Period C-drama God of War with Yoona and Lin Geng Xin Release First Splashy Look

With the release of the first official trailer, I think it’s safe to expect supremely dorky rather than totally awesome with upcoming period C-drama God of War Zhao Zhi Long. Folks were naturally skeptical about Korean idol-actress Yoona being cast as a period C-beauty, but the trailer reveals that she’s far from the only one miscast. Aside from supporting female leads Jia Qing and Gu Li Ne Zha, I found everyone else including leads Lin Geng Xin, Kim Jung Hoon, and Godfrey Gao all wrong for their roles.

I just want to yell at Lin Geng Xin to stop slouching and looking constipated, Yoona is like a teen cosplaying an epic period goddess, Kim Jung Hoon has one expression called smirking, and Godfrey appears to have wandered from the catwalk of a period costume fashion show into this drama. Check it out for yourself, at least Yoona’s styling for the press conference last week is the first time she’s looked halfway decent for this drama. The trailer made me shake me head, how is it possible to style such a pretty young lady into looking downright awkward onscreen.


Period C-drama God of War with Yoona and Lin Geng Xin Release First Splashy Look — 35 Comments

  1. Wow, this is a pretty shitty trailer. Just about everyone looks miscast and this must be like the kiddy version of Red Cliff, which was already bad enough. Never thought much of Lin Gengxin and he just looked growly and mean in the trailer, doesn’t cut it as Zhao Zilong. I don’t think Yoona has the 古装 look, but the styling didn’t help either.

    • I can’t stop laughing. The comments and reviews are brutal. Such epic fails on so many levels, miscasting, poor costuming that is not even period accurate, weak acting to boot. Wow, talk about a money pit and waste of such a high budget.

      • actres Yoona looks beautiful.
        her acting is good. i think she can do it very well. actor lin geng xin looks handsome.
        i love actor godfrey gao.
        i’m so excited, i want too see this drama.
        this will be GREAT!

  2. I think Yoona is just the type of actress that only suits the modern look…
    This looks like a train wreck.. I don’t know..

    • I’m a fan of C-dramas/movies, T-dramas and I-dramas/movies. Not so much of K-dramas nor J-dramas.
      I think Actress Yoona can do a good job in Chinese historical dramas, and You should give her a chance. she is a young good actress.
      I personally think actress Yoona is very beautiful and stunning and she looks really pretty and nice with the chinese costumes and also her acting is good, she can do this role very well, undoubtedly.
      i’m sure. Good day!

      • i am EXCITED!
        wow! the teaser is great, the actors and acresses are perfects.
        i want to see this new chinese drama because of Actor Godfrey, Actress Yoona, actor Lin Geng Xin and actress Jia Qing.

  3. Yoona looks awful. I don’t know what it is, the styling, her image or how spoiled we’ve been with beatiful C-actresses like Liu Yi Fei, but she does not match this period at all. I hope she goes back to doing K-dramas after this. I guess we look to see if Suzy can pull it off, next.

    • Suzy couldn’t pull of period clothes in Gu Family Book, and she is even less elegant and poised than Yoona.

      • Said the Yoona fan. I think one can only judge when both idols are put in the same situation with similar roles. Geez, kpop fans can’t take a critic.

  4. LOL? Even the horse’s ornaments (or whatever it’s called) looks godawful and ridiculous. Everything just screams train wreck. Yoona had one decent acting outing and she follows it up with this? That’s too unfortunate. I remember her being offered a zoo keeper’s role opposite Eddie Peng back when she ‘declined’ Cantible Tomorrow. That would’ve probably been a more sensible debut in the Chinese market if that’s what she and SM are aiming for.

  5. Yoona looks bad and washed out and somehow still looks like the young palace maid, but I think Lin Geng Xin looks worse and that’s a bigger problem. I really want her to go back to kdramas. I was just starting to like her as an actress and this is just a fail for me.

  6. I don’t understand why they have to import actress from outside the country when they have very beautiful actresses. Beauty is subjective. And from the beginning I never thought Yoona is so much beautiful that’s why I don’t get the hype about her prettiness. For get about looks, she really doesn’t match with this drama. Even her smiling looks awkward lol. The other actresses, not only pretty but they have that kind of ‘confidence and sharp’ kinda look on them which I don’t find in Yoona. For the actors, in the teasers beside two leads, the rest are okay for me.

    I kinda miss old China period series like Kung Fu Master-Donnie Yen, The Book and the Sword, The Great Conspiracy and so on. These days, they produce too much martial arts moves with special effects which reduce the beauty of Kung Fu itself. Seems difficult to find Donnie Yen, Tony Leung, Jackie Chan in this era again.

    • It is cheaper to pay for overseas actors than Mainland’s. That’s why many producers go for TW/HK/KR actors esp when it comes to modern dramas

  7. I honestly don’t think Yoona looks that bad in period attire. I still won’t be watching the drama mainly because I’m not interested in any of the actors. Besides, I have a hard time sitting through dramas centered around war and palace intrigue. Not my cup of tea.

    • I don’t think it’s an overstatement to call her very beautiful in these photos. Once again I think it’s because there’s no bad photoshopping here.
      In the trailer, however, she didn’t look as good, I think they should have given her some training to traditional Chinese mannerisms or something, because her expressions just scream modern cutesy/dramatic k-drama which kinda looks odd in an ancient Chinese drama. But I got to say, kudos to the K-guy-actor, I mean, at least in the trailer he looked the part, and I dare say, much better than Lin Geng Xin.

  8. Yoona is most certainly beautiful on the inside and out but she just doesn’t have that ‘ancient chinese’ beauty look unlike Fan Bingbing or Tang Yan, hell,even Yang Mi.

  9. YoonA looks cute in the press pictures. She looks so out of place in the teaser though: the totally obvious dub, the hairstyle that makes her chin looks pointy, and that awful looking yellow outfit. Why can’t they style her better?
    On the other hand, I can’t believe I used to think Lin Gang Xin cute in that drama with Ruby Lin. He looks consistently bad throughout the promo pictures and the trailer 🙁
    Godfrey and the actress in red look badass though.

  10. Why does Kim Jung Hoon’s shoulders look like a quarterback? He looks really disproportionate.

    I think period costumes are very hard to pull off. Actors nowadays are sometimes too slim to make it look good. The pressure to stay thin might be a detriment in this case.

  11. Just watched the trailer. All the pristine new age looking costumes look a bit out of place in a movie about wars and epic battles. Even the actors clean and pretty manicured hands looks a tad strange.

    I have to mention that really odd bald guy with the big tattoo on his head and the fake robotic white tiger…what is going on?! Feels like those crazy Hong Kong kung fu comedies from the early 90’s.

  12. wooow.. How did Yoona get cast in this Highly ambitious chinese drama.. congrats to Yoona for being cast in this show..

  13. The other actresses look stunning, comparing to Yoona. Yoona is pretty but plain. She is like “girl next door” rather than a godlike beauty. And the Special effects and outfits are just laughable especially the fighting scenes. And the weapons look so fake-.- the soldier’s weapons are like styrofoam

    • Only actress that looks more beautiful than Yoona is the one playing Diaochan and she is supposed to be the most beautiful.

  14. I honestly like how everybody looks and as a huge fan of Lin Geng Xin i will watch this for him.I also like Yoona despite her awful dub, i actually love how she looks in press ,more so than in actual trailer. I’m used to these ridiculous productions coming my way from China, if i survived Condor Heroes i’ll survive this lol.

  15. I’m still waiting for that horse to come down…

    Oh, and thanks, Koala, now all I can see is my beautiful LGX is indeed in need of more dietary fiber.

    • I’m glad you said that about the horse because I thought I’d be the only person wondering that. Also, I need to ask. Is the big reveal really that they did fist bumps in ancient China?

  16. TBH, actress Yoona looks very pretty with chinese costumes. and i like her acting. she is one of Best young k-actresses.

    omg godfrey and lin geng xin are so hot men!

    I WANT TO SEE THIS DRAMA , SOON!! im so exciteeeeeeeeeed!

  17. Well if what’s shown in the trailer is going to be how both leads and the two Korean actors act in the drama, their acting is not going to get high praises. It would have been better to teach them the mannerisms of ancient China. heck Yoona’s mannerisms in the trailer don’t even fit with the Korean Saeguk mannerisms. This is a case of being miscasted and unprepared. Guess we’ll only be able to look at visuals and not acting in this drama.

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