K-ent Hit with Late Spring Breakup News on Tiffany-Nichkhun and Kim Ok Bin-Lee Hee Joon

The C-ent happy romance news this past week sadly didn’t extend to K-ent, which was relatively quiet on the relationship front in recent months but has now been hit with a one-two punch of star couples breaking up. The bigger break up news comes from the idol world as Tiffany of SNSD and Nichkhun of 2PM officially broke up after a year together. That year together is likely much longer than that as rumors abounded for years of the two being together before they confirmed the relationship last year. The reason given is work keeping each too busy to devote time to each other so the relationship naturally sunk under the weight of time apart. Both are young, talented, and very good looking, so while the break up is sad to hear there’s probably not much concern the two can eventually find a last love down the road.

Over on the acting side, Kim Ok Bin and Lee Hee Joon also confirmed their breakup this week after dating for only four months. They met on the set of cable drama Yoona’s Street and played the OTP, with the romance going from reel to real but unfortunately not lasting once the heady early days passed. This news is sad but also rather cool a reminder that mature stars┬ácan, and should, date and enjoy romance even if it doesn’t end up working out.


K-ent Hit with Late Spring Breakup News on Tiffany-Nichkhun and Kim Ok Bin-Lee Hee Joon — 6 Comments

    • Fyi they started dating back in their training days and yes, they’ve been on and off ever since, even having wedding plans. They’ll probably get back together again some time in the future. Or not.

      • I’m sorry but there were never any “wedding plans”. These were more like fanfics rumors/fantasy made up by their shippers. Please stop mentioning unfounded rumors on things & events that never happened. Thank you.

  1. Tiffany and Khun’s breakup must have been more final than the times before. They’ve been on/off for years I thought. Honestly, not that surprising. Less about time apart, I feel they probably just grew out of each other. They are much older now and probably just moving in different directions.

  2. Hi ockoala!

    I also heard a happy news of J-ent !!!

    Kis-My-Ft2’s Fujigaya Taisuke and actress Takimoto Miori might be in relationship! It was reported by Shukan Bunshun and Nikkan Sports.

    Both of them met on set of You’re Beautiful Japanese Version, Ikemen Desu Ne. Fujigaya is the second lead. While Miori is lead actress. Just like Park Shin Hye & Yonghwa. ­čÖé

    And to the surprise, Fujigaya’s agency (Johnny & Associates) and Miori’s agency won’t comment anything because it’s their private live XD like since when Johnny didn’t interfere with their artist’s relationship?

    I hope this will bring happy news to upcoming Jun and Mao too!

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