Yoon Eun Hye Considering Joining Season 2 of Popular Chinese Design Show Muse Dress

I’m not a fan of cross-border collaborations for the sake of getting additional exposure but the news of this possible project sounds like a perfect match to me. Yoon Eun Hye is reportedly in talks to join season 2 of popular Chinese variety program Muse Dress (Chinese title The Goddess’s New Clothes). The first season aired last summer in 2014 with a collection of beautiful Chinese and Korean actresses and singers paired with real life Chinese fashion and costume designers in a famous person version of Project Runway.

The premise of the show has the stars collaborating on designing new outfits for themselves and the resulting garments would be paraded down runways competitions. Yoon Eun Hye loves design so this reality show seems like an ideal opportunity to venture in Chinese television while doing something she’s got a natural affinity for. The production is currently casting the second season and in addition to Yoon Eun Hye, promises to sign a group of ladies that will wow the audiences with their beauty and eye for fashion. Bring it on, show!


Yoon Eun Hye Considering Joining Season 2 of Popular Chinese Design Show Muse Dress — 20 Comments

  1. Can we have her on a drama instead of those variety shows or whatsoever ?! Why Eun Hye? Why? Tell me Why! lol

  2. Good for Eun Hye. She have a knack for designing.

    Off-Topic: I’m a bit upset at the K-netizens response to Tao’s leaving as well as Kris, calling them traitor and how foreigners shouldn’t even work in their county. Yet, there are Korean actors and actresses as well as idols working for other countries. I just hope those responses came from pubescent kids and not the general consensus. Why bash on those people for being Chinese who found work in Korea when their own celebrities are also working for other countries?

    • They were supposed to be working in China as M anyway

      I never understand the nationalism tied to a company exploiting ALL their workers and the kids being blamed for leaving. It’s like they forgot the first kids to leave where JYJ and six years later they are still blocked from performing music on tv. They know SM is the problem and that the foreign kids are leaving and the Korean ones can’t yet they are still horribly xenophobic. It also probably ties into Korean work culture, which is pretty bad, and but the group before the individual

      Glad Kris left so Luhan had the courage to leave too and Tao’s Dad could say no more…hopefully Jongin’s Parents leverage it for time for him to get treatment and heal too

    • SM will never learn how to treat their idols. Those people that calling Kris & Luhan traitors just love typing bad words and hiding behind their screen. How pathetic…

  3. Good for YEH if she does join this show. She loves fashion and she’s great on variety shows. But unfortunately, not good for her fans that has been waiting for her to return to K-drama land. Though she’s doing one of the things she loves besides acting and she’ll still be on a TV show, so this is still good news and something different for her TV repertoire, if she does this show. Besides, she has an upcoming movie “After Love” that’s reportedly going to be released in Korea, China, and Japan on August 20th, and she’s the new Asian spokesmodel for Loreal Professionel (she looks gorgeous on their launch event and the TV ad and promo images too). So, I guess we’ll just have to wait longer for her to do another K-drama. Who knows though she might still do one later this year. At least she’s still doing something and keeping herself busy with her other passion and projects.

  4. I am also torn in between. I want to see YEH on a drama, the reason why I connected with VIKI. But now, I am sad that she will not be in K -drama if she joins the Chinese variety show, then how many months will she be out of sight in Korea? I am still happy though that she is busy doing what she loves also and I wish her good luck in any endeavor she will take in the future.

  5. That….and a drama please!!! I vote Bride of the Water God which the Misaeng scripwriter is working on OR Lee Kyung Hee’s drama pleaaaaase!!!!

    • She could do both (Variety Chinese show and K-Drama series) if she wanted to. Other actors have done it before, but of course, it’s up to her and what she wants to do. She did say she’ll be back as an actress this year, whether she meant in her new movie “After Love” or in a new K-Drama is unclear, but at least we know for sure she has the former that’s coming out in August of this year. Either way, we’ll see YEH on screen this year.

  6. It may depend on how well “After Love” does? If it goes well, she may get more scripts, if not, this gig may be needed. Time will tell.

    Meanwhile, while waiting for her decision, I am going to keep an eye on Park Min Young, I think her career will take off now that the Healer has done so well. Time will tell.

    • She is not lacking script offers.Her agency said that she’s been receiving a lot of scripts, so her not doing any dramas is a choice of hers. She is also busy focusing on her studies Advanced Imaging Science at Chung-Ang University so she doesn’t wanna be like some celebrities who takes absences from school and still graduate.

  7. She has made some career choices, which haven’t panned out for her. I can’t for the life of me understand why she chose to do that last drama. Whether she likes it or not, the choices she makes does affect her star popularity. I have always liked her and spoken highly of her…but I have to be honest, she makes me nervous now. I am a woman’s advocate through and through…he said she said is sometimes all one has to go on, if people weren’t in the public eye there wouldn’t be so much interest…sad but true.

    I think a couple of years off, might be the best thing for her to do. She is an artist and talented in many different areas, what a career move this could turn into for her. I wish her the best.

  8. Does anyone else think the lead female in Mask, looks kinda like our girl YEH? Gee, did that one slip by the directors? I am probably wrong.

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