Won Bin’s Agency Releases Official Pictures From His Wedding to Lee Na Young

I don’t find it intrusive on the part of fans to want to see their favorite stars in important occasions, most especially getting married. The stars made their career and income on a public platform so it’s only natural for their private lives to arouse curiosity on the part of fans who supported the career. With that said, I also get why some stars shun the spotlight outside of official projects and want to keep their personal lives as personal as possible, at the end of the day it’s that delicate balance act that remains so hard to get right.

With notoriously private K-actor Won Bin‘s weekend wedding to girlfriend-turned-wife Lee Na Young being a complete shocker to the public, I don’t think they chose the countryside solely to avoid the limelight inasmuch as the simple pastoral setting seems to be a natural extension ofย their relaxed unfussy personalities. Won Bin’s agency Eden Nine released three official wedding pictures to the media today that showcase the lovely union of two big stars doing something average folks get to do as well, namely marrying the person they love. I love their effortlessly sincere wedding so congrats again to the happy couple!


Won Bin’s Agency Releases Official Pictures From His Wedding to Lee Na Young — 22 Comments

  1. Is that a piano in the field? Haha, guess K-drama piano-on-the-beach scenarios aren’t that quite far fetched after all!:D

  2. I was a bit uncomfortable after seeing the pics on another website. Usually celebs choose a famous venue and a notorious MC to proceed with the ceremony. However, it seems like these 2 chose to stay away from the spotlight so as to keep it as private as possible. I somehow feel like an intruder, except that I doubt Eden Nine would have released these pics without the happily married couple’s consent.

    This reminds me of a wedding ceremony I had attended, in a similar setting, by a river. It was very lovely and special, as well as very appropriate to sharing this special moment with the Creator amidst His Creation.

    So I have a question which has gone unanswered so far on the other website: what exactly is seen behind Won Bin, to his left side, with a lady bent over? Is it some type of wooden bench, table with utensils and hot jars? Or has it got to do with the ceremony?

  3. I adore her dress, sleeved dresses are so lovely!
    Not a fan of Won Bin’s hair but he looks so dapper that I can overlook that.
    I’m still thinking he’ll retire from acting entirely as he most likely has a
    very decent nestegg and I think Lee Na Young will continue with her projects.

      • I second that, @Theprima. Besides I didn’t get the comparison…”not so pretty”! What does that mean? Not so pretty unlike whom? Ourselves, former gfs,other actresses..? Still puzzled with comments like these, I guess…

  4. I think it was nice of them to release the pic. Very lovely setting. They could’ve released a few more hehe

  5. Beautiful wedding, gorgeous couple, and breathtaking scenery. Simple but still a beautiful and intimate wedding that I would love to have since this is so me (I’m an introvert person).

  6. Won Bin hair is a bit strange, but he looks happy so does she, so congrats to the newly weds!

    I really like this country side wedding, it somehow looks more traditional, so why don’t they math their cloths too? Hanbok would have been a better choice I think.

  7. I love both pretty n handsome couple, they hv made right decision for having private marriage. Its simple yet family blessings is important..xoxo

  8. i am totally heartbroken today reading this news… my love just got married. ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

    kidding aside, this is one happy occassion free from all the fanfare and publicity. so won bin. so fitting to both of them.

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