Crystal Liu and Song Seung Heon Take Their Movie Pairing to the Pages of Femina Magazine

Pretty is as pretty does, so when the drama gods combines it into a two-for-one special its even harder to look away. Song Seung Heon has been hopping between Korea and China for the past year due to filming a C-movie and other entertainment events that continue his step forward into the Chinese market. His upcoming C-movie The Third Way of Love costars Chinese actress Crystal Liu, who is making an additional name for herself (other than being known as a Chinese screen goddess) working with multiple Hallyu actors in a row.

They are on the cover and pages of the May issue of Chinese fashion magazine Femina, modeling wedding and casual wear like a newlywed couple going from honeymoon bed to married life beyond. I like then both for being so ridiculously good looking and for their admittedly limited acting ability, of which both continue working hard to overcome. Just seeing them together in the same movie is going to be treat, whether a pleasant surprise or chock full of unintentional laughs. Either way I’m loving this coupling already!


Crystal Liu and Song Seung Heon Take Their Movie Pairing to the Pages of Femina Magazine — 9 Comments

  1. Handsome man and beautiful lady. I don’t understand how come they aren’t aging. Skin treatment is a must but still I think they have good genes. Most of korean a chinese actors still looking so good in their 30s and 40s.

    Out of topic. I watched the latest movie of SSH, Obsessed. And I must admit his actings isn’t as beautiful as his face. His wooden expression made me stop watching after 20 minutes lol. The story also not convince me to finish it.

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