Kim Sun Ah Has a Witty Retort Ready When Hearing Hyun Bin Picked Another Prettiest Leading Lady

I love wit and sass and that’s something Kim Sun Ah has in spades, and an additional reason why I love her aside from her insane chemistry with all her male costars. She sells attraction like no other, when many leading ladies can act but struggle to evidence a desire to get close to the leading man. When Kim Sun Ah gets close to her leading man, I’m always tempted to call a time out and leave, closing the door behind me to give them privacy. Next week’s premiere of Masked Prosecutor will show whether she’s still got it, and whether Joo Sang Wook is man enough to give it right back.

Kim Sun Ah’s most famous onscreen pairing remains My Name is Kim Sam Soon with Hyun Bin, now a decade out since the drama aired to massive ratings in 2005. She was interviewed last week for Masked Prosecutor promotions and told that recently Hyun Bin was asked which was his former leading ladies was the most beautiful and he didn’t pick her. Hyun Bin apparently picked Han Ji Min from Hyde, Jekyll, Me (I think that drama turned him blind and stupid), but Kim Sun Ah chuckled to hear his choice, saying “It’s understandable, but I don’t remember who Hyun Bin is? Who is he?” Good one, unni! She then went on to reveal her desire to work with rising young actor Yeo Jin Gu, not in any romantic setting god forbid, but to play his noona.

With how crappy K-dramas have been, for the most part, in recent years, going back to tried and true classics like MNIKSS only confirm that the real deal will hold up with time even if the look seems outdated. Good storytelling is timeless.


Kim Sun Ah Has a Witty Retort Ready When Hearing Hyun Bin Picked Another Prettiest Leading Lady — 57 Comments

  1. Hahaha. Who’s Hyun bin? Who is he? I just love her; it has been 10 years, and she’s still so beautiful!! I love Yeo Jin Gu as well. I think no one can resist being his noona.

  2. I laughed when I read her comment for a different reason – MNIKSS is one of my favourite Dramas, real top 5 material, but I literally forgot who the male lead was. When Hyde Jekyll Me was in the works and people who were talking about HB, I said “who?” only to find out he was the lead in Drama I loved. Between KSA’s performance and JRW’s irritatingly good English, the male lead in that Drama left no impression on me at all.

    • You’re probably one of the very very few then… because HB rose to fame due to MNIKSS and is probably his most memorable performance for many including SeGa.

      • Yep. Definitely one of the few, especially since I’ve also ABSOLUTELY ZERO interest in ever watching Secret Garden. Kim Seon Ah, on the other hand, is all sorts of awesome and along with MNIKSS has City Hall in my all time favourites list. She is DEFINITELY the reason I’ll be checking out KimchiLibre, I mean Masked Prosecutor. 😀

      • Fair enough. SeGa is a classic for some and overrated for others. Since you haven’t seen it, you wouldn’t even have an opinion on it. KSA is great in mostly everything I’ve seen her in but she’s also been fortunate to have brilliant co-stars to amp up the chemistry and quality. Like HB and CSW in the examples pointed out.

  3. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Tastes differ. So you can’t call someone stupid or/and blind, if his/her taste is different from yours.

    • +1000

      So rude to say the drama turned him “blind and stupid” when he obviously picked HJM to be one of the prettiest actresses way before Hyde. I really feel like Koala just doesn’t like Han Ji Min. Period.

    • True + he worked with plenty of beautiful co-stars, if we were to talk about looks alone. I find Song Hye Kyo to be the most beautiful, but that’s just MY taste 😉

  4. HA! Good for her! And, speaking of YJG – he’s SO adorable in OM. This show took me by surprise. I’m enjoying it thoroughly.

  5. I love this lady. She’s got looks, body, and brains – a master degree in performing piano from the States. I guess Hyun Bin answered that to not embarrass the entire drama crew he just worked with, a very standard reply to the media. LOL..he surely knew how to be politically correct in K entertainment.

  6. Hyun Bin actually picked HJM during the King’s Wrath’s promotion, so it was way before that crap that is Hyde. Those questions are so random and typical on k-news, nothing to take seriously or create a fuss about.

    Love Kim Sun Ah’s sass, that’s my girl!

    • Well, it’s not exactly the smartest answer. I’m a little disappointed in her…The actual response to these kind of questions should have beem much more vague and far more diplomatic. She has grown up inside this particular star system so she should have known better! She comes from a different generation of actors, she’s educated enough and quite smart to be so straightforward as it seemed in her words. Experience and age should be followed by wisdom and a wittier sarcasm than this one…a british humour approach should have been more appropriate!

      • I agree with this. I don’t find the answer witty at all, just immature. So what if someone doesn’t think you’re the most beautiful person ever? Not everyone is going to be attracted to you, it’s normal for people to have different tastes. I think she tried to be sassy, but ended up looking butthurt over a former costar not thinking she’s the fairest of them all.

      • have you seen the video?? she answer it jokingly, at the time not even serious at all…she even answer it in the state of being funny …

      • Her answer was very cute! I like it when famous people don’t take themselves so seriously and can smile and laugh about things~

      • I liked her sassy, snarky comment. If a reporter asked me a meaningless question like that to begin with, don’t expect me to give a serious answer.

      • I am sure it is just a joke. Lighten up, she is not dissing him at all. Isn’t what she said British humor? “Who is Hyun Bin?”
        Either way, I thought that was a great and witty answer on the dime at the moment. What else would she say, agree that the other girl is prettier than her, then it would show her as insecure or say bad things about Hyun Bin, then that is even more childish.
        “Who is Hyun Bin?” this is used so often in my culture when you just have nothing else to say, and to say it as a joke to not offend anyone. I didn’t take offense to what she said. You shouldn’t either, I think it might be a cultural difference if you did. She did not mean it literally.

  7. I think he only said that to maybe help out that shitty drama! Yeah Nooo baby .Sorry you picked that one as your comeback.

  8. They were such a fantastic OTP. Great chemistry. I hope they work together again. Han Ji Min is indeed beautiful, but celebs always pick their latest costars out of respect. I don’t believe him lol.

  9. I think he answered that because that’s what stars do while promoting their films or dramas. They always take name of their costars when asked about these kind if questions. He was promoting King’s Wrath and thus said Han Ji Min’s name or even if it was during Hyde Jekyll Me, same reason goes for it. Kim zsun Ah

  10. I think he answered that because that’s what stars do while promoting their films or dramas. They always take name of their costars when asked about these kind if questions. He was promoting King’s Wrath and thus said Han Ji Min’s name or even if it was during Hyde Jekyll Me, same reason goes for it.
    Kim Sun Ah also understands this…but I love her witty reply! Haha…

  11. He’s Just being very polite. I love Kim sun ah. The above who said hyum bin wasn’t great from MNIKSS. Aw man he was a breakout in that drama. Who could resist samshiki!!!!

  12. They clearly need to reunite! I cannot wait until the time when they both act together again. Them being together is golden.

  13. Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min suit each other, pretty but not in a smart category celebrities. Han Ji Min is known as sweet, kind hearted actress but not someone you want to discuss about her IQ/EQ level.So bland.
    Hyun Bin just shown how brainless he is, if people asked you who are the prettiest girl, just answer it diplomatically, but instead choose a specific name. Even as courtesy, and media buzz but totally a not smart answer.

    • Are you new to this kind of interview? It is common courtesy for Korean actors and actress to choose your current co-star as the best chemistry, best kiss, prettiest/most handsome and etc during the drama/movie promotion or run..

      It is more ‘disrespectful’ if you do not mention your co star as best in something. Just imagine if Hyun Bin said Han Ji Min is not the prettiest co-star in that interview, people will speculate and it’s going to be awkward.

      • we pretty much in talks of how smart and unpredictable KSA response to the question, as you know this could be a trap and challenge to the actress or actors reaction.
        No sin he pick HJM, I know for right in the interview, HJM sit beside him and put a slight glared at him when the question pop out.

      • Or picking someone he hasn’t worked with in forever might make people assume he’s got a thing for the woman. Easiest and best way to to always just mention your current or upcoming costar. He’s hardly stupid. So out of line for that person to say that.

    • I’m certain there’s someone ‘brainless’ here, and its definitely not HB. You talk like you know these people personally and therefore have an idea of their IQ level. The fact that you think that way makes me laugh.

  14. Like KSH to pieces. Her wit and candour during interviews are simply amazing. Hoping for a Sam-Soon and Sam- sik reunion.

  15. Not a fan of Han ji min and the train wreck Hyde, Jeckyl,and Me drama
    But seriously.. What’s wrong with Hyunbin picking her to call him blinded? That girl is really pretty and in my opinion much prettier than Kim Sun Ah ( it’s my personal preference though)

    • Same here. KSA is known for her acting, wits and quirky charm. But I have to agree that in the looks departments she is way down the list among all the female co-stars Hyun Bin has worked with. Just my opinion. Sorry KSA fans!

  16. The snark in this article , which probably stems from Koala’s burning hatred for the drama “Hyde, Jykel, Me”, is uncalled for. We don’t have to agree with Hyunbin’s choice but there is no need to dub him as “blind and stupid” for whatsoever reason.

    • The one “blinded and stupid” here is the writer of this article-

      She is obviously blinded by her bias towards KSA and stupid enough to post a comment like that on her blog. Some “wit” and “sass”! That said, I do enjoy reading most of the other stuff she writes though. Lol!

  17. I thought he originally answered that in TKW’s promos. And then he was asked again to reconfirm if he still thought that during the Hyde promos. Of course, he has to say HJM in those cases. Yes, it’s the proper answer to give.

    Regardless of what HB actually thinks, I do think HJM is really pretty despite being bland as an actor – particularly in modern dramas. So nothing wrong with saying a current costar is pretty 🙂

    As for KSA, they just want to throw a question at her since MNIKSS was such a huge hit when it came out in 2005. Even I was hooked on it back then. It was huge as I recall. I loved her in it and really loved to hate SS ie JH for all his wishy-washiness and mean streak with Sam Soon. But I did love how SS has a measure of control over him. He was adorable after that.

    As for Masked P… well I think she will have good chemi with JSW no doubt. I am worried for the storyline though.

  18. Hyde turning Hyun Bin blind and stupid just because he picked Han Ji Min as prettiest leading lady? Wow, that level of immaturity and rudeness, I can’t even… I know that being blunt and unapologetic is your schtick, Koala, but there’s a line between expressing your blunt opinions and being an ass, and you didn’t just cross it here – you broke the Olympic long jump record.

    Putting aside the very real likelihood that Hyun Bin was just answering strategically in an interview, the fact is that he was asked a question about which leading lady he PERSONALLY thought was most beautiful. Han Ji Min IS known for her beauty, regardless of whether you agree with this or your feelings on Han Ji Min’s acting in Hyde, Jekyll and Me. For someone who constantly defends her opinion as being her own, you of all people should be well aware that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So people aren’t allowed to get sassy with you in the comments when you express your opinions, but it’s fine when you drop to the level of name-calling when someone else expresses his?

  19. song hye kyo slays in the looks department. Prettier than even kim tae hee and han ye seul

    and she’s the one hyun bin actually dated

    but love KSA. pretty and a good actress 🙂

  20. I’m not a fan of either HJM or KSA so there is no bias here whatsoever. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but your “blind and stupid” comment is totally uncalled for. It’s not even remotely funny. It is more akin to bullying than self expression. You have crossed the line this time and I think you know it. Shame on you!

  21. I can’t agree with you more. That drama (Hyde Jekyll Me) really turned him blind and stupid. He had nothing to do rather than praising his co-star’s beauty.
    Ss Kim Sun Ah gave a smart response!!!
    It’s too easy to find out the prettiest co-star must be Song Hye Kyo.But I dare him to say her name again =))

    • I’m pretty sure he couldn’t have mentioned SHK’s name so he chose the safe (and polite) route by complimenting his current-at that time- co-star. Unlike KSA, who sounded less wise and more offending than a real A-list actor status (which, no doubts, enjoys all these years!). I can understand the reason of HB’s extra-caution during an interview, but I cannot understand her attitude by any means. Unless I’m missing something here regarding their private lives and/or their previous relationship, it’s an uncomprehending case (at least for me)…

      • watch the show…not serious at all…she’s in the state of laughing from the previous conversation, and of course she never take this seriously…with almost get the question about HB in every her Guerrilla date show or other show she’s used too with it and did not taking it seriously…the article not complete…so that answer is her being a funny person, and I agree that miss koala is too much for saying harsh to HB it’s no need, and I’m not hoping he picks KSA, we talking about KSA’s witty-ness here.

  22. Most people here clearly didnt know when HB was asked that question even koala. It was before the drama and yes it was during Fatal encounter promotion but if you watched FT they are enemy and had 3 short scenes together, his love interest is not HJM. Also its not the press who asked him. I just notice that most fans based beauty through biases worst by how successful their drama is. How rude to say that he is blind and stupid just because he didnot choose your bias and you didnt like Hajina and Han Ji Min. All the actress he worked with are all pretty, SHK and HJM are definitely are the prettiest, even KSA said it is understandable that he chose HJM.

  23. I first saw HJM as the young SHK in ALL IN and truly the two of them are the most beautiful among HB’s leading ladies.

  24. You studio bitch, how can your jealousy make you blind? How can you call someone blind and stupid when he not think your bias is the pretty one, i cannt believe there are still stupid people come to this site and be your followers. Just let you know i never read your stupid stuff here, i heard from people how stupid you are that why i come here to tell you stop being a bitch ok? Also, those stupid people who keep saying that Song Hye kyo is prettiest, just let you guys know if Hyun Bin think so, she will not be his ex, ok? So stop being pathetic. Get your life

  25. I dont know how actor should reply when asked about prettiest actress when he is just done a project with actress? It was not a quite room so he can think he was asked by fans and a lot of noise the best answer is han ji min since the movie was airing that time even tho they were enemies in the movie he had to say it plus tbh she is the prettiest one after song hye kyo but he cant mention her name we all know this few years all he did was avoiding press to not talk about their break up so he cant mention her.and for kim sun ah she was just joking about it some haters take it as chance to say that they dont actually remember hyun bin no matter what they say hyun bin is so successful ,mnkss was when he was only 21 so he did a great job at young age and he is one of the actors who choose the script he likes not what brings him fame thats why after kim sam soon his two dramas had low rating then sega was a big hit and for hyde jekyll me im sure he chose it coz he likes it, after being away from marines and taking 2 years break he chose it, so its obvious he liked the script. Dont know about other people I personally liked hajina because it was so realistic but the fact it was Han ji mins comeback after rooftop prince and hyun bins comeback after sega people expected more so people shouldn’t blame him for hyde jekyll me he enjoyed it and now for talking about his new movie even its a movie by big company he yet didnt confirm it because he doesn’t wanna make acting become a job than fun, i dont know how this makes him stupid. I’m sure kim sun ah was joking and she meant it in a way that she and hyun bin dont work together after wards it’s been 10 yrs, so people need to shut up and think about it as a joke

  26. I agree with HB, I think HJM is really pretty. Why criticises him that he chose her, at least he has courage and honest to say one, better that fooling around cannot decide. Need to respect it’s his choice his opinion. Actually his answer was during the fatal encounter but what’s interesting that he chose her as the prettiest actress he worked even Hyde wasn’t casting yet, and she ended up his lead costar in Hyde.

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