Yoochun Confirms Military Enlistment for August 2015

The big exodus really is coming at the end of this year and into 2016 as the huge group of male K-stars born in 1987 get ready to enlist in the army. I can’t even write all the names down because it’ll make me sniffle, there are so many of them. Until then, it’s time to say goodbye to a smaller class of ’86-ers, some of whom have already left for the army including Jaejoong and Choi Jin Hyuk. Already confirmed to enlist this summer is Yunho, and now another original DBSK member joins the army train as Yoochun has just announced that he’s going off to the army this August.

I don’t even need a mea culpa to explain my better late than never affection for Yoochun thanks to The Girl Who Sees Smells. It doesn’t even matter that his fans may find that work just okay, for me he was precious and perfect as Choi Moo Gak and that’s a great role to rest on as he heads off to the army. Even better is winning a Baeksang Best New Actor award in film for his role in Sea Fog. I still don’t find Yoochun good looking in the way so many K-stars seem packaged in the same tall flower boy vein, but that’s a good thing as he stands out for being attractive in a relatable way, like the handsome oppa next door that really could live next door. He did a Star1 pictorial in April prior to Smelly Girl so check it out for some very pretty Yoochun pics.


Yoochun Confirms Military Enlistment for August 2015 — 14 Comments

  1. I miss morim couple… tgwss makes me become a fan of him, he is like other ordinary guy in that movie but with charm…

  2. For me, he was perfect as Choi Moo Gak too. so we can’t see Murim in this SBS year end awards? that’s sad! anyway, I am sure will miss him as an actor and last two days he sings & raps perfectly on his FM then I realized I miss him as a singer too. Goodbye Park Yoochun, see you after two years!

  3. me tooo! I have just found my huge crush on Yoochun, and the thought of not seeing him for two years is so..unbearable *sob*

  4. yay you like Yoochun. I already like him in SKKS. He is oozing with charisma back then. i think he suits well as someone from the past. lol

  5. Aww am i the only one thinking Yoochun is really good looking… Duno how to describe his look, just feel he has a kind of aura…a kind of charm… Saw him in a shopping mall JYJ fansign event when i went to Korea last yr, first word came out from my mouth was :”OMG Yoochun is so handsome!!!” I mean of course he is not typical flower boy type…. Oh well, glad to know Koala likes Yoochun now:)

    • for me he is handsome. I was like Koala when I start to adore his acting. Didnt find him that handsome compared to other actors, I just thought he is charming enough. but later on, when I learn more and more about him, I suddenly found he is so handsome and something hahaha especially when I saw him quite close, just about 1 meter from me. I was totally speechless, freeze!

  6. Oh no!!! I wish he picks saeguk after TGWSS project. Oh well, looks like I have to wait again..

    Gonna miss him *sad sad sad*

  7. I do find him pretty. it’s true he is not a flower boy and he has a different beauty but again it’s a matter of taste.
    this is sad but not totaly unexpected since it would have happened this year or in the end of the year. will miss him for sure. glad he did smelly girl before the enlistment and received an award. he so deserves that!
    good luck yoochun-ah!

  8. Yup totally happy he got 9 awards for his role in Sea Fog before he heads into army!! Also he is the second actor in history to grab Grand bell,Blue dragon and Baeksang Best New Actor awards, first one being Lee Jung Jae 21 years ago! (Just a side note: how interesting the fact they are in the same company now, also living in same apartment building lol.) Find it fascinating he got so many acting awards for TV and movie, on top of all music awards and achievements he did with DBSK last time..Hope lots offers of dramas/movies await him when he come out of army 2 yrs later!!!

  9. Gonna miss HIM, so sad but wishing him our sincerest best wishes to this new endeavor. Truly an adorable man! Good luck!

  10. I have loved him since SKKS…and tho he had a few misses…he is very charming and relatable as an actor…and yes…glorious in sageuk…like he’s made for it!!

  11. The pictures are too pretty–not the real Yoochun at all. During his DBSK years, he was the quite experimental with his styles, but nowadays, he can’t be bothered, so he looks more like an ajussi most of the time.

    Yoochun is not one of those actors that will floor you with his looks, but rather, he reels you as you get to know him more. He is charming, dorky, manly and most importantly, very comfortable in his own skin. I just find him so sexy. Oh yeah, that voice is a killer.

    Even though his acting was pretty green, I really liked him in Sunkyunkwan Scandal. Now that he has improved so much since then, I hope that he will do a saguek when he returns.

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