Producer Showcases IU’s Haughty Top Idol and BTS Cast First Meeting Video

It’s IU‘s turn to take a bow and show off her look for upcoming KBS drama Producer. I really like her and find her a much better actress than she seems to get credit for with drama fans. If judged by Dream High alone then she’s barely mediocre, serviceable without being all that memorable. She was better in You are the Best, Lee Soon Shin, but that weekend drama was much too long with a weak story to wade through for her. I found her biggest improved leap in Pretty Boy (Bel Ami), which was so weird and low rated I doubt many checked it out. She showed genuine acting chops there, making a thoroughly freaky leading lady likable. She’s going to need to pull out those acting chops (and then some) to keep up with her Producer costars Gong Hyo Jin, Cha Tae Hyun, and Kim Soo Hyun. She seems very tentative when interacting with them in their first meeting which was released as an interesting BTS teaser by KBS. It’s cool to watch the four big named leads trying to wrap their minds about this drama they signed up for.

First Meeting BTS:


Producer Showcases IU’s Haughty Top Idol and BTS Cast First Meeting Video — 17 Comments

  1. IU is adorable! I can’t understand the hate she gets when she isn’t even half as bad as some of the recent idol-lead actresses *ahem* Krystal *ahem* She’d definitely have to keep up with her costars though, they have a lot more experience and recognition when compared to her. Whatever the loveline, she better get lotssa scenes with KSH. They’re so cute <3

    • Krystal! NO NO! No comparison at all! The worst idols-turned actors/actresses are mostly from that Sh*t Mess (SM ent). IU was brilliant as the young leading lady in You Are the Best, Lin Seng Shin. BTW, I’m not her fan, just being honest.

      • Erhm, yes, I don’t think I said Krystal was better or something. But neither is IU an actress I’d call “brilliant”. She’s decent: for an idol actress. Much more than Krystal and much less than Eun Ji. Also, worse idol-turned actors mostly come from JYP like Taecyeon, Suzy, Changmin etc.

      • Krystal has a lot of potential and quite natural but she wasn’t ready for the leading roles yet

      • Krystal is good at comedy and delivers comic roles like High Kick 3 or Heirs decently, but fails at more melodramatic roles.

    • I think Krystal and IU are on the same level acting-wise. I seriously disliked IU in Pretty Man, but she was fine in Dream High. I disliked Krystal in My Girl, but thought she did fine in Heirs.

      • IU is better in my opinion.Her eemotional scenes are the best. Iu and eunji are at same level. But only eunji get praise from netizens bcoz her character development in her drama is good.

      • IU is better. Krystal has only one default – the quirky, funny girl. Outside of that she folds like a cheap suit.

  2. as far as idol actresses go, IU is definitely one of the better ones – a natural screen presence with the ability to emote. I’ll look forward to this drama.

  3. IU is cute. I mean really cute. How old is she? She looks like high school girl. I think Kim So Hyun also like her. I mean for being friend. The way he looking at her just seems different. Or maybe just my delusion XD.

    About her actings? No comment. I haven’t watch any drama she was in. But absolutely I’ll check this.

  4. producer is extremely over hyped at the moment with too flimsy plot introduced,i got no idea what it is all about. just not getting the good vibes hopefully it wont crush and burn.

    • Agreed. Right now, I’m leaning towards another boring, self congratulatory drama, that lands a much hyped casting/pairing but doesn’t deliver. Sort of the mess that Falling Innocence has turned out to be (casting the friends from the critically acclaimed, Heartless City and kick ass KSH from Iris, and sticking them in another boardroom drama, oh wait with a fantasy heart transplant gimmick *roll eyes*)

  5. Pretty Boy was weird, but since it was based on a manhwa based on the Maupassant novel, it was actually pretty damn good. And so underrated. I’m not usually a big fan of Jang Geun Suk fan, but he impressed me here. IU was good, too, though I thought the best came from Lee Jang Woo and Kim Ye Won (I suppose she’ll never get leading roles since she’s not conventionally pretty but I can always hope). All the interesting stuff gets the short shrift in Kdrama land…*sigh*

  6. I love IU’s first drama dream high its bcoz of that drama that she’s well known by her international her 3 series i will rank my fave according to the character and how she embrace it 1st dream high although she’s not the lead actress but if you check comments/fedback about the drama they will say that kim pilsuk is the best eventhough they dont know who IU cant help but fall on how she carry the character.2 YTBLSS i did repeat this drama 5 times cause she’s good and the chem bet.the lead actor and IU is super good though their are parts of the story that i want to skip but the total output is great.3 is pretty man although im not judging it on how good she act but the only reason i watch it cause IU is their the character is funny and she carry it well but the story is too focus on the male lead that i sometimes no longer wants to continue watching it but since im her fan i have to support her.If IU is not the lead actress on pretty man then as an avid fan of korean drama i will never watch it no interest at all.its not bcoz of the actor i love his “he’s beautiful” but coz of the plot of the story.i dont dislike krystal and eun ji but IU is more better than them.

  7. Iu is one of the few idol/actress that i like because of her transition from an idol to a star since dream high, your the best lee soon shin and pretty man. And now, that she’s going to act again, I can’t wait for her drama to air. Goodluck!

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