Song Jong Ho Exits Smelly Girl Cameo to Become a Vampire Teacher in Orange Marmalade

It’s a relief that Song Jong Ho‘s memorable exit from his guest starring turn in The Girl Who Sees Smells isn’t the last we’ll see of him in the near future. He’ll be back on the small screens next month on the KBS Friday night vampire youth drama Orange Marmalade. He’s much too long in the tooth to play a high school student, of course, so he’s been cast suitably as the high school teacher. He’s not just any ole high school teacher, like two of the other leads he’s also a nice vampire trying to make his way as a minority in the human majority controlled world.

I’m going to miss him in Smelly Girl but he certainly left on a high note, doing his job and then some as the suspicious doctor who turned out to be guilty only of bad intentions. He’s such an underrated actor but I wonder if he’s found a great niche playing super memorable limited turns in dramas, he also guest starred in the second half of The Suspicious Housekeeper in an awesomely creepy turn as the resident psycho who wasn’t just acting shady but really was super shady. He’s actually the other reason I’m even keen to check out Orange Marmalade, the other being grown up child actor Yeo Jin Gu.


Song Jong Ho Exits Smelly Girl Cameo to Become a Vampire Teacher in Orange Marmalade — 23 Comments

  1. I do wonder when will he get a main role at last. not as a second lead but the first one. it’s already proven he can deliver- as a psycho, bad guy, complicated second lead and so on. maybe he was stuck too much time on a supporting roles that’s why the big 3 don’t think about him as a male lead material and that’s too bad. maybe he should try cable dramas and from there to climb up his way like many good actors.
    As for orange marmalade i think i will try it for him and yeo jin goo. or maybe wait for the reviews.

    • He was a lead in a KBS drama special last year. But yes, I would love to see him playing lead in a “proper-length” drama. The guy was the reason I watched The Princess’ Man 4 years ago and he was one of the best things in The Fugitive of Joseon.

      • I watched TFoJ to see him and Woo Young pairing after reading how adorable they were. Their characters were good individually, and the way their relationship blossomed was also very cute! I really want him to be lead in a drama.

  2. If Joo Sang Wook did not confirm for Masked Prosecutor, SJH would have been my number one choice. He caught my eye since Golden Bride.

      • SJH and the main female lead are really raw. It’s great to see how much he has progressed. Unless you like weepy melo, not worth your time.

      • @Midori

        Thanks! I’ll watch it when I realllly don’t have things to watch then LOL.

      • @ kamen
        Golden Bride was loooong and tedious to watch. SJH played a tortured character. If I didnt see that he had some potential then, I would have dropped that drama. Plus he is rather easy to watch with my eyes….I am quite easy to please that way.

      • @etee7114
        LOL. This just seals the deal. I’m going to watch it if I really have nothing else to do (or if I really miss SJH, ha!). Thanks for answering! ♥

  3. I really like song jong ho esoecially in mandate of heaven. He is so jot there and his acting is also very good!!!

  4. Here we’re wasting this great actor whp has proven he could be anything… convincingly..

    Meanwhile.. a yesteryear boy was dressed in a doctor outfit and fangs.. oouuww.. scawwrry..

  5. isn’t he part of the love triangle in Answer Me 1997 as the older brother? Though he looked a little different then and now.

    • Yes it was him! he was SIG hyung but in that drama i think SIG overshadowed him that’s why we don’t remember him there. i think dark role fit him more not the nice ones that are forgotten.

      Too bad his role in smelly girl was short i loved him there and kinda hoped he’ll develop crush on SSK character (since we all know the true nature of NGM role..)but smelly girl is so good it doesn’t need a love rival to our cute OTP 😉

  6. I will forever be in love with his Mandate of Heaven character! Glad more and more people are appreciating him 🙂 Seriously, anyone who likes him should watch MoH for the awesome chemistry between him and Kang Byul. Their romance outshone Lee Dong-wook’s and Song Ji-hyo’s (though they had barely any chemistry whatsoever so it’s not much of a comparison). Literally probably my biggest reason for watching that drama (though other part’s of the drama are pretty good too).

    • Hey Chandler!
      I also watched the drama to see their pairing! The other characters’ stories didn’t interest me. Jung Hwan/Red Demon is my favorite character of SJH too 🙂

  7. Love the pics at the end of the article. He woke up like this – flawless! Lol

    I first saw him in The Princess’s Man. He was great there – the first and last second lead I ever fell in love with :-). Less than three, Song Jong Ho.

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