Chinese Top Actress Fan Bing Bing Fashionably Stuns at the Met Gala and Cannes Red Carpet

Leave it to C-netizens to flatter and jokingly mock the country’s favorite top actress Fan Bing Bing. The glorious Ms. Fan was recently jet setting and trend setting around the globe, hitting up the Met Gala in New York last week followed by walking the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival days later. There’s something to be said for an A-list movie star dressing like one when the occasion calls for it, as Fan Bing Bing did at both the Met Gala and Cannes. For the former fashion royalty event, she went for a form fitting old-shouldered blush colored gown with green ivy embroidery and a long cape train. She pulls it off but got tons of good natured ribbing back in China for how the dress pattern resembles the famous Chinese snack dish scallion pancakes. Super LOL. Days later at Cannes, Fan Bing Bing transformed into a flower fairy that manages to look ethereal without being overly cutesy. She really does rock the red carpet time and again, even when a gown conjured up food related references.


Chinese Top Actress Fan Bing Bing Fashionably Stuns at the Met Gala and Cannes Red Carpet — 22 Comments

    • Would the man to the left behind her on the 1st still be Rain’s doppelganger? Her dress is way too flashy to my liking.

      • If you don’t look flashy at Met Gala than you shouldn’t even bother to attend. Her dress was absolutely on point with the theme of the evening.

  1. Thanks to her Met Gala dress, the mainstream Western media have started to pay more attention to her. She got more coverage at the Cannes than ever before, and more than other Asian actors, including Zhang Ziyi and Aishwarya Rai (who are frankly more known to the Western audience in general). Although FBB has been the darling of the fashion critiques and fashion blogs for some years.

    • Aishwarya Rai is beautiful but her bland fashion sense is notorious even in India. In a place like Cannes it’s even blander.

  2. lol scallion pancakes….she looks gorgeous in both dresses, even the flower one which is Marchesa (usually a label that tries to be a budget McQueen but doesn’t have the technical skills to make dresses that good). She is one of the few women who can pull off that look, she looks regal and gorgeous, more power to her!

    But her Met Gala dress was a totally different thing, these are both from Cannes. At the Met she was wearing a golden dress with a huge dramatic cloak on top, basically a lot like her Empress of China costume in modern times.

  3. LOL every year she got media coverage for her attention seeking dresses but no one care to know what movies she features in. Meanwhile Shu Qi remains her modest self and slays Cannes critics left and right with her movie The Assassin which is gunning for the Grand Prix.

  4. When I watching a stream for her amd Kris on the MET Gala red carpet these ridiculous girls on camera actually asked each other who she was (the gorgeous women in the green cape) and then started talking to Katie Couric or somebody instead…UGH….UGH

  5. I don’t relate the 2nd gown to scallion pancakes. But the cloth pattern does remind me of my grandma’s king size bed sheet…LOL…

  6. She’s beautiful and her dress are wow. But I have question, is she famous for her actings? I mean, is there any good movies she’s in and become box office? Could you please recommend me? I really wanna watch her. I just remember her during my childhood as a housemaid of Huang Zhou princess with Vicky and Ruby Lin. She was very beautiful back then too.

  7. I love her first dress with the flowers. It’s so pretty and flowy and she looks ethereal. While I’m not a fan of the second dress, I have to say she generally has a wonderful dress sense! She pretty much always looks gorgeous 🙂

  8. She looks so beautiful and otherworldly I want to cry. Absolutely love her!

    Loved her Egyptian-themed getup at the Met Gala but I hadn’t seen these from Cannes and she’s so on point.
    I actually really like the “scallion pancakes” dress – she doesn’t even look human in it, she’s such a striking beauty.
    And lol, netizens (Chinese or otherwise) will never change, they’ve always been known to do nothing but bitch and moan, even if “good-natured”.

  9. I don’t really like any of the dresses but if I had to choose I’d say the floral one, a bit too fairy/forest nymph for me but better than the pancake silliness lol

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