JYP Pauses During Baeksang Performance to Publicly Greet Suzy’s Boyfriend Lee Min Ho

The 2015 Baeksang Art Awards was this week and the funniest bit was hands down courtesy of JYP (Park Jin Young) and Lee Min Ho. I don’t know if it was scripted by both, or one side knew but the other party was clueless, whatever led up to it the result was glorious. JYP was performing a set during the awards, walking through the celebrity packed tables when he suddenly called pause and took the best 7 second detour in “I’m keeping my eye on you, boy” history. This all makes sense since JYP is both a solo singer and the president of JYP Entertainment which manages Miss A, the group that Suzy belongs to.

Suzy is an idol singer, actress, and now has a third moniker as Lee Min Ho’s girlfriend (and Lee Min Ho has also added the moniker as Suzy’s boyfriend), with their relationship unfolding in the public eye since their epic outing during a London sojourn. One wonders if Big Boss JYP ever called Lee Min Ho in for a mano-a-mano talk after hearing he is dating Suzy, if that hasn’t happened yet then he’s certainly put Lee Min Ho on notice after this meet-and-greet. Check out the hilarity below – I can’t figure out what I loved the most, JYP’s finger point “iimma watching you” in the end, Lee Min Ho’s super respectful bow, or Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won cracking up beside Lee Min Ho. 

JYP Takes a Break to Greet Lee Min Ho at the Baeksang Art Awards:


JYP Pauses During Baeksang Performance to Publicly Greet Suzy’s Boyfriend Lee Min Ho — 26 Comments

  1. I love how KRW is laughing so hard 😀
    I’m glad to see that all those “KRW is not happy with Gangnam Blues” talks were just rumours 🙂

    • And KRW is good to LMH. From fancam they both chit chat and laugh. Jo Jaehyun sunbaenim even join their conversations. I think KRW has no problem at all with GB/GB casts.

    • Why would he be unhappy with a movie where he’s one of the main characters? SMH some people come up with the most ridiculous things to start drama.

  2. Lee Min Ho looks so handsome that night. Like very handsome ugh.
    That moment really hilarious haha LMH show off perfect manners despite his shockness.
    Jo Jaehyun smile too beside KRW lolol

  3. I really doubt it’s scripted. Or maybe I’m hoping it’s not because it’s just too epic to be planned. JYP is love, and LMH’s bow was so adorable. I’m gonna watch this video whenever I’m down LOL

      • Now I get it, where Suzy is getting all these overhypes! Her manager and backer is no other than the powerful JYP. That’s why I cant in all honestly convince myself to see her as that beautiful as they proclaimed. Everything is planned and scripted, poor us who’ll be fooled!

  4. I think I watched it like 5 times. It cracked me up. No matter how famous you are it’s got to be a surprise.

  5. The ultimate “I’m not afraid to embarrass you in public if you hurt Suzy (career or feelings)” moment

    I was cackling and replaying this yesterday

  6. I think I replayed it 10 times!
    LMH looked really flustered tho.

    He posted on his twitter before the show asking who he should sing “who’s your mama” (his song’s title) to..
    He even changed his song to “That House” when he sang to Lee Yuri, referring her current wedding.

    JYP is the man, he’s the real performer..hahaha

  7. Ha, funny! JYP seems really cool. I had no clue who he was when I watched dream high so I was surprised when I found out because he’s a very funny actor.

    Goodness, I wish I could have sat at that table right between Kim Rae Won and Cho Jae Hyun! They both look so good ughhh…

  8. Aside from Woollim (INFINITE’s label company) CEO, JYP is perhaps my favorite Kpop boss because of his hilarious personality. The idols under his agency are so fun to watch. I guess it’s true that the management sets the culture at workplace including entertainment industry.

  9. JYP performance would have been much better if he had purchased clothing for his backup dancers. Burlesque anyone?
    How far will he go with his next performance?

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