K-actor Kim Jung Hoon Dropped by New Agency a Year After Relationship Scandal with Ex-girlfriend

K-actor Kim Jung Hoon‘s career has been one of the weirder ones in the annals of K-drama prominent performances. He was super duper popular after Goong (Princess Hours) as the second male lead and I confess to liking him better than male lead Joo Ji Hoon who just seemed stiff and emotionally stunted. And yet Kim Jung Hoon’s career never took off or went anywhere in the last 15 years and he may not be as good an actor as Joo Ji Hoon as proven himself to be but he did have potential. His biggest role since Goong was the original I Need Romance as the cheating male lead everyone loved to hate but it turned out his personal life was even more lamentable. Last year there was a scandal where his ex-girlfriend sued him for forcing her to have an abortion and then abandoning her in both monetary and emotional support. He had to find a new agency but this week it was revealed the two have parted ways and Kim Jung Hoon may be turning his attention to becoming a CF and influencer on his own.

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C-drama God of War Zhao Zi Long with Lin Geng Xin and Yoona Premieres this Week April 3rd

Bigger isn’t necessarily better is a true adage in many situations, and almost certainly applies to dramas. Those aiming for bigger often find the collapse to be equally thunderous, which can make for entertaining watches for the exact opposite reasons … Continue reading

Period C-drama God of War with Yoona and Lin Geng Xin Release First Splashy Look

With the release of the first official trailer, I think it’s safe to expect supremely dorky rather than totally awesome with upcoming period C-drama God of War Zhao Zhi Long. Folks were naturally skeptical about Korean idol-actress Yoona being cast … Continue reading

Her Legend with Choi Jung Won and Kim Jung Hoon Release First Stills and Teaser

Fashion is like the sinkhole of K-dramas. I seriously cannot think of a single K-drama that centered around the fashion world or even tangentially related to fashion where it wasn’t either a hot mess of epic proportions (Fashion King, Cinderella … Continue reading