Lee Seung Gi and Yoo Seung Rumored for MBC Drama Airing in the Competitive October 2015 Period

Don’t quote me on this still in the discussion phase only potential drama schedule and casting, but it’s way too juicy not to share and discuss even on the possibility alone. October is resembling D-day attack strategy for the big three networks when it comes to scheduling K-dramas, especially in the coveted Wed-Thurs slot. KBS has long ago reserved that month to premiere the pre-filmed huge budget A-list cast Kim Eun Sook drama Descendants of the Sun. SBS originally had the mega sageuk Six Dragons Flying slated for Mon-Tues following High Society, but now the network is preparing Kim Hee Ae‘s comeback drama Ms. Cop for that time slot.

That means SBS is moving Six Dragons Flying over to Wed-Thurs to premiere in October following Shin Mina‘s Will You Have Dinner with Me which is back on the schedule. With Descendants on KBS and Six Dragons on SBS, that leaves MBC needing to pull out some big guns to go toe-to-toe on the Wed-Thurs ratings battle. Here comes the super awesome rumored casting from industry chatter – MBC is scheduling either Michelin Star (PD from The Moon Embraces the Sun) or a drama called Lost Time (screenwriter from Empress Ki) for that time slot, but with either drama the network is reportedly in talks to sign on both Lee Seung Gi and Yoo Seung Ho as the co-male leads. ALL MY SQUEEING OVER THIS POSSIBLE CASTING IS RESERVED FOR AFTER THE JUMP.

I’m sorry but COME AGAIN? My Seung Gi and my baby boy jail bait IN ONE DRAMA? If this comes true then clearly all the good karma in my lifetime just came back in one biggest reward E.V.E.R. Even better? Reportedly the network wants Moon Geun Young as the female lead but she continues to be very choosy on her drama comeback and may not be looking to do one this year so her involvement is less probable, whereas both Lee Seung Gi and Yoo Seung Ho have said they are doing a drama this year and this totally makes sense as there isn’t much else on the drama horizon for the rest of 2015.

If both guys are in one drama together, it’s not impossible since Yoo Seung Ho is still very young and always open to taking second male lead roles for the challenge. Just please don’t make him play a baddie and also give him a cute girl of his own, and then I’ll finally forgive MBC for the distasteful brain dead plotting of his character in Missing You. Woo hoo! You make it happen, drama god, or else I’m suing for intentional infliction of excitement without payoff. Oh wait, if it really happens then how will I pick between dramas? There’s also Song Joong Ki! And Yoo Ah In! All happening at the same time as a possible Seung Gi-Seung Ho too much cuteness in one drama perfect casting. Ahhhhhhhhhh, *dies*


Lee Seung Gi and Yoo Seung Rumored for MBC Drama Airing in the Competitive October 2015 Period — 58 Comments

  1. I am curious what my friend’s reaction will be, she doesnt like LSG (couldnt finish any of his dramas that she watched), but love YSH. I dont know whether she is willing to watch it just for YSH, or pass it because of LSG.

    • @ Ms Penguin.

      I’m exactly like your friend…lol…

      LSG does nothing for me whereas YSH is just too cute for words.

      • Same here. LSG is fine for me but I never got the craze about him. YSH, on the other hand, I will watch no matter how messy the drama is(looking at you MY). Haha I hope the the storyline’s interesting at the least.

        But Song Joong Ki!

    • I never watched anything with YSH but I heard many good things about him. But my main reason is ofc LSG. No matter how a show is screwed up, I won’t miss his dramas!

    • Im exactly opposite of your friend. I tried to watch YSH drama but finished none of them. Meanwhile I watched all LSG drama and got a huge crush on him

    • Well I just love LSG to bits, watched all his dramas even though the scripts or costar not to my liking or the plot lacking etc. Have been listening to all his songs too. The one and only LSG!

      • No dilemma for me. I will watch anything with LSG in it. Does not matter who is his co-star.

    • why dont you recommend your friend to watch the videos below. perhaps she can like LSG by his singing 😉 but still, LSG is actually very good in acting. have ur friend watched him in You’re All Surrounded yet ? I like his character in the drama though. and LSG is kind of person that, if you really know him very well, there’s no way you would not like him because he is likeable, respectable and amazing. your friend probably have no idea how matured, thoughtful and elegant his way of speaking when he was doing magazine interview. why dont you ask her to read some from what I have listed below. well of course it would be very nice if she can spend some time reading all.

      i know that some people thought that he is not that good looking and couldnt watch his dramas whatsoever, but you know what, he IS actually very good looking if you really know him. It just a matter of fixing his hair and a lil bit chubby cheecks. I admit that some times he can seem to be not that good looking due to bad hairstyle or when he in state where he looks bit chubbier or whatever the reason it takes but seriously if he got a hairstyle that suits his face etc, he in fact can be much better looking than any other actors. he has this soft and sweet-looking type of face with beautiful pair of eyes and dazzling smiles. (yeah he is so friendly and loves smiling) but after all, who cares about his looks when he has many other appealing charms that can offer. 😉

      To be honest, the more you know about him, the more you’ll fall for him. he is very sweet, heartwarming, sincere. there’s just so many amazing things to brag about him. Yeah, he is actually a person who we will feel like bragging and showing off towards the other people. Any fan of LSG will be automatically have kind of ‘proud mama’ feeling because everything he had done is making us as his fans so happy and proud. Hmm well you are actually kinda witnessing me bragging about him currently lol. ^^ it cant be helped and somehow it just naturally turned out that way if one really like LSG. I just feel a need to spread his charms to the other people so a lot of people can know how charming and amazing he is.

      you might as well read this blog. (where I found recently) oh yeah plz read the comments below the post.

      • oh i see some pieces of my comments were dissapeared. i guess it was because my comments too long. what a shame..i could have recommend your friend to watch some of my fav videos regarding LSG. They’re interesting though. I may write another later but now i really need to do something else. plz drop by later if u get my notifications from me (:

      • I think what make my friend doesnt like LSG is the character that he portrays, and usually a spoiled brat. She watched brilliant legacy, and he was a spoiled brat. I told her to watch TK2H (one of my faves), LSG was another spoiled brat..lols..i remember she told me she always fell asleep watching this (grrrr…I love this drama), and couldnt finish ep. 6. I dont think she hates the actor, it’s just she prefers not to watch him anymore (i just assumed maybe she got traumatized by his character on BL). I am not crazy about LSG either, but I’ll watch his drama as long as it has a good review. We all can’t force a person to like what we like, right? 🙂

      • no need to worry if some people dont like seunggi.. he already have loyal and huge fan base in korea and the world..

    • hey again 😉 yeah definitely we cannot force other people to like what we like. but it is not a crime as well to recommend something of what we like to the other people. Just like sharing something and it is up to the particular person on how he/she is going to judge the person we like.

    • Please! Do it, and Moon Geun Young as female lead. Too much cuteness and I always wanted SeungGi/GeunYoung together!
      I’m shaking! Me who was afraid about not seeing Seung babe (LSG) in a drama for a long time.
      If they make Kim Yoo Jung YSH’s lead, just wow! After last year Seung-Seung bromance (LSG & Cha Seung Won), I also want a Seung-Seung bromance, both are nation’s little brothers <3 can't wait for it to be true!
      Please make them brothers!!

  2. Lee Seung Gi in a drama this year?! omg my baby. im not picky for his female lead but please the drama do well. im not too keen with KDrama these days. i will hoping the best for him

  3. Ohmy! I would love to see this casting, LEE SUNGI- YOO SEUNG HO and possible female lead MOON GEUN YOUNG ^^ my very own queen pls DO THIS! dying to see her.. SINCERELY PRAYING! AMEN♥

  4. Really hope MBC will try casting for the drama that the duo writers behind Empress Ki,Giant will do…really like their works and the characters and stories are more compelx even more if they want to go against the SBS&KBS big names/projects,so they need something strong as well…and if they accept,wich will be my dream came true,my ultimate favorite actors in one drama make them BROTHERS,and give YSH a girl and a happy ending!

    • My wish exactly! I don’t want a stupid love triangle between those two babes!
      Hopesfully a brotherhood that make us squeal, SeungGi grow up to be a hyung now!!

  5. My take on this! There is no way the Six dragon saguek would have a chance or even compete with the 2 other dramas that is DOS and this Seungi-seung duo…

    So lets cancel that Sageuk from this list of the october comepetition and I don’t know why koala even listed that because we all know it ain’t going to do ratings and especially along side these other dramas.

    My early prediction?

    I don’t care how much of a big-budget DOS will be but there is no way it can compete with Seungi-seung duo considering there leads are only Song-Song but I would give them a decent chance if they manage to cast a popular cast around there leads but this lead vs that lead no chance DOS toping the seungi-seung team as of now..

    • Only Songs? haha Both Songs are far more respected and more famous than the others in the acting world, what are you talking about casting popular people? And knowing the DotS writer the drama will have plenty of idols thrown in it, so there won’t be any worries about missing useless eye candy either. In therms of hype DotS wins already. Now we’ll see which one delivers.

    • They need to confirm it first! and ofc I’m more excited for SeungSeungGeun nation’s siblings drama!
      They all have the charisma, the screen presence, the acting and popularity. I just hope no idol will be thrown in the middle (for anyone who’ll argue about LSG being a singer, I think he proved himself since Ha Ji Won and Cha Seung Won didn’t eat him with their great acting)

    • You are correct only if you are the korean audience and contributing to the ratings. But the korean tv audience taste tends to be different from the international audience. I think it will depend on the plot/storyline that suits the taste of the korean tv audience, not the leads.

      For me personally, the drama plot/storyline and how it’s told matters a lot. Even if I love a particular actor/actress, I will drop a drama if the story is poorly written or filmed.

      • Me too!
        Just wanted to note that LSG’s fans will watch anything with him in, and he does have a huge fanbase, his dramas never went under 10% (in general), I think YSH’s fans are also eagr for his comeback to dramaland.
        SJK also has fans waiting, and SJH tho is hated on for her scandal, no one can deny her influence on TV ratings.
        It’ll be an intersting battle.

    • Don’t jinx them (if this even happens). Remember how everyone said people should be scared of Hyun Bin’s comeback.

    • Just Song-Song??Lol..

      Nowadays people tend to watch dramas for its plot and story,it doesn’t matter who the leads are and don’t take out Six Flying Dragon from the competition bcoz you you’ll never and SFD is also one of most anticipated drama this year..

      • what? A 50epi saguek good luck with that…. hahahah! I’m seriously laughing!

    • Well, Koreans do love sageuk.. What are the last prime-time dramas that pull almost 30% ratings? Empress Ki and You From Another Star and it’s almost 2 years ago. Empress Ki is 50 eps sageuk and YFAS has elements of sageuk.

      You can’t write off SFD just yet. The casts are stellar on that one and they have veteran Kim Myung Min and talented Yoo Ah In, the screenwriter also known as good and experienced in sageuk as their last sageuk was Tree With Deep Roots. I’m all for healthy competition anyway! I love Song-Song couple, love YAI and KMM and YSH and MGY if they sign up for MBC’s drama here..

    • Only Songs? They are A-list actors, so talent wise they are really good. Let us not forget the visuals, few actors can even compare. So I think Descendant of the Sun will really do well, regardless of competition.

  6. I agree with you, BUT Song Joong Ki will be always my first choice. I just love that guy, i can’t way to have him back!!!!

  7. As I know, SBS haven’t aired any historical drama on Monday-Tuesday timeslot. So I think Six flying dragons would be aired on Mon-Tues (like Jang Ok Jung, Secret Door..)
    Any drama aired on this timeslot on October will have to compete with the last 10 episodes of Hwajung.
    I’m looking forward to Descendants of the sun, so I hope it will be aired on Wed-Thur, after Assembly. Although I don’t really like Kim Eun Sook, but I truly believe in Song-Song couple

  8. i wanted so much to see my bias MGY in a K-drama,hope she accept this project with LSG as leading man…We’re eager to see her, it’s been a long time, and long wait…MGY, please! We’re longing to see you,we’re your international fan and we can only see you in serial drama, pls, pls..

  9. Can my girl, park shin hye, back in dramaland as female lead? Both LSG and YSH had already project with her in MV

  10. I only have 1 hope, Moon Geun Young back to dramaland as soon as possible! I love other actors for sure, but it would be even better if Moonie is the female lead..
    She’s due to another project after 1 year hiatus and almost no news about her.

  11. Whoa! all i can say is that october is going to be a busy month hehe. going to watch DOS for sure. not sure about SFD (still didn’t start hwajung). but if it’s true no matter who is the female lead i’ll watch the seung seung duo. still hope it’ll be MGY. it’s time for her to comeback to dramaland..

  12. Actually I miss LSG to play a drama at KBS. He always do MBC-SBS-MBC-SBS, never give a chance to KBS…

    For the drama, I prefer Lost Time more than Michelin Star, because I think Michelin Star will be another cooking drama, that’s not fun..

  13. OMG, it’s just a rumor and a fanwar is about to begin? Guys, @pinguin is a LSG troll, I always see her/him commenting on his articles with negativity, don’t fall for her/his trap.
    Both are loved, both are talented, support the possible bromance instead of fighting like teenagers.
    Team Seung-Seung-Geun fighting (please be true)

    • @@pinguin… I hope you’re not talking about me! If yes, show me the proof that I am a LSG troll, and always commenting negativity on his articles. Don’t just pinpoint at somebody without researching it first. And a fanwar? You call those a fanwar? Really? Lols.. Fyi, I didnt see anybody up there badmouthing LSG. You are such an overly dramatic person.

  14. Keeping my fingers-crossed! Hope this will materialize… can’t wait to see Lee Seung Gi’s drama comeback.

  15. can i hope him reuniting with han hyo joo plz~~~ LSG also mentions many times that he want to act with han hyo joo in another drama huhu.

  16. Yoo Seung Ho is the reason I will be watching. I hope he will unite with Yoon Eun Hye and end up together with her, too. I’m still haunted by the frustrated ending of that craziest drama ever Missing You

  17. Yeah, every single word. I have watched quite a lot of dramas/movies in which Yoo Seung Ho involved, including The way home, God of study, Flame of desire, Warrior Baek Dong Soo. But I had never been impressed by his acting until I watched Missing You. His acting as Harry Borrison is so decent to me, especially the eye acting is incredibly outstanding from other Korean young actors (in my own opinion of corse

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