Kang Sora and Yoo Yeon Seok Showcase Jeju Island in Latest Warm and Cozy Drama Stills

I’m more curious about what the Hong sisters have in store for upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama Warm and Cozy than I am feeling all that interested in the drama. That’s not a bad angle to approach this drama since the Hong sisters are super hit-and-miss with me, if I love their drama then it’s madly and passionately or else it’s the other extreme of totally blah about it. The curious bit is wondering what the atmosphere will be like for this story set entirely on Jeju. W&C won’t be their first foray on the island, the whole first episode of My Girl was set on Jeju and followed the leading lady as she ran around being a tour guide/con woman.

This time the Jeju mood feels much moreĀ upscale, with the two leads seen on horseback in respective new drama stills and having a meet cute by the beach. Male lead Yoo Yeon Seok‘s character seems super nice, rich and nice is usually the domain of second male leads so that ought to be interesting to see the trope switched around. Kang Sora‘s stills all make her seem unhappy and harried, which likely explains why she leaves Seoul and ends up in Jeju, but I sure hope she starts lightening up in the story sooner rather than later. I’m tuning in for fun times, not to watch a leading lady scowl her way through picturesque Jeju. Other than wanting to see Kang Sora crack smile, so far W&C is looking good enough for me.


Kang Sora and Yoo Yeon Seok Showcase Jeju Island in Latest Warm and Cozy Drama Stills — 13 Comments

  1. YYK looks more handsome in these pictures. Sora is so pretty. I can’t wait to see them together. Where is Jin young? I thought he is second male lead. Is he just a supporting role?

  2. Kang Sora even her scowl looks good haha. She is really one pretty & charming leading lady.

    Hmm why no still of Jinyoung? Hope he will do a good job here. Like him in She Is Wow & Miss Granny.

    Waiting impatiently for 13 May.

  3. Oh it looks good..they look good together but i’m afraid to expect too much. but still i loved Hong sisters recent dramas (didn’t watch big) so hoping for cute drama and the OTP already look warm and cozy lol.

  4. YYS is actually showcasing the city of seoul in the pics where he us ob the horse… Anyways, they look really good together!! Hope the story is good, cause i dont doubt the acting or the chemistry!!

  5. Okay, YYS’s character is looking a tad too nice. The way he looks at KSR’s character gives me the bad deja vu *ahem*. Is it for sure he is the male lead?Hopefully KSR’s character does not have an oppa that crawls out from nowhere.

    • I can understand, its once bitten twice shy!
      Nah, no insect is going to crawl out from nowhere, its going to be warm & cozy!

  6. In Big, we had a shirtless, well totally body “shirtless” scene in the first ep, right?
    In Big Love, we waited a big longer to see Cha in his skin. I wonder when YYS will do his? I can always go back to the hamburger scene in 94 if I need that before my eyes. Nice shoulders that man has…

    I think that with these two actors, even if the script were bad, they will make it watchable. Let’s hope the HS have learned and learned and learned about what to keep and what to lose for a good drama. I liked all of their dramas, in fact, LOVED them, but each one had at least one element they could have skipped.

    No matter what, they can make an OTP we would give up an organ for, and that is why I get so swept up. I can’t wait!!!

  7. YYS has such an amazing ability of making the audience believe he’s completely in love with his leading lady. That still where he’s looking at Sora..hmmm!!

  8. Shallow speak but Kang Sora is a beautiful woman – she has no bad angles. Amazing! I seriously think she’s going on her way to become a big movie/TV drama.

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