First Look at Reunited Roy Qiu and Alice Ke Filming TW-drama Marry Me, or Not

It’s going to be awhile longer until currently filming TW-drama Marry Me, or Not hits the airwaves. The cast has been filming since February and should be wrapping up soon, but the drama looks to get on the TTV schedule sometime in late 2015, my estimate is October at the earliest. I’m patient when it comes to waiting for quality fare and this one looks mature and sophisticated indeed. Starring Roy Qiu, Alice Ke, Harry Chang, and Joanne Tseng, the drama has a two couple pairing lineup with plenty of sparks flying between all four leads. Alice and Joanne play frenemies since college extending now to the workplace, both strong-willed career women who want to win in love and career. Roy is a divorce lawyer that never encourages his clients to try and patch things up while Harry is the playboy lothario that is the cause of the leading ladies rift since college. Check out all the BTS filming pics coming out from the production, I’m so loving the styling of all four leads and the visual eye candy factor.


First Look at Reunited Roy Qiu and Alice Ke Filming TW-drama Marry Me, or Not — 14 Comments

  1. After the way way Tang Yan was treated by Roy. A actor who was very popular and well received in China, is not longer so. Now he has to return to Taiwan to accepting new dramas as his Chinese projects are drying up. As hurting the drama darling of China Tang Yan has made him fall from Grace.

    • I keep on getting reminded of that scandal and Rainie Yang’s past bad relationship whenever I see him on screen now. Don’t think I can see him playing as a nice or a swoony guy anymore, I just automatically associate him to the word playboy :p.

      I guess it takes extra effort for me to distinguish an actor’s real life image and their works, just like Park Si Hoo, Kim Hyung Joong, I don’t think I can see any of their works anymore. No relation with their acting skills or whatsoever, it’s just there’s too much gap between real life image and their works.

      Well, Office Girls was mediocre at best in my book too and I much prefer Janel Tsai and James Wen over the main OTP so I guess I’m skipping this one.

      I do love the cast though, Joanne Tseng especially after Dear Mom, I’m baffled to why she is taking up 2nd lead role at first but I heard it’ll be different from most of the innocent roles she taken so I guess that’s a challenge for her.

      • Same here, I’ve never seen the draw of Roy and given my personal bias towards tang Yan and Rainie, I really can’t see Roy as a swoony male lead again.

      • I agree, I personally do not hate Roy but I cannot watch him as lead in a drama anymore.

  2. I prefer his hair in Office Girls 😛 hope it turns out good 😉 I really enjoyed Roy and his role there and he sure can be endearing 😉

  3. Hope there is some comedy to it. Can’t remember a TW-drama that cracks me up as much as OG. I miss 李沛旭 as their manager!

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