Ariel Lin in the World’s Luckiest Love Triangle with Vic Zhou and Bolin Chen in the Sequel to Go Lala Go!

Forget star power, which is already bling bling blinding in the collective intensity, the joint awards power of these three together is also something to marvel at. The rumored casting news leaked a few weeks ago but I didn’t to jinx it by writing about it too early, I’ve been waiting close to ten years for these two to work together and I am not taking any chances for this to fall through. Now I can finally write about it because filming has started on the sequel to the 2010 hit C-movie Go Lala Go!, this time with a whole new cast including three of the biggest Taiwan acting stars in Vic Zhou, Ariel Lin, and Bolin Chen.

Even writing Zai Zai and Ariel’s names next to each other makes me quiver with glee, tossing in Bolin to form a love triangle is like someone giving me a free house and then offering to pay all the property taxes going forward. So much win I can’t even. The three of them also collectively own a lot of awards hardware, in Golden Bell Awards alone Ariel has two for In Time with You and They Kiss Again, Bolin also won for In Time With You, and Zai Zai finally got his due for Coming Home after losing out in Black & White. Go Lala Go! 2 can be a series of nonsensical scenes strung together and I’ll still watch and probably love it on the strength of this cast alone.

Filming has been low key so far (just started last week), but Zai Zai posted on his SNS three of the books that form the source material for this series, revealing that Ariel sent him the books to read prior to filming. Zai Zai joked that he was very grateful but couldn’t believe how long the books were (so many words!), ahahahaha. It’s been 8 years since Zai Zai’s ex-girlfriend and one of Ariel’s best friends Beatrice Hsu died, and for the longest time the industry thought Zai Zai would never work with Ariel and Rainie Yang because of any lingering awkwardness.

But time really does smooth things over and now I’m finally getting the Zai Zai-Ariel onscreen pairing I’ve been dreaming of. I love Bolin to pieces as well but he’s acted with Ariel twice now so I’m tossing my lot with Zai Zai to get my Ariel in the end. There is no synopsis so I don’t know which guy is playing which character but I’m sure Ariel will have no problems believably being torn between them. Having Bolin in this movie is just icing on top of the Zai Zai-Ariel cake and can make my decision change in the last minute based on story narrative in the end. All in all, Yay and yay and yay!


Ariel Lin in the World’s Luckiest Love Triangle with Vic Zhou and Bolin Chen in the Sequel to Go Lala Go! — 39 Comments

  1. I don’t care if it’s Vic. As much as I love him, I’m rooting for Bolin. Yep, without even knowing the plot/char because they were perfection in ITWY! The remake will be a huge mess I predict, so at least this will make up for that lol

    • I highly doubt we’ll be seeing dramas frim Ariel for a very long time, if ever. She intended to quit dramaland after In Time With You.

      • She actually did Lan Ling Wang after ITWY and it’s quite successful. I think she won’t be coming back to dramaland for a while as well. Will probably stick with just movies from time to time.

      • I know. The media was laughing, as she literally ate her words after she just released that statement, but I think she just couldn’t turn down the script. She was complaining of the hours for dramas and Lan Ling Wang was able to accommodate her. Now that she’s married though…

      • I’d the price is right she will. She did warrior lan Ling for a rumored 700k R&B per episode, the highest ever for any overseas actors in china and one of the tops within china as well.

        Not making a dig at her, she’s an avid supporter to charities and is well know to be frugal.


  3. Well this is nice news, I miss ariel and I like the other two well enough.. In fact I was on a stalking spree just today to check up on all my favourite Chinese and Taiwanese actors and actresses to see what acting projects they’ve been up to.. You see, I’ve been recently watching Lady and The Liar and Cruel Romance (… Instead of revising for exams *cough*) I was wondering what koala thought of those two dramas? (Totally have not been waiting for you to write an article on Chinese/Taiwanese entertainment news to jump this request on you :p ) if you can’t then that’s okay, I was just curious what you thought of it 🙂

  4. Whoa..all three…how I wish its a drama instead…greedy much?!!
    I like Bolin…but I am more looking forward to seeing Vic and Ariel chemistry. I really miss Ariel on screen. She is my favorite Taiwanese actress.

  5. Holy. Sweet baby J. This is just effing amazing. I love this cast. Why can’t it be a drama? Make it 80 episodes and I’ll still watch it. This is the best news. Ever.

  6. HOLY MOLY!! YESH Zai Zai Please Please. I still haven’t had enough of him from all his movies. Me Need More!!! And this is just PURE awesomeness. I remember how mad I was when Zai Zai lost the award to his costar Mark Chao. I thought his performance was the best and had the most wow factor out of the whole cast in Black & White. I like Bolin and Ariel together but I prefer Zai Zai getting the girl hahhaahah

    • Ikr! That loss to Mark Chao…A huge joke for the award history. Not to hate Mark Chao. He’s ok. But I felt that he got the award because of his daddy.

  7. O man this is will be a hard love triangle to deal with! Vic and Ariel airing together is somethin that I’ve been wanting for a long time and yet Ariel and Bolin are my dear You Qing and Da Ren

  8. WHY WHY WHY DO THEY HAVE TO DO THIS. I haven’t seen Vic in soooooo long, and they’re going to put him in my OTP Ariel-Bolin????? I CANT. Can they throw in Barbie there or something? I need another drama from Vic-Barbie after the emotionally exhausting yet amazing Mars. Though it’d be probably awkward given Vic and Barbie’s history. But still! Imagine Barbie, Ariel, Bolin, and Vic! Ah!

  9. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! This has got to be the biggest casting news in loke ever !!!!!!!!!! Three of my favorite actress and actors in this whole world! Makes me want to fly back to Taiwan just to watch this movie when it premiers. (Sorry for all the exclamations, but I’m closer to insanity than i ever was in my life!!)

  10. Lol…everyone is pinching themselves to make sure this news of dream casting is really true. As many here are saying, if only it was a drama (we’re all greedy when it comes to a good thing). I think i can stare at them doing nothing together for 80 episodes.

  11. OMG!!!!! Having Zai Zai and Ariel Lin on the same sentence already had me suffocating… Two of my most favo darlings!!!!! Will they be the OTP? Will they hug? Will they kiss?? omg.. I can’t even imagine what will happen to my poor ovaries.. *fanself*

  12. AAAARGH! I was so super excited when Twitter friends told me about this. UNTIL I came here and read the dreaded words “C-movie” DAMN! Ariel posted a pic on weibo last week talking about working in Shanghai for 1.5 months, and I mourned then, figuring it was for a C-movie. But as bad as that was, this is SO VERY MUCH WORSE. Why oh why oh why does a reunion I’d KILL for have to be in a damn f$%^King C-movie?!!! Life is not fair! I don’t just want to SEE Ariel and Bo Lin back on screen together, I want to HEAR them! Robbing me of their voices, ESPECIALLY Ariel’s is just the worst sort of barbaric cruelty.

  13. OMG!! Zai Zai was my ultimate bias in F4 and now he’s finally coming back with movie with my two favorite casts!! I will check this one out for sure just to see these three stars!!
    Can’t wait!!

  14. I still can’t believe the Vic and Ariel pairing is actually happening!! I’ve been dreaming of this for the past 10 years, too! The only difficult thing is how do you choose between Vic and Bolin?! 😀

  15. What is the story between Vic and his ex-girlfriend, that would make it uncomfortable for him to work with Ariel and Rainie. Was it a bad break up involving one of those gals?

    • Ariel, Rainie and Beatrice were best friends in the industry. Beatrice dated Vic and then they broke up, there were rumours of cheating on his side, but the agreed concensus was he broke up with her. She was very heart broken over it and less than a year later was killed in a car accident.

      I for one didn’t really believe the whole cheating thing but there was rumored bad blood between Ariel Lin’s Tae Chung group and Barbie’s Taipei group because Vic started dating Barbie after and she was the rumored women he broke up with Beatrice for.

      Whole lot of drama, could have been made into a film.

      • The rumored break-up was around June 2005 same time the news of him suffering depression was circulating, Vic and Barbie’s relationship was made known to the public in the 2nd half of 2005 (Sept.)and Beatrice’s accident happened in Jan. 2008 and she was in a relationship with a doctor when she died.

  16. Has anyone read/heard anything about the director, producer, and/or scriptwriter for this? I’m just wondering, because I just finished watching the original Lala, and it seemed very shallow to me. I couldn’t get attached to the characters. I’m hoping the “sequel” will be better with a whole different cast and crew.

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