So Ji Sub to Make Cameo Appearance in Warm and Cozy

After sitting on the second teaser for the Hong sisters upcoming K-drama Warm and Cozy, I actually like it more the second and third times I watched the short snippet. I still think the official drama posters are so underwhelming and perfunctory as to be an insult to the leads Kang Sora and Yoo Yeon Seok, being told to pose in fake cute ways that don’t unleash their potential to bring real and raw chemistry. On a more promising note, in a move that is certainly aimed at drawing in more viewers when the drama premieres next week, the production has revealed that So Ji Sub will be making a cameo appearance in the first two episodes of W&C.

The Hong sisters are famous for bringing back past leads to cameos, other notable returns include You’re Beautiful‘s Park Shin Hye showing up in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, MGIAG’s Lee Seung Gi playing himself in Best Love, and Delightful Girl Choon Hyang‘s Han Chae Young making a last scene appearance in My Girl. The Hong sister’s last drama The Master’s Sun is considered a hit and recharged So Ji Sub’s career with a new generation of drama fans so it’s no surprise he’s willing to lend his famous face to the sisters for a bit of ratings boost. I’m all for a bit of harmless eye candy treat. The drama holds the obligatory press conference this Friday and I can’t wait to see how the cast looks together.

It’s not just the So Ji Sub cameo that brings back The Master’s Sun feels, the new stills of Kang Sora in a yellow raincoat in the rain is straight Gong Hyo Jin in the first episode of TMS. I’m sure the context is 100% different but the sisters do know how to sample their own stuff.


So Ji Sub to Make Cameo Appearance in Warm and Cozy — 15 Comments

  1. Actually, both Jae Hee and Han Chae-young came back for a My Girl cameo together! Loved that and thought it was sweet that the couple ‘lived on’. Seung-gi’s cameo was probably the funniest out of the bunch though.

    I’m so looking forward to this one! A part of me also wants a My Girl reference because of the Jeju connection between the dramas.

    • He was, wasn’t he! I totally forgot, really goes to show old long ago I watched MG. Sigh, the good old days.

    • OMG I sooo want Lee Dong Wook to cameo as a hotel owner. 😀

      *edit* I was gonna say no one from My Girl cameo-ed in other HongSis dramas but I recall Park Shi-yeon was in Best Love.

      Now what about Fantasy Couple? That drama has no HongSis crossover yet, right?

  2. This drama isn’t in my watch list because I don’t like Kang Sora but I’ll watch episode 1 and 2 only Thanks!

      • You should better watch episodes 3 and 4. This is where the Hong sisters’ dramas usually take off. The overture and the characters’ introduction during episodes 1 and 2 are not always stong and catchy. So if you like the second week you can easily watch the first, as well; or as someone had wisely suggested before, the first 4 episodes in a mini-marathon. Ciao!

    • There’s one scene where lee seung gi (ong-ah) and Shin min ah (mi ho) just got together I think. they were in a bus and park shin hye appears as Go mi nyu. Go mi nyu and Ong-ah were talking about university days then Mi ho got jealous and held up their hands to show her the couple rings.

      Something like that.

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