Producer Drops Fun Drama Teaser and BTS Videos of the Leads First Meeting

I feel like domestic audiences are looking forward to upcoming KBS Fri-Sat night new drama Producer more than overseas fans. Or maybe it just seems that way because the K-media is so curious about a variety of factors surrounding Producer – a short 12-episode drama, being produced by the variety show department of KBS, comeback of Kim Soo Hyun, huge cast including Gong Hyo Jin, Cha Tae Hyun, and IU, and being written by You From Another Star screenwriter Park Ji Eun.

I’m curious for all of the above to, and because I like all four leads in the cast, not to mention this thing still seems so unexpected and unreal. Seeing the first drama teaser helps ground it in reality, a scene showing all four leads in character getting on a bus headed to KBS studios set to the Avril Lavigne’s boppy “What the Hell”. I won’t read too much into any possible romantic pairings but am loving how each lead perfectly shows off their character’s personality even in such a short time: experienced Cha Tae Hyun, quirky cool Gong Hyo Jin, dorky earnest Kim Soo Hyun, and aloof haughty IU. Love it!

First teasers for Producer:

Producer leads script reading BTS (English subbed):


Producer Drops Fun Drama Teaser and BTS Videos of the Leads First Meeting — 36 Comments

  1. I feel this is the same case as YFAS where before airing, there were a lot of nay-sayers amongst the ifans and most ended up eating their own words and loving it in the end. I don’t personally care for buzz; I’ll take YFAS’s initial mild hype over Heirs extreme fizz, no substance crap any day.

    For OTP, I’m calling GHJ-KSH for sure. They’ll start off with differently, but eventually they’ll go that route, I’m guessing. I don’t quite care since the chemistry is evident amongst all so whatever fits the storyline is good by me.

    • Really? I first knew about YFAS from the trailers after Heirs, and thought that it’s definitely a show with top quality. I’m surprised that international fans are not looking forward to this as much, as this is definitely the drama I’m most interested in, mostly because of Gong Hyo Jin and the writer. Out of all the ones that are coming up, I’m probably only going to watch this one and Descendent’s of the Sun (solely for SJK) +/- In Time With You.

    • I’m so much agree with you both, just excited about the cast and the writer. I hope it would not end up disappointment. Love love Gong Hyo Jin and Song Joong Ki too. Regarding OTP for Producer, I also have that quirky feeling towards KSH/GHJ pairing. KSH has had great chemistry with noonas. That would be more interesting than pairing with IU.

  2. I am freakin’ exciiiiiited ! I just love how they promoted that drama so far. So fresh and original. I can’t wait for all the meta jokes and all. Knowing Park Ji Eun, it’s going be fun/hilarious/fluffly romance and whatever, haha. So yeap’ <3

    • using hidden camera clips as promotion teasers isnt new, jTBC already used it for “Falling for Innocence.”

      dont know whether this drama would have fresh style. the script should be good, but the PD has really boring ditecting style

  3. I’m so glad KSH is playing a dork again. I so loved him as the dorky Sam Dong in Dream High, but haven’t loved him in anything since then, so I’m hoping this role will rekindle my love for him and lessen my feelings that he’s way too over-hyped.

    GHJ is a fave of mine, but I wish she’d tried harder to make IU feel comfortable.

  4. Whoaa….the ladies are all over KSH on the pic, oh well..who could blame them? I’ll put my right hand on him and while my left hand push IU out of the pic.

  5. This is a risky character for KSH\s image and we might see a ratings fail which will send KSH into no mans land like some of the others who blow it out of the window.. be warned with a failure in the making.. he should have seriously gone with a more awesome character instead of a nerd

    • LMAO, what the hell are you talking about ? After the huge success of Moon That Embraces the Sun, Kim Soo Hyun played the role of the village idiot in Secretly Greatly. It was a great hit.
      Unlike you, I think he has made an awesome decision. Not only he is working with a really good scriptwriter, but he is surrounded by talented co-stars and the storyline looks really entertaining. Although you never know if it’s going to do well, I am still smelling another hit and not just because he has the Midas’ touch, haha 😀

      • what s/he means is that actor/actress should not try new kind of roles, if his/ her previous role is huge hits. The actor/actress should just play that type of role over and over again to maintain his/her popularity (and careless about acting skill), LOL

      • @j2hr that will just get the actor get typecasted and boring, as it will be the same thing over and over again. Though I think KSH should work on his nuances instead of the extremes, which he already did in Secretly Greatly. I think I’ll like him as an actor better if he can play a slice of life drama that turns mundane into extraordinary but relatable piece of art. Hopefully, this character will be like that.

  6. Is the love line between KSH and GHJ or KSH and IU? (though either way I wouldn’t mind)

    SO EXCITED. In the teasers KSH looks like a mix between Sam Dong and Mr. Do, GHJ looks awesome as always, CTH hilarious, and IU seems to have a different image than the characters she usually plays 🙂

  7. I’m so freaking excited, I can’t handle it. Not sure if it’s the teaser or just the great group of actors (probably both) but I haven’t watched a kdrama in ages until recently with The Lover and I’ve needed a kdrama fix. I’m looking forward to this!

  8. The promos for this looks great. I wonder if it’ll actually be that different from a normal drama though. All this talk about lovelines, I wonder if one is even necessary. Idk, I’d rather just have the story of the PDs and stars than it to go into full on romance.

    • I’d usually agree with you, but in this case, the writer wrote the epic romance in YFAS so I really wouldn’t want her to pass on the romance lol. I do think its more com than rom, but maybe an extension (if the ratings are good – that’s such a KBS thing to do!) would do wonders because I feel 12 eps is just way too short for this writer. Or… I’m just being selfish, lol

  9. I am super anticipating this. As soon as the cast confirmed, I could hardly wait. Watching mostly for KSH but I love the other 3 leads as well. It will be the next kdrama that I watch after Hyde so I can’t go wrong with it right? 🙂

    Can’t wait for it to start.

  10. Can’t wait!
    My lovely Gong Hyo Jin is back at it again being her cool sassy self.
    I’m super excited, it seems the pairing would be GHJ&KSH and maybe GHJ&CTH also????

  11. Seeing how cute GHJ and KSH are just makes me melt…I can imagine KSH being such a puppy with GHJ, hahaha!

    Have not watched CTH and IU before, will see how it goes when it airs. The story doesn’t appeal too much to me but the meta may draw me in.

  12. I think the lovelines/love square would be somewhat similar to On Air. We will probably remain clueless of who the ultimate pairings are even after the 6th or 7th episode.

  13. I never like IU (I can only tolerate her in small/supporting roles), and I don’t like this writer’s style either, so I’ll only be watching for KSH and GHJ and most definitely rooting for them.

  14. I really, really enjoy the interaction between CTH and GHJ. Though my heart will break later (tell me it ain’t so) I guess i love CTH too much…

  15. In the photo I was getting a mentor vibe from GHJ and KSH, with her about to choke him out, but after the teaser I’m not sure (maybe they’re trying to get IU’s attention or make her jealous??). I’m still rooting for a KSH/IU pairing though! They are so cute together and I loved their little duet in Dream High, so hears hoping they’ll get a chance to sing together again in Producers.

  16. I’ĺl be watching since IU and kim soo hyun has been on drama break for a long time. i don’t like older women on younger men. I don’t mind the older guy with younger women. cth and ghj looks perfect on the teaser. I not feeling the the dork character of kim soo hyun. It would be funny if the veteran actors steal the show.

  17. I’m not into IU’s casting in this so I sincerely hope her role is small as a main lead can get. Her acting has never once impressed me even though I do like her as a singer. And as much as I like Gong Hyo Jin’s acting, her style choices are sometimes so hideous. Iss he a fashionista for her eccentric clothing choices?

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