InStyle’s Rising Talent Spread is Validated with Yoon Kyun Sang, Nam Ji Hyun, Park Bo Geum, and Nam Joo Hyuk

I’m going to have to commend InStyle Korea for having good taste and plenty of insightful predictive ability. Back in December 2014, the magazine did a spread on four rising acting talent to watch in 2015, and now five months into 2015 the magazine appears to have hit the nail on the head. InStyle Korea featured Yoon Kyun Sang from Pinocchio, Nam Ji Hyun from What’s with the Family, Park Bo Geum from Tomorrow’s Cantabile, and Nam Joo Hyuk from Surplus Princess. Some could argue Nam Ji Hyun made it already but that was as an established child actor whereas WWTF was her first adult role and confirms she’s ready for the big stage.

My love for Yoon Kyun Sang is no secret and this month alone he’s signed on for two big dramas in The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days and Six Dragons Flying. Park Bo Geum is da bomb even in bomb dramas like Tomorrow’s Cantabile, he will be the male lead of Answer Me 1988, has a movie this year in Coin Locker Girl, and is the new co-host of high profile Music Bank. Lastly, Nam Joo Hyuk was forgettable for me in SP but in his first leading man role has been getting solid reviews in Who Are You: School 2015. He’s the weakest acting link in this group of four but has two things going for him, great chemistry with his leading ladies and a warm natural presence in front of the camera. Check out this retrospective spread.


InStyle’s Rising Talent Spread is Validated with Yoon Kyun Sang, Nam Ji Hyun, Park Bo Geum, and Nam Joo Hyuk — 16 Comments

  1. I recognize 3 of the 4.. Yoon Kyun Sang is the one I’m waiting for to make it big. I think he has the acting range for it as well. I agree about Nam Joo Hyuk… He’s doing pretty good in School (even though I’m on the other ship lol). He has “guy next door” type of aura with the glowing smile, he needs to play a dynamic character, then we’ll know more.

    • I think NJH lacks screen presence. YKS and PBG can easily outshine him in a drama. He’s only acted in two dramas so he has room for growth. He definitely needs a meatier character to flesh out his acting chops.

  2. Nam Joo Hyuk is ok in School 2015 but not regarded as well as the rest of the cast, namely Kim So Hyun and Yook Sung Jae. He’s still endearing and shows some acting ability, so he’s not a lost cause anyway.

    • i agree that his doing ok in School 2015 and im looking forward to how his character develops in the next episodes. Sungjae, on the other hand, is doing really great (at least for me) with his character and I love him when he sings =)

      • ikr. sungjae.. i watched him in plus 9 boys and i know, this boy would make it big! i really enjoy watching him.. and school is one of myfave next to falling for innocence and orange marmalade 🙂

  3. For me, Nam Joo Hyuk is lacking of charisma for a main lead. He’s cute but it’s not enough. I didn’t finish Nodame so I don’t really know Park Bo Geum. I’m curious to see him in Reply 1988. I love the 2 others !

  4. I dunno about others but I find Nam Joo Hyuk too cute for words. He’s not the best actor out there but he’s improving and I find her charming on screen. Whenever he has scenes, my eyes are always following him which is always a good sign that he has presence. I hope he continues to build up his resume and do well in the future.

  5. I really like Nam ji hyun when she acted as the younger parts of Angel eyes. She is one of the best part of that drama.
    And boooy i love this edition of In Style it even has my fave ever Oh Yeon Seo on the cover page.

  6. i know only 3 of them. i’m one of the (many) people who didn’t finish nodame so i didn’t see park bo geum yet. i know nam ji hun from her younger part in angel eyes( another drama i didn’t finish), sad to say but she was way better than GHS.
    needless to say about YKS. he was such a love in Pinocchio and i’m sure too he’ll be a a big star.
    i watched NJH in SP and now in who are you. he is very cute but for now sung jae is the scene stealer (yeap now you know who i ship lol). still it’s true he does have a chemistry with KSH and even with KSG in SP.

  7. I just love both NJH and NJH (haha, didn’t realize they have the same initials!). They’ll slay in the future <3

    Also, this sounds random but I can help thinking Nam Ji Hyun would've been perfect as Cindy in Producer! Plus she has great chemistry with KSH if WISFC is an indication. /le sigh

  8. I visit your blog religiously, like every single day but I don’t comment a lot. When I saw NAM JOO HYUK’s name on the title, I knew I needed to delurk and voice out how much I adore this cutie pie. Hihi. I didn’t watch Surplus Princess so I was totally clueless how he fared in that show but one thing I know for sure is, he’s definitely winning hearts in School 2015, mine included. Boy, this rookie may not be a golden boy when it comes to acting but he’s got enough charm to catch one’s attention. He’s not the strikingly-handsome type but his presence on screen is beyond adorable.

    I strongly agree with you about his chemistry with his leading lady. Nam Joo Hyuk’s chemistry with Kim So Hyun is off-the-charts, I’m even willing to forget the fact that Tae Kwang is more deserving to get Eun Bi (because what he really likes is the twin sister and not Eun Bi, herself) in the drama. Hahaha.

    I terribly wanna see more of him in the future. I hope he makes it big after this show and becomes a better actor.

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