more scene as long as his character doesn’t ruin the storyline, which is I think it goes along with the plot so far. I believe BD is one of essential character since ep 1 because we got so much background story about him.
    I’m so glad that k-nitizen also fond of him not just international fans. He surely breakout star this year.

  18. Yes Ji Soo is the breakout star. More Bok Dong! remember ep 8 he did not have any lines but the most talk about was the stare scene with Kan Ja. Heee.

  19. Awwww…ji soo is great.I love his actin and i wouldnt mind him gettin more far,soo gud.Baro is cool too,doin his part complains,watsoeva..Makes me wonder why ppl are complainin.d only borin person is ae yeon?Ah ran is super cool too..those eyes on teacher do awwwww!..Cant wait to see her takin d lead in a drama.AM AJA!!!!!

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