Oh My Ghost with Jo Jung Seok and Park Bo Young Release Script Reading Stills

I can’t help getting my hopes up for upcoming tvN drama Oh My Ghost even if my better judgment tells me to simmer down. The drama came out of nowhere, since it wasn’t one of those rumored productions from months earlier, yet it quickly rocketed up my to-watch list thanks to the strength of the cast alone. Starring Jo Jung Seok, Park Bo Young, Im Joo Hwan, and Kim Seul Gi, the drama sounds like a supernatural rom-com caper with plenty of built in laughs with the soul inhabiting hijinks. Kim Seul Gi’s man-crazed female ghost borrows mousy sous-chef Park Bo Young’s body to fulfill her corporeal longings, with the two ladies sure to bring plenty of gusto to their parts. Jo Jung Seok is the arrogant head chef still nursing a bad breakup and hasn’t the time for romance, until he is constantly being shocked at the behavior changes of his no longer timid sous chef. I can do without setting the drama in a restaurant since there is so much chef and food themed stories lately, but aside from that everything sounds right up my alley.


Oh My Ghost with Jo Jung Seok and Park Bo Young Release Script Reading Stills — 14 Comments

  1. Is that a man or woman next to Jo Jung Seok in the second picture? Park Bo Young and Kim Seul Gi look so similar!

  2. This is my most anticipated drama besides Six Flying Dragons. Not only does the premise sound fun, this cast rules! I love Park and even happier ghag Kim gets casted in what seems like a role written for her. Jo is adorbs and Im is wonderful too. Can’t wait! 🙂

  3. So excited that KSG is the ghost.

    Is it just me, or does JJS’s face look different now? It seems like something’s changed in the bottom half of his face (maybe his teeth?)– I notice it in the shots of him smiling.

  4. I just get happy seeing Jo Jung Seok, he has an adorable smile. I would watch it for him alone but the story sounds fun and the cast is solid.

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