TW-actress Alyssa Chia Expecting Baby with Much Younger Boyfriend Actor Xiu Jie Kai

Taiwan entertainment is a veritable good news gold mine this year, with the five months of 2015 already chock full of celebrity weddings and pregnancies. Some are unexpected because the ladies in question are on the younger side, but this week comes an unexpected celebrity pregnancy because the star is on the older side. TW-actress Alyssa Chia, who was a famous drama leading lady in the late 90’s and early 2000’s before retiring after getting married in 2005, just revealed her pregnancy at the age of 40.ย The happy father-to-be is her much younger actor boyfriend Xiu Jie Kai, who is 31 years old but long known as an entertainer with a very mature personality.

Alyssa and Xiu Jie Kai have been dating for a year, a surprise relationship to everyone in the industry both for the 9-year age difference and because Alyssa was coming out of a very toxic five year marriage to her chaebol ex-husband. Alyssa’s bad first marriage is a lot like what K-actress Go Hyung Jung went through, marrying into a super wealthy family and retiring at the height of fame, only to be mistreated and then cast out later. Everyone is super excited that Alyssa found love again and now the happy couple are adding to their little family along with Alyssa’s daughter from her first marriage. I love love love the tender cute pictures the three posted to announce the pregnancy.

Alyssa’s note reads “I am…….?” not revealing the gender of the baby yet, while her daughter’s sign reads “I am *smiley face* the older sister.” So cute! With Alyssa expecting her second baby, fans of her most famous work Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre with Alec Su and Gao Yuan Yuan are clamoring for more good news from the very popular costars, hoping Alec finally gets married and that newly married Gao Yuan Yuan (to Mark Chao) also has happy expecting news soon.


TW-actress Alyssa Chia Expecting Baby with Much Younger Boyfriend Actor Xiu Jie Kai — 22 Comments

    • Lol, I loved her character. Back then I thought she was completely gorgeous and her character was the best thing that happened to the drama.

      • I totally love her in Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre. In fact her Zhao Min and Alec Tsu’s Zhang Wu ji are my most favourite Zhao Min and Zhang Wu Ji.

        Personally I think their version is also the most heart warming and romantic one compare to other versions.

    • She’s the leading actress, almost always on screen (next to Alec’s character) how did you not? LOL What were you watching?

    • That’s who he was! I couldn’t remember where I saw him. Isn’t he also in Blue’s drama Happy something? Lol I actually liked him in everything I saw. Very cute pix!

  1. Gosh’ I remember reading about Go Hyun Jung’s life and dayum, it’s just so damn sad, especially when she mentions that she hasn’t seen her children after the divorce. How cruel can you be to keep a mother away from her children ! I can’t believe it’s one if not the biggest conglomerate of Korea, Samsung. Don’t they have any shame ? Whatever, GHJ is still slaying hard with her acting so I just hope she will be able to see her children again.

    I find it super cute but when you mentionned “much younger boyfriend”, I thought they were like 15 years of age difference XD. 9 years isn’t that much I think. They look extremely cute together <3

  2. Go Hyung Jung is an amazing actress and shame on her ex-husband for forbidding her to see her children. I hope the children won’t forget about their mother.

    • I feel that no matter what, GHJ’s husband messed up his kids’ life. The mother is alive and loves her kids but because of him, they grow up without maternal love. So what if the kids have pots of gold themselves and lack nothing material-wise? At least for Alyssa’s case, her daughter spends 20 days with her and 10 days with her ex-husband (according to wiki) and in this scenario for Alyssa’s daughter (where her parents are divorced), this arrangement allows her to continue receiving the love of both parents and helped her to be well adjusted and happy to welcome the birth of her stepbrother (:

  3. Seriously, Go Hyun Jung’s married life is similar to those daily kdramas. So much drama and evil in laws. Shame on them for not letting her see her kids.

  4. Awww…. Congrats!! I loved Alyssa and Alec in that drama. I bought it on DVDs and watched it so many times. Alyssa was so cute in it and she looked so young and now she looks still the same!

    I had no idea they were dating. So many babies!! Awesome!! There are more married tw stars with no kids yet… Heheh… Year of the sheep! Can’t beat that ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. nowadays people easily said “Im pregnant, but not married yet..”, no offense, perhaps, im just an old fashion person ๐Ÿ™

    but reading her story, such a heartbreaking one.. im glad she’s doing fine and found a good man and live happily.. let past be the past..

  6. Congrats to alyssa chia..
    I just watch the hsds.. Late 12 year since now..
    But i think you still have same carismatic in you.. And you are the best zhao min ever..
    Hope you always blessed by God..
    Good to see your movie..

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