Guan Xiaotong, Zhao Lu Si, and Yu Shu Xin Top Netizen Chart Making the Rounds Lining Up the Post-95 Little Flowers

This certainly is a helpful chart (see below) and these will be like 80% of the leading ladies we see in C-dramas in the next 3-5 years in regular rotation. With the remaining the past and still current 4 Flowers like Yang Zi, Yang Mi, Dilraba Dilmarut, Liu Shi Shi, Crystal Liu, and Bai Lu who are even more in demand but will probably do fewer dramas a year going forward, more quality and less quantity. This chart puts Guan Xiaotong at the top of the Post-95 Little Flowers and that’s a given with both her liuliang and her position within C-ent growing up as a child actress with now a lot of clout. Her tag line is “If I (Her Majesty the Empress) doesn’t wilt, then you’ll will keep on waiting as just the concubines” mahaha so Legend of Zhen Huan! Second spot goes to Zhao Lu Si whose tagline is “I am the prime example of a 95 liuliang flower.” Tru dat! Third place is Yu Shu Xin (Esther Yu) who says “Just a smidge distance to the top 2, I can’t beat them (but my fans can).” She apparently has the most vocal and large fanbase thanks to her idol background before acting. The fourth tier below consists of Song Zu Er, Ren Min, Shen Yue, and Yang Cao Yue with the tagline “Got something but three are lacking fans and one is lacking character (i.e. a memorable character)”. And finally the fifth tier you can find Zhou Ye, Zhang Jing Yi, Wang Chu Ran, and Tian Xi Wei and those ladies say “How many times do we have to say it, don’t look down on us waiting to explode (with popularity) flowers, next year we will pass cars (when a car speeds up to pass another car)”. What do you guys think?


Guan Xiaotong, Zhao Lu Si, and Yu Shu Xin Top Netizen Chart Making the Rounds Lining Up the Post-95 Little Flowers — 80 Comments

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  2. Once Esther Yu fix her speaking style, she’s the better actress among the top 3. Her popularity comes from being an idol but also from just authentic hard work, without having to resort to some underhanded approach. GXT is of course on top for a reason. She not only has superior capital behind her, she’s also the most beautiful among all in the list. Her beauty is something else. ZLS also works hard, but while she is gaining a lot of fans as she offers them many, many works/dramas, she is also most disliked by many due to her or her agencies’ past actions. She has some really embarrassing labels to her name coz of that. Those are hard to shake off. My opinion, solely my opinion.

    • My opinions about your opinions:

      – Esther Yu isn’t a good actress (she always picks the same type of Cutesy Silly Funny role where she can talk in a baby voice even as a 27 year old, how is that proof of acting skills?), she never got nominated for any acting awards, mainly does idol dramas, never passed the auditions for China’s top acting schools. You’re saying shes good at acting because she isn’t pretty and you can’t explain her fame. Someone good at acting is 1994er Huang Yao, shes 1 year older than Esther and already won mainstream TV awards for her role in Minning Town while Esther is doing idol dramas that have no chance of any mainstream award nominations. Esthers success is because she’s very rich and invests in her own dramas so she gets to play the lead actress despite having subpar visuals.

      GXT is pretty but she is hardly the prettiest of her age group, her figure is good but her face is unsuitable for idol dramas. She cannot act cute at all and looks terrible doing it. There is a reason why all her idol dramas or
      films flop and get bad ratings. She is rated highly on this list because she won the Magnolia best supporting actress in 2017 for 大丈夫 (she peaked back then imo, nothing she has done since got good ratings) where she acted as a rebellious teenager, but most of her performances after that have been criticised by viewers until Twenty Your Life On. GXT should stop doing idol dramas and just move on to ensemble dramas like Ode to Joy or Twenty Your Life On.

      I agree with you on Zhao Lusi, but she has a lot of audience rapport and scary fans who harasss anyone who criticises her. Her ability to attract diehard fans like Kpop idols is a skill, and other actresses on this list don’t have it. But recently Esther Yus fans outnumbered/outvoted Zhao Lusi’s fans on Weibo so it’s obvious Esther has the bigger fanbase even if Lusi attracts more diehard types.

      All these 3 are hardly good actresss, those who are good at acting get casted by Daylight Entertainment like Zhao Jin Mai, Ren Min, Song Zu Er, Wang Chu Ran. Daylight is a company making a lot of award winning dramas like Nirvana in Fire, Reset, Minning Town, Battle of Changsha; Zhao Lusi’s fans kicked up a fuss recently because Daylight did not cast her for a drama and denied any rumors. They also will not work with Esther because most Daylight drama actors have impeccable voices. GXT has to work hard to show she is still serious about her career, although she ranks high due to past achievements she is seen as someone who peaked in her teens and doesn’t suit the roles she’s taking now.

      • My bad, Guan Xiaotong won the Magnolia best supporting actress award for 好先生 To Be A Better Man (back then people said she didn’t deserve it but it was not as bad as Dilireba winning awards for Pretty Li Huizhen), this is the reason GXT is top of this list and touted to have acting skills. The problem is that since winning all her dramas have score 2-3/10 on Douban, the last thing I watched her in was Zhang Yimou’s Shadow and her stock has plummeted a lot such that she struggles to attract fans ever since dating Luhan, Chinese netizens cyberbullied her for fake-eating some vegetarian dumplings she got paid to promote and asked why she was peddling vegetarianism when she loved eating meat. Her bubble tea business also has legal problems and shes a defendant in lawsuits regarding that so her in general it’s hard for her to attract new fans and her old fans complain that her heart isnt in acting and she just wants to make money off business and soft retire after getting married.

        I actually think she’s a really good actress when given the right role (headstrong, rebellious, fiery characters, or careerwomen) but when she tries to play those Cutesy Silly Sweet roles Esther and Zhao Lusi ace, she looks bad and gets flak. She may also be tired of acting after debuting so young and making a lot of money, many child actresses are like this. But the big problem is that in her 20s Guan Xiaotong is too young to do roles for actresses in their 30s but she look too mature to pull of those ditzy silly female characters like Esther’s Little Orchid or act as a student like Lusi. In her 30s I think GXT’s career will pick up again, she is very good in those fierce career lady roles I’m surprised Daylight hasnt casted her but maybe they too think she deproved too much.

      • Totally agreed with your list of the good actresses. I specifically love Song ZhuEr and Zhao JinMai. Both started as child actress and their acting are superb without the need for drumroll etc. Song ZhuEr’s The Bond and Zhao JinMai’s Reset are one of the best drama in current year.

      • Zhao Lusi fans are demented lol. Accept the fact that she isn’t a good actress except in an extremely limited sort of role requiring not much emotions or acting. I agree with the comment which said seeing her next to someone who can actually act like Leo Wu was eye opening. She needs to go to some acting classes instead of acting like some kpop idol.

    • Esther Yu needs to improve her acting, not just how she speaks. She’s a hard worker, I’m sure, but I doubt she didn’t get any help from her wealthy family status. Come on, we all know that.

    • I like Zhao LuCi most. I don’t k know much about her baggage… but based on her work, I enjoyed the most of the top 3 so far.

  3. Beauty is in their eye if the beholder. Fans will always say their favorite is the MOST beautiful. But you know what fans can’t say base on their “feelings” ? Who is better at result. Objectively, by the numbers, of all these people on this list Zhao Lusi has no equal. She is top. Period.

    Zhao Lusi is the Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish of China. haters will keep on hating, but she will keep on crushing it. Lol

      • I have vlinkage and other data points to back me and my delusions. What do you have?lol

      • God no, Lusis fans are notorious for stealing leo wu’s vlinkage charts and doctoring them, why would anyone want to see? It’s pathetic how Lusi fans need to proclaim her to be the best anytime anywhere, but as many netizens oft say “her fans are a reflection of her own behaviour”. Lusi’s team often buys hot searches proclaiming her as the “top post 95 actress”, “prettier than Dilreba”, “the new Zhao Liying”, and her fans doctor data charts and want to shove them in people’s face if others disagree that she is the best. Sheesh.

        As you said “Fans will always say their favourite is the best”, you may claim Lusi’s farts smell sweet but ultimately she still isnt going to be nominated much less win any TV acting awards like the Magnolia, Golden Eagle, or Flying Apsaras so how can you say Lusi is objectively the best? Mind you, Zhao Lusi just had her first television drama Hutong air so far and it was a CCP propaganda drama produced by her own company for China’s national day so Lusi could get on TV! Why does her company need to pay to make a TV drama for her if shes so talented?

        Lusi’s acting and visuals in Hutong got criticised a lot, there are compilations of her glaring (angelababy and Lusi’s signature expressions) or comedic acting when her character is serious. If Lusi is a good actress, companies like New Classics Media, Linmon, or Daylight will cast her in those heavyweight dramas like Minning Town, The Bond, Reset… So why do they cast other actresses?

        I actually think Lusi is a good romantic comedy actress who does well in certain types of cute roles but because she never studied acting formally, her speech is too slurred to be casted by Daylight (a company that casts actors based on how clear their lines air when speaking in character) and her fans need to stop harassing Daylight to give her a role like beggars on Weibo. As I said, if Lusi is such a good actress why do her fans need to shamelessly harrass Daylight to cast her as if she is a starving no-name D lister? Ultimately they know Lusi’s acting skills are not good enough to be considered by Daylight but they want Lusi to win a TV acting award like Guan Xiaotong so begging Daylight is their plan. I suspect Lusi’s company directed fans to pressure Daylight as well, and once Daylight denied any casting rumors her fans got angry and accused Daylight of using Lusi to “gain publicity for their drama” as if Daylight isnt coveted by all actors in Chinas TV industry as THE company that produces many award-winning dramas which air on TV (FYI Reset is their 1st ever webdrama and it was a sucess, but Daylight is trying to appeal to younger people too) and not webdramas. In any case, Lusi and her fans need to 适可而止, it doesn’t benefit Lusi at all to insist shes the best all the time (Esther Yu clearly has the bigger fandom, she’s the real post95 top liuliang just based on Weibo upvotes but she doesnt buy hot searches to proclaim her fame unlike Lusi) or cyberbully a small but famous company like Daylight (Cnetz claim that Hou Hongliang bears grudges for a long time) because the top TV production companies like Daylight, Linmon, and New Classics Media are known to prefer strong actors they have good relationships with (e.g. Jiang Shuying, i think shes extremely meh but she gets casted for Ode to Joy, Nothing But Thirty, Crime Crackdown because people in the industry seem to like her) and it doesn’t help Lusi or her fans to offend those companies if she ever wants to be nominated for a Magnolia or Flying Apsaras TV award. That said i think Lusi could win the Golden Eagle Queen since its purely a popularity award, but Angel Zhao is rumored to be the winner this year.

      • You mean prime example of a successful caring exceptional actress. Zhao Lusi brought me to CDrama…never cared for cdramas before but there’s something about her that draw audiences from different parts of the world that some of the other C actresses arent able to achieved. I think her fans are not just Chinese but of different nationalities and that speaks a lot as to how far she has gone.

      • What Anona wrote is correct.

        Fans really need to get a grip on reality. There is nothing wrong with making romcoms. It’s not shameful. She has her following and this is her reach at the moment. You really aren’t helping her by getting all emotional when someone is spitting facts at you.

        She isn’t working in quality productions. Her lines are famously garbled. Her acting needs quite a bit of work. She can’t buy her way into quality dramas, no amount of money can. She knows how to get there, they all do, so it’s her choice whether she wants to attempt it. She will not be the first person to attempt transformation. Zhao Liying is in the middle of it now. But ZLS isn’t and she isn’t even trying.

        So stop giving in to emotions and your arguments might actually mean something.

      • “Taylor swift and Billie eilish of China?? “ I think you need serious about ZLS demented fans and they appear on the site..
        Have you seen other Chinese actresses at all, almost all the other non traffic actresses on the list are way better than her..I guess they’ll also be able to get popularity if they had rich dads and shitty tencent behind them

  4. All these ranks are stupid and you can find similar lists for actors as well, why not post it?

    Esther and Rosy are both popular because their dramas did well recently, but also because they started acting fulltime early and did not have to attend college unlike other actresses who took on less work while studying at Beijing Film Academy, Central academy of drama, or Shanghai Theatre Academy. There are people who say going to college is a disadvantage for actresses because Rosy filmed 18 dramas or something since 2018 after dropping out from college.

    But Rosy and Esther are not good actors or nobody would be nominating them for awards soon, ultimately people should not get too caught up with such rankings. Rosy in particular got criticized for her appearance and acting skills recently, even her fans cannot shield it.

    • Rosy won 7 award since she depute
      2019 Golden Bud–The Third Network Film And Television Festival
      2019 7th The Actors of China Awards Ceremony
      2020 Hengdian Film and TV Festival of China
      2020 Tencent Video All Star Awards 2020
      2021 2nd People’s Daily Digital Communication and Fusion Screen Ceremony
      2021 Douyin Star Night 2021
      2021 Seoul International Drama Awards
      all for new actress or best actress.. so you can’t say that

      • Those are mostly nonsensical awards nobody in the industry takes seriously. “Douyin award”? Lusi’s international fans are hopelessly delusional and embarrassing to claim she is some kind of awardwinning actress when she only did webdramas, not TV dramas or films until last month and her acting gets lampooned in China. That is to say, Lusi only did dramas that aired online and none of her dramas before Hutong got on any TV channel in China. And China has a lot of TV channels, one for every province! Plus Hutong was made by her company so she could get on TV using a propanganda CCP puff piece, why is an award-winning actress like her not headlining TV productions more often like Yangzi, Song Zuer, Guan Xiaotong, or Dilreba?

        Also her acting in Hutong left a lot to be desired and exposed her flaws when not doing idol webdramas where the skin filters are cranked up to maximum.

        No matter what award list you post, viewers have eyes and the main awards recognised by people in China are the Golden Eagle (in recent years their credibility dropped after giving DiliReba some acting award for Pretty Li Huizhen over much better actesses, but the Golden Eagle Popularity award is biased too and always given to actresses who work with Hunan TV), Magnolia award (Shanghai TV festival), Flying Apsaras, and Huading award. Other awards are mostly partisan nonsense that can be bought by companies or rigged by fans who massvote. Also what on earth possesses Lusi fans to think she deserves to be called a some “Best Actress”? Her wide eyed glares? There are videos comparing her awful acting in Hutong where Lusi played an orphan to Reyizha’s similar role in Minning Town where she played a poverty striken rural villager, Reyizha got nominated for Best TV Actress (legit big 3/4 TV awards not Douyin star lol) and didnt even win, Tong Yao won for Nothing But Thirty which was controversial. Watch those actresses at least and compare them to Lusi, it’s a totally different sphere of acting. Watch Zhou Xun or Qin Hailu in Red Sorghum, Sun Li in Legend of Zhen Huan, Zhao Liying or Liu Lin in Minglan, what makes you think Lusi is on their level unless youre blind? Even Guan Xiaotong’s win in 2017 for a Magnolia supporting actress award got criticised, Lusi isnt regarded as a good actress by anyone even her own Chinese fans who recognise what counts as a legitimate award lol. They oft defend her by saying shes good in ROTR or romcoms, even Lusi’s Chinese fans are not as shameless as to post a long list of web drama awards nobody cares about because those are known to be rigged or bought. Do her international fans even realise her speech is garbled and not good enough to be casted in serious non romcom dramas?

        Put it this way, if Lusi ever gets nominated or win a Magnolia or Flying Apsaras Best Actress award ill come back here and apologise to her fans. But her standard is far far away to ever reach it (FYI even actresses 10 years older like Yang Mi and Cecilia Liu dont have nominations even though they are liuliang actresses, this is Lusi’s reality) unless she sits down with some acting coaches to improve her diction big time. The other problem is that her visuals are mainly suitable for cute funny young fair maiden type roles (nobody wins serious acting awards for such roles FYI) and once she hits 25-30 those roles will go to younger actresses, Lusi has to move to mature roles where she can’t pull a rubber face and make exaggerated comedic expressions. Even in LLTG netizens said her acting in Part 1 was fine, but a lot of people stopped watching in Part 2 either due to the long-winded plot, her weak acting (there are many screenshots of her face being blank when Leo is crying or struggling hard when suspended on a roof) once her character gets mature. She tends to pull a blank deadeyed face a lot when acting sad and exaggerated glares a la Angelababy when angry, there are picture compilations on Weibo of those expressions she overuses in every drama. In short her acting needs to improve but her eyes lack spiritedness (if you look at Zhao Jin Mai, Reyizha, Yangzi or Song Zhu Er their eyes convey emotion, they are never deadeyed) so Lusi has a limit to how “good” she can be as an actress beyond her control.

      • @mimimi
        you have to be firm and fierce with zhao lusi fans they are known for stalking people who post critical videos of her acting and dramas on B站. Her international fans like to exaggerate how many awards she wins but those are 水奖 (water awards aka rigged awards)… For example Hengdian Awards are given to dramas and actors that pay to film at Hengdian not other rival studios like Zhongshan, what credible award only considers actors or dramas who pay money to film at Hengdian? It’s not a worthy or credible award at all lol, neither are Youku, IQiyi, or Tencent awards worth anything since they are giving prizes to dramas that air on their own web platform a la self-congratulating.

      • @anon

        Leo Wu’s acting is superb and that’s a FACT so basically he influenced Lusi there.

        And what you are saying to Lusi, I think so too but I still like her in dramas because I always love her face and I love eye candy celebrities.

    • you can say that rosy hasn’t win any award. She been Nominated 9 time and win 7 time. all for best actress for her role..
      Golden Bud–The Third Network Film And Television Festival 2019
      7th The Actors of China Awards Ceremony 2019
      Hengdian Film and TV Festival of China 2020
      Tencent Video All Star Awards 2020
      2nd People’s Daily Digital Communication and Fusion Screen Ceremony 2021
      Douyin Star Night 2021
      Seoul International Drama Awards 2021

      • Anon I agree with you about the top 3 actresses, i haven’t seen Esther, GXT Is hit and miss, she’s excellent in some dramas, not so much in others, but I also think she hasn’t found her niche yet.

        ZLS is nowhere near the top, although her crazy fans like to think so..very limited acting and seems to be very ignorant and silly in real life so how can you expect depth when she’s cast in a complex character ? To add insult to injury she regularly buys hs, promotes and instigates rps/ cpf to get shine off all of her costars..this kind of shady behavior is what really pisses people off more than her lack of skills tbh..
        I loved ren min in “ a river flows” so much, I think she has lots of potential and I also think shen yue and fair xing are very natural as’ll be interesting to see who makes it in the end..

  5. Zhao Lusi and Song Zuer have a natural acting style. They are in the moment with their characters, and I typically always believe they are their characters vs. just actors playing characters. Song Zuer is stronger in modern dramas, which we can’t really say about most. Lol. She’s super stiff with action though, which makes her look lacking in the fantasy/historical genre. Zhao Lusi is solid with both.

    Guan Xiaotong at the top? NO. She’s mid, at best, with the rest on this list. Esther Yu is mostly sweet in her roles, but that’s the problem, it’s just always one note. She falls into the mid category too.

    Welp, that’s how I’d rank them.

    • The audacity to say lusi is better in acting than song zuer or guan xiaotong. Lusi can barely act except in idol darams playing the same sort of roles. She tried a different general in hutong and was terrible in it. She didn’t even study her character enough to know which period it was set in. Her team may buy any number of hot searches or steal data but the public opinion of the drama was all laughing at her and before you say they are her antis, no. This is the general public.

      • So much this..The truth is she’s a laughing stock in the elite acting circle of c-ent, but there is no point in logically arguing with her demented fans..the truth is her acting is very limited, she can play one type of role( herself maybe) quite well, in the cutesy type dramas but that’s it.

        I didn’t mind her much before, but I will forever hate her for ruining LLTG part 2 for me.. as someone said it was really painful to see her blank and expressionless face opposite Wu Lei’s excellent emotional scenes.He is clearly theatrically trained and on another level and it shows.

      • @Aka @Mi25 (omgosh, i couldn’t comment under your comments…)


        I enjoy Zhao Lusi’s natural acting style. I don’t see her as Zhao Lusi when she’s in character. She acts with her body through her mannerisms and expressions that I truly believe she stands out over other actresses because she seems so immersed. Not every project she does is good, but that’s most Chinese dramas 🤷🏻‍♀️ because a billion are made a day, but I always believe her characters exist/existed somewhere out there in the world. Her emotional scenes are often solid too. Her attempt to be a dynamic actor by exploring different genres and characters is admirable. I could see her as strong, capable, experienced fighter Bai Fengxi in WRTW and more toned down and realistic Niao Niao in LLTG.

        Song Zuer is 10,000x stronger with line delivery! She’s too good at dialogue and dominates this whole list of actresses in line delivery and believability! I loved her in her realistic approach to her character in “Legally Romance”, which could’ve easily taken a bad turn, but she carried it and helped to elevate Z.Tao when he was struggling. Her lacking fantasy outing with Wu Lei was probably because of the stupid voice they gave her, ugh, and she ain’t a good fighter, that’s for sure! Lol. Hopefully her drama with Allen Ren turns out well. Can’t wait to see her in fantasy mode!

        Overall, I think Song Zuer is the most talented in acting, but Zhao Lusi has explored more genres with good, fun storylines and delivered more consistent, convincing performances in entertaining dramas/storylines.

        For sure I’m not a fan of Guan Xiaotong. At all. She is very decent, and I was honestly surprised to see her as “one of the top” 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ll take a high level drama recommendation with her in it 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. The modern dramas Lusi does are not 正剧 realist dramas but idol dramas when shes the FL and the drama is centred on romance with the ML, its not the same as a proper modern realist drama like The Bond or Twenty Your Life On (Guan Xiaotong and Bu Guanjin got praised a lot, Douban gave it >8 but I haven’t watched and the TV broadcast ratings were low because its focused on an ensemble cast not romance between an ML or FL).
    Zhao Lusi’s first ensemble drama was Hutong and her acting was subpar but it’s a propaganda drama anyway, her next drama is some Chinese medicine drama with Wu Gang and that’s a better test of her acting skills in modern dramas, not Love in the Kitchen or Please Feel At Ease Mr Ling. Those are idol webdramas not realist TV dramas which are deemed by the industry as the best way to judge acting skills. Even wuxia, xianxia, historical webdramas tend to overuse thick makeup, dubbing, skin filters, wigs, CGI and other paraphernalia such that its hard to tell if theres any real acting involved or they just pose or pretend to fall down a cliff in front of green screens (WRTW was criticised for this). Chengyi looks great in xianxia with all the CGI and very different in Draw the Line where he used his own voice, didnt wear any wigs, and had to use more acting skills to match skilled veterans like Jin Dong who get nominations for Best Actor.

    • @anon

      i enjoyed reading your essays. coz i know it’s the fact. her ifans should stop delusionaling themselves and step on other artists/ fandom. I remember that some of her ifans belittling you are my glory after lltg won some awards in tencent by saying, what impact did yamg have? lol this really made me laughing coz yamg litterally got so many national recognitions even till now 🤣 while they’re boasting abt lltg while that dramas only won some PLATFORM awards. this is so embarrassing tbh.

    • No Mimimi, we are just discussing the real situations here. We are the audience and we are watching them, comparing them so we are able to know who are better and who are mediocre. It ain’t about degrading the personality of these actresses but just stating facts based on how audience perceived them thru their dramas and accomplishemnts in acting.

  7. Esther Yu actually has made quite an impression on me when her role in LBFND traded places with the ML (episode 11 to 13), she no longer had that cutesy voice and her acting was on point.

  8. ZLS’s acting in LLG was excruciating. Thae biggest problem with that drama, glaringly, is the unmatched acting of the lead actors. While WL delivered his role impeccably, in every scene, ZLS esp after ep 10, was going through the scenes haphazardly. I couldn’t continue watching. And I think the reason for that is she wasn’t studying her role enough to understand and deliver it to T.

    • Mindy dear, Among the three’s acting skills, the top one is Gabriella Guan. She has already acclaimed awards to back up her acting skills plus she graduated from the prestigious acting academy BFA wc honed her acting skill. If you will tell me what’s the connection of that , just see how Wu Lei acted alongside Zhao Lusi in LLTG , you will see the big discrepancy of their emotions and how they pronounce and dictionize their words. Those come from acting academy have their own prestige in their acting because that’s what the academy offers.

      • @Mindy Exactly..the imbalance of acting skill, micro expressions and diction was excruciatingly painful to watch in LLTG, it was as if they were acting in two different dramas or genres. It would have been more believable if the plot line involved ZLS as a time traveling modern girl,( which is the plot line she is most familiar with and always acts I guess) as it was, ZLS acting significantly brought down the quality of the production, which would have been a bit like NIrvana in fire, if only they had cast a trained actress.

  9. The past/current flowers aren’t all stellar actors either, so I hope people don’t think it as an assessment of acting. The top 3 ladies do have charisma and can draw a large audience. And most productions need to secure investments and investors need an easy reason to invest.

    The c-drama industry goes through so many young actresses and moves at such a fast pace (a 24-episode drama can suddenly show up for airing and then finish airing in a matter of weeks vs the kdramas taking a few weeks of promo on top of 3 months to finish airing it), I don’t blame actresses for grabbing onto as many lead roles as they can.

  10. Anyway the Flying Apsaras shortlist is out and nominations will be announced on November 1, I hope Koala will feature it because it is the top TV award and hardest to win for actors, only Huading and Magnolia come close but are slightly less prestigious. The Golden Eagle Awards have become very “watery” due to Hunan TV’s biasedness towards actresses who have dramas that air on their channel, and this year Golden Eagle will allow webdrama nominations which will only lower its prestige in future even if Reset is the drama nominated.

    • You know, all these awards and critics and of day are nice for collection- like count how many Oscar or Cannes movies broke the Box Office..If you say fans are blowing Zhao Lusi up, then damn! Does she has billions of fans who watched Who Rules The World, or Love Like The Galaxy ?!! Not to mention other millions who watch her dramas on Youtube or wherever..
      So, let her be a poor actress with billion of viewers – and nominate whoever to get awards, it’s fine for me .

      • What billions of viewers are you imagining? Tencent faked so much statistics when it comes to LLG that they got a call from the government, twice, about the stats. Let’s not even mention the doctored stats that belong to Wu Lei that were edited to make them seem like hers.

    • Updated news about Feitian Awards (Flying Apsaras) drama nominations according to Marcus Here.
      For Best Drama category , the nominated are:

      1. The Bond
      2. Go Ahead
      3. Serenade of Peaceful Joy
      4. Ideal City
      5. Ace Troops
      6. The Rebel
      7. The list goes on…

      Wang Kai has 4 nominations in Best Actor category. Wohoo, I would love him to win this. He is really the best actor. Nirvana in Fire fan here.

  11. Zhao Lusi’s name bring all the haters to the yard. Lol I see people writing dissertation telling us all the reasons she is this and not that. Meanwhile she keeps on slaying. And that is how legends are made.

    FYI my biggest Chinese actress crush is Sun Li. The true Queen of Chinese drama land. Zhao Lusi can be the princess for now, and all the ridiculously assumptions I read about her are not going to change anything.

    • Why do Lusi and her fans love to compare her to Zhao Liying, Sun Li, Dilreba etc, aka what Chinese fans call 碰瓷? Imagine an Instagram artist with 20 million followers starts calling themselves the new Picasso and if people tell him not to use Picasso’s name to upgrade their own status or market themselves as a “21st century Art Prince”, their fans get angry and call everyone a jealous hater for telling that Instagrammer not to use Picassos name or call themselves a prince. Haha

      Seriously nobody else does this only Zhao Lusi, Esther Yu’s idol fandom is bigger than Rosy but shes very lowkey and her fans doesnt proclaim her the new Sun Li or princess of Chinese drama. Guan Xiaotong has never called herself the new GongLi, Zhang Ziyi, or TV queen or princess despite winning a Magnolia award at 19 (Chinese actors usually get nominated for such awards in their 30s) and acting in a Zhang Yimou film at 20. Zhou Dongyu has never called herself the new Zhou Xun or GongLi despite winning Best Film Actress in Taiwan, HK, and China’s top film awards in her 20s. All these actress don’t keep name-dropping other actresses as a marketing PR tactic nor do they use wordplay (why don’t you just say Zhao Lusi is a TV queen instead of “princess for now”, dont use SunLi to make your statement sound more legitimate since Sun Li is well liked?) to raise their own status shamelessly. I may not like Esther’s acting but she should be praised for her modesty, she doesnt buy hot searches claiming shes the most popular post95 (based on fandom power alone, she is the top liuliang flower in the post95s, her fandom never fails to prove their numerical superiority in the Weibo comment section lol) unlike Lusi and she doesn’t buy searches to call herself the new Yangzi or proclaim herself prettier than her costars. Dilireba fans are enemies with Zhao Lusis fandom after Lusi bought hot searches saying Lusi was prettier in Long Ballad (Dilireba crossdressed as a man and Lusi played a princess, just compare how they look on the red carpet jeez), Lusi and her fans cannot help but mention other actresses when they want to boost Lusi up.
      Reba is known for her beauty? Theyll compare Lusi to Reba. Sun Li is a TV queen? They call Lusi a TV princess. Zhao Liying never attended college or acting school? They call Lusi the new Zhao Liying. If Lusi gets a movie role they will call her the new GongLi or what.

      • There was not one comparison made in my comment. Not one. I stated that I am not a Zhao Lusi stan. I am a Sun Li fan girl in Chinese Dramaland. who people in china are comparing Lusi to i would not know. I do not speak or read chinese. I just gave my perspective from the standpoint of an American viewer. I think she has talent that is underappreciated in China and in acting in general. Comedic timing. I can appreciate her talent. some fans may say their faves are more beautiful or whatever, I can say Zhao Lusi may not be the most beautiful to some, but she is the most comedic actress in
        C-dramaland thus far. Someone better may come up, but this person has not debuted yet.

        But what this comment section is showing is some people are obsessed in finding faults where there are none. Making up imaginary drama is not going to stop her rise to wherever destiny is going to take her. It’s out of the hand of her fans and haters. It’s in Lusi’s hand and her choices moving forward.

      • Is Lusi really out there telling people she is the next zhao liying? she is prettier than Reba? you heard Lusi said shes prettier than Reba? are you speaking on facts or based on Lusi melon that you read on weibo? lmao girl pls which fandom are you belong to? I really want to know lol.

    • IKR they make A plus effort writing 10000 words essay to convice us how bad zhao lusi is LMAO. Lusi girl, you are such a legend. look at these people writing an essay about you. keep slaying zhao lusi, the actress that bring me to c drama land !

  12. Also, Lusi is quite famous there is really no need for her or her fans to be so insecure and namedrop other top actresses as a qualifier (“do you know Reba? Lusi is prettier”, “do you know Sun Li or Zhao Liying? Lusi is their successor”), a lot of Chinese netizens hope that she will stop comparing herself to others for attention since those comparisons are ridiculous (SunLi never did idol dramas or ditzy romcoms, when she was Lusi’s age she debuted in Jade Godddess of Mercy and got nominated for a bunch of awards because its a serious drugdealing crime drama iirc), Lusi should be able to confidently be judged for her own beauty or acting skill using others. People have eyes, they wont magically think someone is prettier just because Dilreba is mentioned lol. If someone is genuinely a good actress or beautiful, people can see so they and their fans don’t need to boost their status with comparison.

    If you are a good artist, you don’t need to call yourself the new Picasso, your art is enough to stand on its own feet

  13. Talk about Pot/Kettle @Anon. You accuse Lusi’s fans of being militaristic in protecting their bias, yet, from what i’m reading from your essay posts you passion is pretty much on that same level that you accuse them of – but you’re throwing hate towards Lusi.

    I don’t care about awards or whether she is on China TV. And, I’m not a acting teacher so as to scrutinise every minute movement on the face.
    I just know that when I watch Lusi’s drama, i like that she’s not dubbed, her presence doesn’t annoy me, and that her shows are entertaining and enjoyable. She may not play heavy roles, but for the genre (rom-coms) that she’s in, her performance is brilliant in my books.

    For crying out loud, give a dog a bone!
    Lay off on the hate already.
    If you don’t like her, you don’t need to talk about her, talk about someone you like instead.

    • Well said! I watch a movie or drama to relax after a hard day’s work. If some actress/actor appeal to me while watching a drama, I look up their previous drama and follow their future work. That’s how it is with Zhao Lusi. I don’t give a dang if she only acts in web dramas or if whatever big time agency doesn’t cast her. What she’s doing now I like it and that settles it for me. No need to pour so much hate on anyone especially Zhao Lusi and her fans. I’ve followed her drama and from what I’ve seen, she has improved a lot. It’s my opinion and I’m entitled to my opinion just as you’re entitled to yours. But freedom of speech comes with a responsibility also. I hope you’re aware of that.

      • This post is about 95 line top actresses and people are giving logical views on why ZLS doesn’t deserve to be called that. It’s not about mildly liking her in idol dramas..there are so many idol dramas and actresses playing the idol/ romance/ xianxia and most of them can also act and draw you into the plot line, but that doesn’t make them top actresses. ever wondered why an unknown actress like ZLS , who is not a child actress,not an idol nor professionally trained got lead roles and so many projects almost from the get go. Most of the time it depends on the capital and the investors and the power behind you. And people are correctly bashing ZLS for her poor performance in Hutong and her lack of interest to learn her art because she did not even know what period her character belonged to, in an important CCP endorsed drama.

  14. Lmao, the 95er line for c-actors and actresses are not fixed yet. Give it another 2-3 years and I’m sure the 95er chart will gain some new additions.

    • I’ll throw a potential fresh name additional in ’96 born 毛晓慧 Mao Xiao Hui, she’s been tapped as the next Xiaolongnu in the 2025 C-drama adaptation of Romance of the Condor Heroes. If she’s great then it’s a career vaulting role.

      • I remember there were articles about her acting as Zhao Ling-er and compared herself to Liu Yifei’s original version. Seems like she’s trying to replace Liu Yifei’s image since Liu Yifei has acted as Xiao Longnv too.

      • I feel like all of the current 95er c-actresseses with some recognition are the same cutesy/innocent type. I hope there will be drop-dead-gorgeous or sexy types like Dilraba.

  15. It’s zhao lusi’s year! Her acting has been improved greatly. She’s always on my top list from most promising to the next superstar. And I love her down to earth personality and how she interact with her fans. 😍🌹🐰

  16. The ZLS haters always astonish me. I see more long-winded posts about how terrible she and her fans are than the delusional fans that they keep on harping about. These people are possibly even more passionate about ZLS than even her fans on this site.

  17. Whoever thought of this ranking must really hate these actresses because they brought out all the haters and lovers. War of Words. Jeez.

  18. I wish some people posting odes here about ZLS could speak mandarin and visit Chinese socials. It would be like comedy hour for me to see their fits. Ah, dreams.

    • You have a sad existence. I hope one day you will find a different form of entertainment that’s less toxic.

      Most ZLS fans like her for her acting and dramas. And between a viewer and actress that’s enough. It’s not that deep. I don’t need to browse social media beyond my current niche to find my joy and giggles.

  19. ZLS is the one who’s always gave me joy with her dramas. She’s a natural a very unique young actress.
    I first saw GX in Novoland the castle in the sky, since then I like her too. She’s not just beautiful, but a great actress as well.
    The last girl, I only saw her in Love between fairy and devil but I dropped that one because of her. Maybe it was just her character, but I couldn’t stand watching her in it. Maybe she played her well, that’s why I hated it.:D I’ll see her in other dramas, I’m sure.

  20. Why so many hates toward zhao lusi ? I love her sm. She is the actress that brought me back to chinese drama. my last c drama was love 020 which I dropped because of YangYang bad acting and come back this yr because of zhao lusi in who rules the world. she nailed as bai fengxi and thank god YY has improved. Hope she will fly higher and ignore all these bad people. We are outsider and strangers we dont know what exactly happened and the fact that some one here make an effort to write a long essay shading her as if you are her neighbour and know everything about her just blown me away. only now I realized how toxic the c drama fans are. sometimes they are even more toxic than kpop fans.

  21. Being an older person (70) I’ve lived a long life, so I’ve seen and heard a lot. The HATE being spewed about Zhao Lusi is disgusting, and it’s not hurting her but the haters. You keep insisting she pays for searches, when in reality you are generating searches at no cost with your words. Also, you are disrespecting all the actresses and actors who work on the same dramas with her. Because I like her work and stand up for her, of course, you will consider me delusional. That’s fine…at least I’m laughing, smiling, crying, and having a good time while watching her dramas. I’m an international fan & proud of it!!!

  22. Zhao Lusi has antis because of her past behaviour plus how her fans love to attack everyone. Name one costar she hasn’t had issues with or used to get attention. She can barely act except in one type of role and her fans think she is the next whoever and she and they shamelessly namedrop or buy hot searches. Her fans write she out acted yangyang and wulei when her lack of acting and limited expressions against an amazing actor wulei or a seasoned actor yangyang was so evident. In the second part of LLTG especially she was terrible and completely ruined the drama for me.Her fans and she need to be more humble and shut up when people point out facts.

  23. Well, these days Zhao Lusi’s name ain’t surprising because she has always current dramas that are airing, sometimes they are simultaneously airing. For the two, I could say also yes, Esther Yu is on the roll and her dramas have good views and ratings and Guan Xioatong has variety show but her drama is seldom. Concludingly, Zhao Lusi is the QUEEN these days of C-drama.

    • I hope Esther drops the baby voice and lets see how she does in more serious stuff not just idol dramas, but her fandom is the biggest among the 3. There are way better actresses than the 3 among 96ers but Guan Xioatong can act pretty well and should be on top as an actress. Zhao Lusi is not a good actress except in idol dramas with the same sort of character. Her crying scene in lltg was decent and then she ruined it all in all the remaining scenes. Either she doesn’t study her character well or she thinks pouting and glaring her way through scenes is acting. Also lusi’s fandom is very toxic and also completely out of touch with reality.

      • Well, I like her cute voice and they she is doing it. That’s why I love her in Find Yourself, so to each his own is the remedy here but I amm agreeing in what you said that they need to do serious dramas like how GXT is doing in order for them to showcase their acting talents. For Lusi, she really has many antis, maybe because of her attitude and her fans attitude but it isn’t important to me as long as her drama is making me laugh and satisfied that’s all matter. For the big fanbase of EY , that’s her advantage, we can’t do anything about that.

      • Well, I like her cute voice and the way she is doing it. That’s why I love her in Find Yourself, so to each his own is the remedy here but I am agreeing in what you said that they need to do serious dramas like how GXT is doing in order for them to showcase their acting talents. For Lusi, she really has many antis, maybe because of her attitude and her fans attitude but it isn’t important to me as long as her drama is making me laugh and satisfied that’s all matter. For the big fanbase of EY , that’s her advantage, we can’t do anything about that.

      • pouting is what esther yu does in lbfad. I frking drop LBFAD because of her pouting face and annoying voice god its just unbearable. Dylan is a visual serve but esther is making me wanna throw my laptop

  24. When it comes to acting I will always love Zhou Dong Yu. She is will always a top tier to me when it comes showing appropriate emotions. Well, she ain’t that good in drama but her films are always on top and acclaimed. But to name a few that’s really hit me in acting is Zhao Angel. This young actress has also a knack in acting and she know what she is doing. Zhou Ye is also a good actress. Zhang Zifeng is another one that’s very good in acting. Ren Min also. These actresses are well-known from film industry but invading dramas or tv is a different thing. Mostly idols are more populars than those actresses because of their fan base but I can’t say they don’t know how to act. Zhao Lusi is a good actress, I mostly love her acting DITK but. Esther Yu has a very cutesy voice that I find so cute. GXT is a good actress too and her acting touches me. But total in all, TV is really hard than movies but dramas are more making money and popularity because of visibility. Film can stay at least weeks to month in theaters but dramas take at least two to three months when it is aired and when rating is good rating, endorsements are coming fastly hence the popularity of the celebrities are sure soaring high.

  25. @anon

    Leo Wu’s acting is superb and that’s a FACT so basically he influenced Lusi there.

    And what you are saying to Lusi, I think so too but I still like her in dramas because I always love her face and I love eye candy celebrities.

  26. Imo most of the 95-line flowers are lacking in visuals compared to their 85-line seniors. They all look like average girl-next-door. Imo the only ones who stand out are Zhou Ye, Song Zu’er and Wang Churan, but they don’t seem famous enough. Hoping there would be more fresh blood in the upcoming years.

    Also, I think Bai Lu is more often compared to Zhao Lusi and Yu Shuxin, rather than Dilireba and Yang Zi, despite the fact she is born in 1994.

    • BL is more closer in age to Yu Shuxin 1995 than the other two 1992… Age aside, I think BL image is more mature and with a wider acting range than the cutesy type that Yu Shuxin is always portraying. All the other mentioned do not have the acting range to carry a drama yet…

  27. koala if you need some new melons, esther yu & arthur chen are touted for black lotus manual by reliable melon accounts.

    protip: the official drama melon board on douban is the drama group 戏精组, the main drama group is 国产剧组, the group for actresses is 豆瓣花组, the group for young stars is 鲜嫩花生俱乐部, another group for general gossip, melons,stats is 格局小了. all these groups have gossip, melons, and comments stating if theyre reliable.

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