D.O. of EXO and Irene of Red Velvet Reportedly Auditioning for Answer Me 1988

This possible idol casting news isn’t all that surprising considering the drama in question comes from tvN‘s popular Answer Me series. SM Entertainment is reportedly auditioning D.O. from EXO (Do Kyung Soo) and Irene from Red Velvet for supporting roles in the main cast ensemble of upcoming Answer Me 1988. So far the drama appears to be having problems with casting after the first potential signing of Hyeri of Girl’s Day got massive (and justified) blowback from fans. Since then it’s stalled on officially announcing any of the possible young castings.

Right now the drama has only signed on the parent roles with the return of Song Dong Il, Lee Il Hwa, and Kim Sung Kyun, but parents alone do not a drama make. Answer Me has cast idols in both 1997 and 1994 so it’s not shocking or a step in the wrong direction to consider idols for this third installment. The kicker is to find idols who can act, like Jung Eun Ji from Apink, Hoya from Infinite, Baro from B1A4, and Dohee from Tiny-G. All of those idols impressed me enough from their AM turns that I welcome their transition into acting. Let’s hope the final cast of AM1988 chooses idols as wisely.

I’m excited if D.O. does end up joining the cast of AM1988 but am totally clueless who this Irene is therefore have no opinion good or bad if she’s cast since I don’t know if she can act or not. The only thing I take away from this rumored casting push is that SM really wants to get its young idols into the AM series. AM1988 actually seems like a great next step for D.O., aside from his guest starring turn in the upcoming KBS drama I Remember You (formerly Hello Monster). I see a natural affinity and talent for acting based on his debut turn in It’s Okay, It’s Love, and someone who takes to acting in such an impactful way should keep churning out projects to hone his skills. Hopefully the production will announce the final cast soon rather than dragging the process out.


D.O. of EXO and Irene of Red Velvet Reportedly Auditioning for Answer Me 1988 — 40 Comments

  1. I’m gonna stay open minded with Irene just cause there’s a chance that she might also turn out to be like Eunji.. But Hyeri? HECK NO! She already proved she couldn’t act in 2 dramas! Unless she took some hardcore acting classes during the break I don’t think she’s a good pick for the cast! I’ve never seen D.O act so no comment..

    • I don’t even care anymore. The series was initially promising, but now, shoulder shrug. Didn’t the producers say they were done with the Answer Me Series, but I guess the ratings bonanza and windfall was too large to turn away from.

      Already, the currently airing, Unkind Women is doing a great job of flashing back to the 80’s and featuring some nice soundtrack as well. The drawn out husband search from the last series, and the ridiculous fanwars over the parings, made the last go-around hard to watch towards the end.

      All these to say, the unnecessary, shoehorning of idols based on popularity, rather than talent, is just the last soggy candle, on a stale cake.

      • Well,Hyeri’s acting in HJM is really bad.If she casts AM 1988,I think this drama is destroyed.I’m not surprised about D.O. who is wide praised ,and I do think it’s not bad for Irene to join the casting,as she is not playing a leading role.

  2. D.O is good but Irene has only debuted August last year, so she hasn’t has an acting experience if I’m not mistaken. Hopefully if she’s cast, she will be good.

  3. They should go with Jiyeon from T-ara or Eun Jung. Or the YG model that was kwangsoo’s girl friend in Its okay that’s love, or Suzy or Victoria from FX. I would say Krystal but No. There are so many possibilities.

  4. I don’t think they’ve denied Hyeri though. They are kind of quiet about it and casting things people like. Wouldn’t be surprised if they slip her in tbh. Irene is pretty, but that’s about all I know about her. She has no acting experience and seems rather shy though.

    • They haven’t denied or confirmed Hyeri yet. Also, Irene is actually from daegu, so her satoori should not be much of an issue. But this would be her first actual acting debut (she’s done cfs and what not previously). However, I don’t know where this news is coming from, since I checked nate pann and instiz, there seems to be nothing regarding these rumours. I would like to know the source of this rumour ._.

  5. I saw Hyeri in HJM. I can say her acting is bad. I’m not surprised about D.O. For Irene, all I know is she is pretty, dance well with bland voice like yoona. For an idol, 91-liner is old now.

    • Irene is pretty bland, there are many others with potential.
      D.O. is fine. Maybe Youngji, she is quite natural in Roommate.

  6. I would like Winners Jiwoo because he has expressive eyes, but idk if he can act and also, idk this Irene girl, but I think it would be cool to see Eunjung or Jiyeon act again or even some unknown actress

    • I always thought Seunghoon has acting potential. He makes so many facial expressions and voices on demand. I’m pretty sure musicals will be in his future.

      • they can cast kang seung yoon instead. he already acted in high kick 3. and if they will use busan dialect again, he would be a perfect fit

  7. I wish they bring back the old casts of Reply 1997. Eunji and Seo in Guk is still my best couple and 1997 is still my favorite series. There was something special about it and reply 1994 just didn’t have it; plus, I got annoyed with all the war shippers/fandom lol hyung vs the other guy.

  8. That’s why D.O. only made short appearance in that JNR drama because he want to focus in this drama.

    PD, how about cast rookie actors too. I want to see Yeon Jun Suk.

    • Or Yoon So Hee, who is SM C&C….how come the C&C young actors never get these main lead roles but main SM ent idols and actors get these big opportunity so easily? At least DO is good.

      • Cause SM idols can bring in viewership on china streaming websites with their huge fanbase.

        Btw, D.O. might be a lead in a movie with Kim So Hyun. And he will most likely still attend all the group activities, which is why he only made short appearances and not taking big name roles yet.

      • I can understand that ‘we get easy China money from idol fans’ if it’s a popular group like Exo but is Red Velvet even known to the public/have a foreign fanbase like SNSD or Exo?

  9. So SM wants to monopolise the Reply franchise for their idols and SM actors after they saw the success of the first one…..

  10. i don’t know if D.O. will take this role since he also has his movie role with kim so hyun coming up if i’m not mistaken? Irene is actually from Daegu, so she would be pretty natural with the satoori.

  11. I wish irene will be the part of this drama since reply series are using satoori and sincr irene come from daegu, she’s good with satoori
    I know there are a lot of people still clueless with irene acting skill, but who knows she will turn like eun ji. Beside when she debuted she is in charge of acting in her profile so i think it will be good if she get the chance to show her acting skill

  12. Always feel iffy about idols casting. SM and FNC are the worst when it comes to pushing their idols into acting. Had to google irene as i only know she is from red velvet.They seem to have debuted last yr and was surprised to know that the girl is already 24 and also Red velvet members all seem to look similar,like clones. SM is already pushing them into other things. Also never knew hyeri was taken out? I thought she was the lead and decided to not watch this series. I don’t know, i feel its a lie when they say their idols auditioned. companies could have easily bought their way in.

  13. Him is okay, but isn’t she a rookie singer? Shouldn’t she prove herself as a singer before they shove her down our throats as an actress? Will you ever learn, SM?

  14. I wish they would cast T-ara’s Eunjung. She is ready for female lead. I wish Korea will give her and T- ara another chance.

  15. I’ll be optimistic about Irene tbh. Since lbr, who knew any of those idols listed above could act before casting in the Reply series. They turned out to be good so who knows with Irene. She might be able to surprise everyone like the previous idols. With D.O, we already know he’s capable.

  16. Well guys, we saw Eunji turning out to be a great actor after all through her acting debut which IS AM 1997. Even though I’m not particularly excited about Irene in 1988, but I’m somewhat curious about her skill if she’s actually casted in. If she’s good, then why not? And D.O is great, I’ll be anticipating for his acting if he gets a role.

  17. they both new to k-drama. so people should not jude them yet. unlike suzy/IU/BORA/

    only idol that can act is Eunji. so who know maybe these two will srupise us with their acting like Eunji did in her first drama.

  18. Hey! Hope irene got a role 🙁 i wanna see her in drama ToT
    Please make it true 🙁
    Btw both of them are my bias esp irene <3
    And btw Park Bo Gum repotedly auditioning for reply 1988 too,isn't it? 😮
    Waaah Irene and Bogum is perfect partner 🙁 i see them on Music Bank MC 🙁

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