Recent Years K-star Scandals Make Nostalgic or Popular K-dramas Hard to Rewatch

I understand the gut punch reaction of fans to a star embroiled in a scandal in wanting to make problems go away so as to continue to support said star. But that instinctive reaction should not continue if the facts make it impossible to keep supporting said star, and in the case of general drama fans it’s not the star itself but the dramas that headlined any scandal plagued star that becomes a sad salute to reel versus real. As much as drama watchers know that actors and actresses are just playing roles, once a real life scandal veers into criminal territory of any sort, as opposed to saying the wrong thing or dating the wrong person, then I can’t watch the dramas anymore because the real intrudes too much into the reel. Of three dramas I really enjoyed in the past, all three are now in the can’t re-watch pile and it’s such a shame because it’s harder and harder to find good dramas to watch. For me it’s Kim Hyun Joong‘s Playful Kiss, The Princess’s Man with Park Shi Hoo, and now the recent The Girl Who Sees Smells with Yoochun, though I think his fall will hurt the diehard nostalgia for Sungkyunkwan Scandal more. Continue reading

Producer and The Girl Who Sees Smells Leads the Drama Content Power Index for First Half of 2015

The Contents Power Index (CPI) rankings are out, tabulating the most influential dramas of the first half of 2015. The ranking was for the period between January-June of 2015 and included all dramas aired on the big three as well … Continue reading