Park Bo Geum and Han Groo in Talks for Leads of Answer Me 1988

Double yes! I already got good casting news this week with the addition of Im Joo Hwan and Kwak Si Yang to upcoming tvN drama Oh My Ghost. Now comes an extra helping of much anticipated drama land return with news that rising young actor Park Bo Geum is in talks for the male lead of tvN drama Answer Me 1988, which coincidentally is scheduled to take over the same time slot after Oh My Ghost. With all the casting maybes and rumors out of AM1988, I was inching towards giving the drama a pass until this news halted my dwindling interest and sends it hurtling the opposite direction towards must watch.

To sweeten the AM1988 casting pot even more, Park Bo Geum’s likely casting as the male lead was followed a few hours later with the additional news that Han Groo has been offered the female lead role. I was not sad that she passed on Scholar Who Walks the Night mostly because I can’t see her with Lee Jun Ki, and more importantly her style is all wrong for that female lead based on a very specific manhwa character. Here the news of her casting has me whooping with joy because I can totally see her shining in the AM series with very down home characters and story lines. Win and win!

Park Bo Geum isn’t the only new male name bandied about for the upcoming third installment of the AM series. Supporting actor Lee Yi Kyung, who I last saw in You’re All Surrounded as Lee Seung Gi’s maybe half-brother, has confirmed auditioning for the drama and remains in contention for a role in the main cast. He’s not bad at all and has a memorable presence onscreen even if not leading man material (yet), he would be great in a goofier role for this drama.

I’ve had an eye on Park Bo Geum since he came out of nowhere and stole my attention in the first few episodes of long weekend drama Wonderful Days. He was the teenage version of the male lead played by Lee Seo Jin (Seo Jinnie!) and displayed a charisma beyond his years. There is a courtliness about him that is very old-school and a dash gentlemanly is the best I can describe his aura. He was the best thing about the massive disappointment that was Tomorrow’s Cantabile so it’s probably going to be a great decision on his part waiting to return to dramas until now if he is indeed doing to step into his first male lead role in a drama as culturally current as the AM series. As for Han Groo, she would be making her first small screen return since last year’s popular tvN drama Marriage Not Dating, a drama with flaws that irked me but was ultimately pretty good a watch overall.


Park Bo Geum and Han Groo in Talks for Leads of Answer Me 1988 — 26 Comments

  1. OMG. Please please let Han Groo get it this time. And, you’re right, she would be much better suited for this project. I want her in it so bad!!!

    Also very pleased about the other two 🙂

  2. I’m so thankful she passed on that mess of a drama before even premiering. This sounds much more deserving of her talent, so fingers crossed it works out for her. I was hoping she’d pair up LSG or KWB but maybe they’re too big for cable.

  3. OMG please. They both look the part and they are fresh and have distinctive looks.

    And they can act.

    Please please please?

  4. If Hyeri gets this. I’m not watching it. Crossing fingers if Hyeri doesnt get the leading role, they will not offer it to Jin Se Yeon. Atrocious.

    Too bad Kim Ji Won is busy with DoTS. I coul totally see her playing a lead in this drama.

  5. I really, really hope she gets cast even though apparently there’s been
    news that she’s not even a contender.

  6. Wasn’t the young cheating husband from Maids cast for the main part though? So much casting news for this drama and yet nothing is certain.

  7. I’d be really happy to see both of them casted. It’d also be really interesting to see Park Bo Geum take over from his sister Park Bo Young in that time slot, loved his performance in Cantabile Tomorrow and your description of his aura is spot on!

  8. Yes to that and it’ll make me watch it cause i thought to pass it because of hyeri. don’t know park bo geum (still on hold with cantabile tomorrow lol) but i willing to give him a chance. also the second guy was pretty good in maids and was hilarious so i wo’t mind him as a second male lead.

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