Period C-drama God of War with Yoona and Lin Geng Xin Release First Splashy Look

With the release of the first official trailer, I think it’s safe to expect supremely dorky rather than totally awesome with upcoming period C-drama God of War Zhao Zhi Long. Folks were naturally skeptical about Korean idol-actress Yoona being cast as a period C-beauty, but the trailer reveals that she’s far from the only one miscast. Aside from supporting female leads Jia Qing and Gu Li Ne Zha, I found everyone else including leads Lin Geng Xin, Kim Jung Hoon, and Godfrey Gao all wrong for their roles.

I just want to yell at Lin Geng Xin to stop slouching and looking constipated, Yoona is like a teen cosplaying an epic period goddess, Kim Jung Hoon has one expression called smirking, and Godfrey appears to have wandered from the catwalk of a period costume fashion show into this drama. Check it out for yourself, at least Yoona’s styling for the press conference last week is the first time she’s looked halfway decent for this drama. The trailer made me shake me head, how is it possible to style┬ásuch a pretty young lady into looking downright awkward onscreen. Continue reading

C-drama Zhao Zi Long with Yoona and Lin Geng Xin Starts Filming and More Pretty Faces Join the Cast

Filming has started for the big-budget and big-cast upcoming period C-drama Wu Shen Zhao Zi Long with a working English title of God of War Zhao Yun. The drama made headlines last month for the casting of SNSD member Yoona … Continue reading

The Xuan Yuan Jian Cast Visits Happy Camp and Tang Yan Outs ArGe from LoCH2008 Days

I think my motto now should be “ask and you shall receive”, or maybe “have faith”. I’m a huge ArGe shipper, and in the midst of promotions for the upcoming Tangren fantasy RPG wuxia drama Xuan Yuan Jian, the cast … Continue reading