Hyun Bin Steps Out for Brand Event Post Hyde, Jekyll, Me Debacle

It’s been three weeks since Hyde, Jekyll, Me ended, a blissful three weeks where I didn’t have to watch or recap that abomination passing for a drama. Leading man Hyun Bin stepped out last week for a water filter promotional event where he was the brand endorser. I’m shocked we didn’t get to see Seo Jin drinking filtered water in every episode of Hyde, what with the drama shoving in so many PPL on top of not writing a coherent story.

Binnie looks fantabulous as usual, back to his typical hairstyle rather than the trifecta of Seo Jin, Robin, and Seo-bin hair he was alternating in the drama. He probably has as much chemistry with the water filter he’s showing off as he did with Han Ji Min in Hyde, ain’t nothing ever going to convince me those two had any chemistry with each other whatsoever. No one is teflon in the industry and this harsh Hyde failure is clearly going to taint a bit of the Binnie magic, which won’t matter if he’s focusing on his movie career in the long run.


Hyun Bin for Magic CF:


Hyun Bin Steps Out for Brand Event Post Hyde, Jekyll, Me Debacle — 20 Comments

  1. Can’t believe the writer for Hyde failed miserably with Hyun Bin and Han JiMin. I thought Hyde is gonna be the best drama in 2015, but end up getting disappointed. Seeing how Hyde is not doing well this time, I feel like Hyun Bin will only be focusing on movies. Being a movie star is even better with no tight filming schedules and keep your status afloat while still making bank on CFs.

    • Hyde Jekyll Me is like all dramas have his fans and anti fans. I love this drama. I love the cast of course , i love the storyline and i love acting and OST. Apparently, i’m not the one, i check some épisodes on youtube and others drama sites and there are many lovely and good comments there than here. I think some people- commentators are just follow the lack of professionalism and subjectivity of Koala. It’s Koala is ABOMINABLE and BAD

  2. Koala don’t wish everyone will remain in movie land please it Hurst 🙁 from woobin now hyunbin not all the bins please. The other bin (wonbin) is 5 years hiatus now.

  3. Pwahahahahahahahaha. I always look forward to koala’s comments when Hyde, Jekyll and Me is mentioned.

    Oh Hyde, jekyll and Me, how do I dislike thee? Let me count the ways…

    And though I am sure it’d be a cold day in hell before I’d ever like this drama enough to commit the unspeakable act of watching it again….

  4. I don’t miss HJM at all, it sucked so bad I want it gone forever
    Hyun bin is looking great. I like his normal hairstyle, the combup makes him mighty fine.
    He needs some timeout and hopefully a drama at year end. he has some great acting depth and good comedic timing. Won’t take him long to bounce back

  5. aw am i the only one who is unhappy to hear that he might do movies from now on. although i really disliked hyde, jekll, me, at least i got to see binnie for 3 months! and the more i think about how badly his come back drama went, the more i want him to another drama! maybe with a better drama, his image/popularity from this failure can recover? =(

  6. I just finished HJM yesterday! Omona..what a crappy drama 🙁 . And for the first time in my ‘watching korean dramas’ life, I encountered a mother who doesnt have any conversation scene with her son.

    • Thanks for having finishing it and really sad that you didn’t like this beautiful drama . Love it and thanks again Hyun Bin . My favorite Kactor ever since this drama

  7. I haven’t seen Hyde, Jekyll because the teaser turns me off and lack of positive feedback. Not to mention that I’m into Kill Me, Heal Me that time, which is now one of my favorite drama.

    Maybe it was the writer and directors fault?

  8. I had a love-hate relationship with this drama. No doubt if Binnie does not do another drama again like Gong Yoo and many others who go the movie route, I will be so so so so sad. Typically I like dramas better than movies cause I can be invested in the characters over time.

    PPL – haha… I barely noticed the water cause I was too focused on K2 and the smart suit. Oh and the very sharp looking Mercedes Benz.

  9. Can someone tell me what outfit brand that Hyun wear? the one with the red white black stripes at the back on the nape collar?? Thanks

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