First Look at Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Tae Hyun as Veteran KBS Producers

Looks like upcoming KBS Friday night varie-drama Producer is going the safe way in unveiling the leads, judging by the release of Cha Tae Hyun stills followed by a peek at Gong Hyo Jin, the network is going in order of age seniority which works for me. It’s a four lead drama with the two younger leads being Kim Soo Hyun and IU, with the three of them playing PDs while IU is the outlier as the top idol singer. The drama is coming up faster than expected, it’s mid-April already and the drama is scheduled to drop on May 8th.

Seeing the first stills really doesn’t sell the drama yet since I love the main cast and know what everyone looks like, and all four basically always look great in whatever character. I’m a viewer guaranteed to check out this drama but am wondering how many others aren’t fans of the leads but are curious about a drama being produced by the variety department of KBS (though now with a veteran drama PD) and written by the screenwriter of the biggest K-drama hit in years You From Another Star? I don’t see how this drama could fail, but the biggest hurdle is not living up to the high expectations and merely being okay. Please don’t do that, drama! I’m counting on you to be different and awesome.


First Look at Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Tae Hyun as Veteran KBS Producers — 20 Comments

  1. I think even if KBS doesn’t promote the drama until 1 day before its release, about 80% of dramafans would still be watching it. The hype with KSH’s comeback doubled up with the YFAS writer is promotion enough. I’s call the still-releases a successful way though because the drama and actors have been consistently trending in Naver and Nate. I’m very excited, I just hope they chill with the ‘different’ tag. I’m worried it might disappoint some. As long as I get a drama as fab as YFAS, I don’t care if its not “different”.

  2. For some reason this does not excite me at all. Three out of four leads are solid actors and IU is not bad for a musician turned actor. But You From Another Star was one of the most overrated dramas I’ve even ever watched and the whole project just screams ‘we’ve scored some Big Shots’.

    • you who come from another star is still considered one of the rare drama that capture romance, comedic and thrill very well. it cannot be justified overrate. the flaw in you who came from another star was it is 21 episodes which is too long drama which happen make a few of plot holes and the unrealistic ending. the flaw in ending makes many you who come from another star fans feel from very good drama to good. i’m one of them. the ending in between happy and sad ending doesn’t give so much impact to the viewers. it should end as very tragic or very happy ending.

      • I find this drama overrated too. Not bad but not that good either. I watched it till the end and apart from a few scenes with the female lead, now I can’t remember the rest…

    • YFAS is the BEST Kdrama!!!! I can see why it’s soooooooooooo popular 🙂
      Not everyone needs to agree but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s the biggest hit in recent years.

    • Overrated or not can’t deny the fact that ywcfts is huge drama all over asia. And up to now no other drama surpass what ywcfts did.both ksh and jjh still enjoying the post ywcfts success with their cf’s and popularity not just in korea but also in looking forward to this drama producer i have a feeling that it will be a hit many fans are craving for ksh comeback to drama after ywcfts so this is it.

    • I’m not so crazy about YFAS nor a huge fan of any of the 4 leads (it’s my personal taste), but have to be fair. Ms Koala has made pretty good points why K drama fans in general will have high expectation of Producer and I totally agree with her. I also think YFAS is very well scripted with a lot of whims/fun romantic lines, nerve-breaking scenes, and the pace is excellent among all the K drama I’ve watched so far. There’s no point at all a good drama should have either very happy or tragic ending that is somehow predictable either way and sometimes loss of artistry. It’s really hard to nit pick YFAS for any weakness although this drama is not among my faves (again my personal taste). Speaking of the cast, people may underestimate IU as an actress. She’s well known for her music talents although I’m not her fan either. I only watched one of her dramas, You Are the Best, Lee Soon Shin. She impressed me A LOT as the lead girl. I think she’s talented in communicating emotions in a very natural way.

  3. I really hope this will be a good drama.Honestly, even if the plot will be bad, it has good actors who can bring the charisma to make it watchable.

  4. For some reason I’m not really feeling it. It would have been better if the hype wasn’t this big because if it doesn’t live up to it, it’s gonna be even more disappointing that usual.

    • KBS is not really hyping this drama like SBS did for HEIRS yet. Most of the time when the drama gets so much hype, it rarely live up to the expectation. An example would be HEIRS. With Kim Soo Hyun and MLFTS writer, viewers will for sure check out 1st episode. If the plot lives up to the viewer’s taste, the ratings will be high. Having a top star doesn’t guarantee a rating success when the story line is crappy such as Hyde, Jekyll with HyunBin and Han JiMin. There aren’t really much hype about MLFTS before it airs but after airing first episode, it’s all over media in Korea and internationally as well. I was so hooked after watching 1st episode. Like SOME people who said, MLFTS is overrated, I don’t think it’s true. It deserves all the praise because it’s entertaining with JJH acting and fantasy plots.

      • So agree with you. I’m not so crazy about MLFTS because it’s not my fav genres. But I think that drama is well executed with excellently paced story line. The cast including antagonists/villains are pretty decent.

  5. I’m checking this out because of the leads, specifically the older two and the meta! Having IU is nice too. Actually this drama’s outcome will decide whether I will watch the hyped YFAS.

  6. I fucking love Gong Hyo Jin!!! I don’t have the attention span or will power to watch 99% of the dramas these days but I will always set time aside for her dramas. Always. Always. My husbands hates dramas but he’s gotten sucked into quite a number of hers.

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