High Society with UEE and Sung Joon Release Creatively Eye-catching Drama Posters

I was planning on checking out upcoming SBS Mon-Tues drama High Society (formerly Chaebol’s Daughter) no matter what. I loved the teaser promos with leads UEE and Sung Joon making out with youthful tenderness, not to mention the first drama previews looked interesting on the narrative front. UEE is a chaebol’s youngest daughter who goes undercover as a market clerk, hiding her rich identity to find a man who loves her without strings attached. Sung Joon is a smart go-getter from a poor family who is calculating in climbing the success ladder and finds himself falling for UEE, both for her personality and for her wealth.

Park Hyung Sik is the UEE male equivalent, a chaebol’s son who embraces his wealthy background while falling for real poor girl played by Lim Ji Yeon. The dual couple set up is one of my faves because it allows for some exploration of a love triangle (quadrangle) while keeping a mutually happy end game plausible. The just released official drama posters continues the positive trend, sending my interest level one step higher with artistically creative compositions which bring a breath of fresh air in a quagmire of dull and duller drama posters. The Warhol-esque one has cool taglines and great color visuals while the one with everyone doing photo booth shots is beyond adorable.


High Society with UEE and Sung Joon Release Creatively Eye-catching Drama Posters — 16 Comments

      • I don’t mean to question your judgement, but I agree with the OP. Those are some stupid-sounding taglines.

        Don’t be evil.

        I can be evil.

        What’s that supposed to mean? I don’t think it fits in with the plot. And the PHS one is way too long to be called a tagline. “The good is the best policy” is just a grammar fail. They should’ve just stuck to pictures only. The captions are awful on so many levels.

  1. The teaser wasn’t so good but dayum these posters pick up my interest. Youthful, daring, different, taking booth photos to another lever. I prefer they use Korean for the characters’ tagline though. It sounds weird and meaningless.

  2. Isn’t this supposed to be melo? all the promos do not scream melo at all, more like a youthful trendy romcom. Hopefully it will be just that! The concept and characters bio are too cute. don’t waste it on unnecessary angst pleasee

  3. Yeap i’m hyped for that too. previously i wasn’t so interested but the teasers and pics sold. hopefully it will be good. moreover i hope for an interesting character for SJ after the potential he showed in HJM.

  4. I am here for Park Hyung Sik and I’m more excited about the second leads and their relationship than the first. Both stories have been there done that in dramaland but I find the story and the actors a better suit for my tastes.

  5. I guess High Society didn’t meet your expectations since you are not posting any recap. Same here, it’s a low budget project and the story is too cliche but I still want to give it a shot.

  6. Sung Joon is a terrible actor, i couldn’t stand looking at his emotionless face every episode. This guy never smiled, he kept giving that same spaced out face every fking tear jerking moment. He’s supposed to act like a pitiful low being in the show, but instead he showed that high and mighty expression every time!

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