Someone Like You Presents the Swoony Rain Kiss to Challenge All Drama Rain Kisses

Watching episode 15 of Someone Like You totally makes me hum the chorus from Walk the Moon’s current hit song “Shut Up and Dance”, except I keep chanting shut up and kiss instead LOL. A big shout out thank you to SETTV and drama leads Kingone Wang and Kristen Jen for writing this particular OTP scene and then executing it beyond perfectly. I’d say there’s a frontrunner for best kiss of the year and everyone else will be playing catch up from here on out. Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi’s kiss in the rain hit the trifecta of mood, technique, and connection, it was basically so good the audience is reduced to giggly peeping toms watching them.

This rain kiss scene is over three minutes long, and even the interruption in the middle was delightfully staged rather than an annoying intrusion. Zhan Cheng’s parents and little sister chance upon the kiss and can’t help but stare googly-eyed, much like all of us, and the interruption allows us to imagine the two lovebirds just keep on kissing while in their own worlds. The unending movement in lips and head keep the action hot, all capped off with an adorable ending when Yu Xi pulls Zhan Cheng’s jacket over them. Muy caliente! Watch the entire scene at your own leisure below.

Someone Like You OTP Rain Kiss Episode 15 cut:

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Someone Like You Presents the Swoony Rain Kiss to Challenge All Drama Rain Kisses — 28 Comments

  1. Wow, that was one sweet and hot kiss in the rain scene! *Swooning here* I haven’t seen the episode yet, but you sure whet my appetite ’cause I don’t get to see this episode until tomorrow. Now, I can’t wait to see it already!!! For now, I’ll just keep replaying this hot damn, sweet kiss between my favorite OTP. Thanks Ockoala, for yet another lovely SLY post (I haven’t even had a chance to post on the last one yet, but couldn’t resist on commenting this one first, lol πŸ˜€ ). πŸ™‚

  2. Awww… this was a sweet kiss scene for sure. πŸ™‚ I do love it. It’s not my favorite of the year in asian dramas but definitely a favorite for the twdramas that I have seen in 2015. It hits all the right romance buttons. πŸ™‚ Love it!! If there is anything that twdramas does right in all this fluff and lack of depth, it’s the romance πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks to your recommendation Ms Koala I started watching this show yesterday. I am hooked! I agree that Twdramas might not be good to watch with your brain…but when it comes to romance and feelings they always get me, at least the few I have watched!

  4. Boy.I’ve already re watched this scene a few times. I wasn’t expecting the parents turning up though.

    Then in my head was going ” wow how long is this kiss?”

  5. Their kissing is getting better with each kissing scene! Impressed that their kissing is way better than a lot of korean drama kisses that were such a letdown!

  6. I’ll camp out on this YT video in HD for a good number of hours from hereon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job to Kingone and Rong Rong on this one!

    Anyways, I’ve seen the episode and I can’t wait for the subs to come out. But one thing about it, even without the subs, Ya Ti (heart transplant girl) is really over-extending her welcome. Such a nuisance!!!!!!

  7. Thank you Ms. Koala! I’m so thrilled to watch it later. I started watching this at Dramafever last February but I’m on vacation now and we don’t have them in our area, luckily they have it on Viki but it is subbed slowly so I have to rewatched it several times until it’s almost 100%. I’m loving this drama for Kingone Wang whom I’ve known since Devil Beside You and I’m glad he’s the lead now.Your blog is bookmarked in my S Tab because you’re the only blog I know that I could have some entertainment news from Taiwan and I enjoyed reading the comments here whether I agree or not.

  8. One of my favorite scenes in the drama. Such a lovely image captured onscreen and the beautiful imagery in the background. What ruined this episode for me was the “unnecessary” antsy, poor, innocent heart-transplant girl getting in the way of OTP happiness. I seriously can’t stand characters like her, maybe its the way the actress portrayed it. But c’mon, just because you have his ex’s heart, doesn’t mean you are HER. Boss is not suppose to be responsible and he shouldn’t be a noble idiot otherwise I’m going to have shake some sense if the producer does something as stupid as that. PLEASE, NO MORE IN A GOOD WAY ending with the noble idiocy with Liu Chuan, Kristen should NOT have to go through it again and she should NOT be the one doing it. Even LC had a good reasoning to do that, I seriously don’t think Boss and YS here should give up their relationship for a “I don’t know where she popped up” girl. It’ll be so ridiculous and unbearable to watch that over again. YaTi should just go start with a new life with someone else and don’t meddle in something that she doesn’t have a right to. YS should grow some balls and don’t give up no matter what. Sorry for the rant.

    • I’m with you about Yati. I hope she won’t break up our beloved OTP. I don’t mind if she stays friends with Yu Xi and Zhan Cheng, just don’t let her meddle in their romantic relationship or for her to be in love triangle with them.

      • I don’t think his feelings will ever wavered for anyone else, especially if he knows it will hurt Yu Xi. He might’ve at the beginning be like WTF if Yu Xi decided to break up but I’m sure he would catch on the reason why and not let her self sacrifice their relationship. Love this drama a bit slow but everything falls at right time. Nothing haste.

  9. I have watched this way more times than I care to admit lolol.but oh it’s just the perfect definition of a kiss in the rain!!! Can’t wait to watch the ep with subs tomorrow! *clicks replay again*

    • LOL, same here! πŸ˜€ I didn’t even care that I didn’t understand what they were saying before the kiss in the rain…just love seeing them πŸ˜€ Can’t wait to see this episode already and with English subs! πŸ™‚

  10. It’s really a good kiss scene. In T-drama, I liked the kiss of That Love Comes with Joe Cheng. It’s in the rain too. Tdramas have usually good kisses for me.

  11. Kingone never disappoints me in the kissing department. This rainy kiss was absolutely beautiful! BUT I saw this kissing scene and the one from ep 14…. it is probably just me to find the close-up shots VERY uncomfortable to watch~ =P

  12. By the way Ms Koala, I find it hilarious that the whole write-up feels more like it’s for a dissertation paper on Rain Kisses. We are all scrutinizing the mood it evokes, technique, connection and movement. Is it a good thing that the kiss only involved the lips? Otherwise, we might finish 2 dissertation papers if we see a glimpse of something else besides the lips. πŸ˜‰

  13. Kingone and Rong Rong have had a few kiss scenes so far but this one is my favourite and probably one of my favourite among all the Twdramas I have watched. It was shot very nicely with the rain and sunlight and I also like that both of them were really into it (I have seen many kisses in Asian dramas where the female would be so shocked of the sudden kiss that she just stands there with these eyes 0_0 and does nothing.)
    I hope there will be more kiss scenes to come but having seen the preview I’m afraid Yu Xi will give up the relationship because of Ya Ti/Luo Han. Speaking of Luo Han I think Rong Rong has improved a lot from In a Good Way to this drama. The scene when Ya Ti saw Zhan Cheng admitting that his girlfriend is Yu Xi and it was shown as Luo Han seeing that, the heart-broken look and her eyes executed such strong feelings that for a brief moment I think I kind of understood Ya Ti/Luo Han’s feelings (that was only for a brief moment though I’m still rooting for Yu Xi and Zhan Cheng). I’m impressed on how much she has grown as an actress.

    • I totally didn’t see that part of the juxtaposition between Luo Han and Ya Ti while Boss was confirming his relationship with Yu Xi. Now I understand why everyone on the message board kept on saying that the drama became supernatural, everyone were pissed with that “superimposition”. Now I’m honestly confused with the reasoning behind that, it just seems unnecessary. But the silver lining, Rong Rong has really proven her great improvement through this drama. I’m happy to see actors improving with each project given to them, it just shows that they truly love their craft and it makes me appreciate them more as individuals.

      • I saw those comments too but unlike them I wasn’t pissed with that scene but more that I wondered whether Luo Han really would be heart-broken to know that Zhan Cheng has moved on and has found his happiness with someone else and that it happened to be her twin-sister. I think she would have been happy for them.

  14. Forgot to mention, like you ockoala I also liked the ending of the kiss scene when Yu Xi pulled the jacket over their heads but what I thought added to the sweetness was the last peck she gave him and also the way she smiled afterwards.

  15. I was watching the after scenes/NG and judging by the little cartoons they draw at the dialogue, he had eaten ALOT of garlic SO she had him chewing on ALOT of gum. You can see him chewing away. It funny!!!

  16. Thanks for highlighting this, Koala. I started watching this series after you highlight this. I am now caught up and watched this scene this morning.

    I’m really enjoying the story. When TWs get is right they are so enjoyable. It’s satisfying and almost laughable how high tension plot points are resolved with ease by the OTP. Instead of using them to create a bigger drama mess.

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