Park Seo Joon Pairs Up with Ha Ji Won for the NorthCape Spring 2015 Campaign

Ha Ji Won has a reputation within K-ent not only of being an A-list leading lady in her own right but also being a leading man maker. She’s known for making leading men who work with her vault to the next level, some of the most notable cases being Hyun Bin after Secret Garden, Ji Chang Wook after Empress Ki, Jo In Sung after What Happened in Bali, Jang Geun Seok after Hwang Jin Yi, Lee Seo Jin after Damo, and the list goes on. She has a great track record, that’s for sure, so whomever gets the leading man role in the upcoming SBS remake of In Time With You opposite Ha Ji Won has both big shoes to fill and also a huge upside. Getting in on some CF action opposite Ha Ji Won recently is fasting rising actor Park Seo Joon, who stepped in for Ji Chang Wook as her new partner for the sportswear brand NorthCape. Will the Ha Ji Won magic at work? I find him super talented and ready for his big break, whether it comes so soon after working with Ha Ji Won or not. I only wish this CF was less stiff in posing both of them together.


Park Seo Joon Pairs Up with Ha Ji Won for the NorthCape Spring 2015 Campaign — 46 Comments

    • Someone needs to get their eyes checked ^^ They look good together. It amazes me how young looking Ha Ji Won is! It’s like she found the fountain of youth or something. She probably looks younger than most of us young folks. Beautiful, Talented, Charismatic, Successful, Ha Ji Won has everything! An Amazing Yeoja indeed!

      • Who is saying she is not looking good! I’m just talking about the chemistry here….take a chill pill please *rolls eyes*

    • Exactly. I think that’s giving HJW more credit than she deserves in this case. She did make a great leading man out of LSG , for example. But JGS and HB’s popularity is not courtesy doing a project with her.

      • yeah she definitely had chemistry with them… but I’d give PSH more credit for JGS’s leading status than HJW (YB is his his leading role and prob his best role/drama to date). HB was quite popular and SG pushed him to A-list star.

      • Oh no.. Do i sense jealousy and envy here? Can’t handle the truth? LOL.. Hyun Bin was popular after MNIKSS but his popularity plummetted after a string of FLOP movies and dramas. He became relevant again after acting alongside “THE QUEEN” herself Ha Ji Won in the phenomenal hit Secret Garden. The same thing can be said to ALL of her leading men. After being paired with her, they all get a major boost in their popularity and THAT IS A FACT! People who think otherwise are delusional! All of her drama’s are successful because Yes, one of the reasons is that she has insane sizzling chemistry with her leading men but mostly because Ha Ji Won is a superb actress! She nails it whether it may be a rom-com, sageuk, horror and action. Versatility at it’s best! Don’t hate her because she is superior and walks all over your plastic surgery fave like a filthy bug that he/she is! By the way.. You always post crap and BS on all Ha Ji Won related articles. GET A LIFE LOSER! Go wait for a news article about your fave and spread your stupid nonsense there! Ha Ji Won is a Top-notch A-list actress! DEAL WITH IT LIVE WITH IT!
        * ockoala- I love it every time you speak the truth and profess your love and admiration for THE Amazing Ha Ji Won! Put those basic b****** in their places!

  1. Ha Ji Won is great but youre giving her too much credit when some of these actors that she worked with was already popular and established. She did, however, have wonderful chemistry with a good chunk of them. And we already know who her male lead for K-In Time With You is. It’s Lee Jin Wook.

    • That’s Ockoala and her bias, we all know about that, all her favourites always questionable in acting talent but she knows how to manipulate the kids into believing they are the best.

      • Considering you are reading her blog, I respectfully request you cease insulting both her and her readers.

        It is a personal blog therefore her opinion and beliefs are hers to make.

        What she said is also not just a personal opinion but options of some of her readers and also the korean media in general. You can Google it.

        I find it extremely rude to post such disrespectful and insulting comments bordering on character attacks on someone who has taken time out of their own lives to update their readers. If you can’t learn to respect the blogger then maybe this is not the blog for you.

        And yes, your words are insulting, try rereading it.

      • Moneymo, So you’re here not only to make a personal attack on Koala but also on her readers’ intelligence. Are we mere kiddie as you have implied and hence have been manipulated by her. Goodness, you must have a terribly big inflated ego about yourself. Why are you here? Sorry to burst your bubble. You sound infantile n kiddieo and might be manipulated too if you visit often. If want of better thins to do, go fly a kite.

      • Is HJW questionable in acting?? In case you’re confused,let me remind you she’s NOT an idol nor a newbie actor. She has made her coffee in the industy, thank you very much!
        You may have your opinion and so do the rest of us. You may not like her acting but putting her on the level of an untalented idol sounds to me a bit biased and prejudiced.
        So, let’s not bash each other’s personal preferences, since we’re all here for the fun. None is a professional critic, after all…at least, I’m not for sure!

    • Sorry to disagree but you must have read it differently. She didn’t say they weren’t popular to begin with, however, Ms. Koala said that “She’s known for making leading men who work with her vault to the next level”

      It is a FACT that lately most of her screen partner who worked with her after a drama/movie gets more warmth welcome, more love and well known. See, that’s the magic with Ha Ji Won.

    • Can you pin point the specific post that says she looks like a teenager. The comments are that she looks young which can mean at 80 you look 70, at 50 you look 40 etc etc. You have a reading problem don’t you. Shes aging, nobody denies that. Isn’t that wonderful news? Not everyone has a chance to age you know, including yourself. Many just disappear from planet earth before they have a chance to be called auntie, noona, ajuma, ahjussi. So don’t talk mockingly as you have been doing.

  2. @buffy don’t be too delusional with Ha Ji Won talent. She’s not great in all department, especially in comedy, she’s a laughing stock if tried to be cute.Why she got all the best character and warrior types, one of it is good sponsoring, not really talent.

    • @moneymo You’re username suits you very well.. absolute rubbish! LOL.. All of Ha Ji Won’s drama’s are BIG hits whatever genre it is! The phenomenal hit “Secret Garden” was a rom/com= romance/comedy. If she wasn’t good in comedy (Hyun Bin is not that good of an actor and can’t carry the whole show by himself) people won’t watch it. The thing is “Secret Garden” was a massive worldwide hit, a proof that Ha Ji Won excels in ALL genres of acting. If people thinks that the actors and actresses suck they won’t watch their dramas. For Ha Ji Won to have all of her dramas have the number one spot means that people are impressed and convinced by her superior talent. Warrior types? You mean action? She’s not called the “Queen of Action” for nothing! You said it yourself, SHE IS THE BEST! No Asian Actress can ever beat or equal Ha Ji Won when it comes to action! She’s an expert in martial arts, trained to be a boxer, an excellent gymanst, does her own stunts flawlessly! If you try talking crap in her face, she’ll probably kick your ass! Ha Ji Won has won so many acting awards for dramas and movies because of her superb acting skills, it could probably fill a damn house. Next time, Get your facts straight! Stop making a fool of yourself. Sigh.. Stupid is forever. BYE LOSER!

      • Actually Secret Garden was so popular that it was televised twice in the Philippines and in so many Asian countries. Empress Ki was a BIG HIT in the Philippines too and again in so many Asian countires. She is called “THE QUEEN” so the naysayers/haters needs to get used to it. Ha ha ha ha. 🙂

    • @ moneymo – I feel a certain degree of your dislike about my bias. Just relax. Oh by the way, I don’t need to tell you all the achievement and all the accolades she received. Just google it. 🙂

    • How can someone sponsor an actor in action movies? This comment is beyond me, indeed. Even if you hate her acting, her looks,her voice,her age, practically everything on her, even if you really think she’s been sponsored for a drama, or a film, a rom- com or a melodrama, how on earth could someone have sponsored the “warrior types”, you’ve mentioned? Letting aside the fact that action movies need the least acting possible among all genres. The cutiness, on the other hand, is such a subjective matter that my only comment could be just NO COMMENT at all!

    • I dont think it’s because of sponsoring, that’s really stooping so low fit for gossip tabloids. HJW is undoubtedly the Best in her craft, but one thing she lacks to move forward to larger market like Hollywood, is charisma. I guess that’s the reason why in her dramas, it’s always the leading men opposite her who steals & gets the attention. The drama is altogether a success, but HJW seems not to gain more followings from it. Just observe from her endorsement deals alone, like I havent really seen her endorse a huge cosmetic products, the market she attracts seems to be more of male-centered products. Just my 2cents!

  3. Jang Geun Suk got his big breakthrough after Hwang Jini and started to get noticed since then, enabling him more opportunities in other hit projects as 1st or 2nd male lead roles. He admitted this before in an interview. As for Hyun Bin, he did became popular after MNIKSS, but his projects after that did not get good ratings until SEGA. He reached his 2nd career height due to SEGA.

  4. @buffy No one is hating on her… and you are appearing the the crazy looser one here. Calm down and let people have their’s opinion w/o calling them names

      • @moneymo
        enough with your BASHFULL comments.
        stop reading stuff about Ha Ji Won. you are the WORST.

      • @moneymo Yes, i am classy and a proud passionate fan of the A-list Top-notch actress Ha Ji Won! while your an uneducated retarded lowlife. Go back to school and get an education.

    • Hmmm, funny, I have been reading snide remarks comments about Ha Ji Won and people expect us to “sit our asses down and chill”? Most of the times, I do ignore it since that’s their opinion. But when you keep on and spewing the same thing it can get tiring. The sad part is the negative comments are so immature. And when Ha Ji Won’s bias replies, we get called a “crazy looser?”

    • @lol Are you blind or something? You should reread some of the comments made by those losers. Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I get that. But if those opinions are made up crap and pure BS then they deserve correcting and some “in your face” lecturing. C’mon! Those lowlives deserve some ass whooping even if it’s done virtually. lol.. Those retarded haters can’t handle the truth to the fact that a living legend like Ha Ji Won can never be beat or equaled by any Asian actress, especially by their fake plastic surgery faves! If you spread lies and made up BS, you deserve a good old retaliation.

  5. Ha Ji Won is aging and other actors in their 30s and 40s too. How can we expect them to always be youthful looks. It’s a process in life. I would rather to see them aging gracefully rather than seeing them try hard for looking younger. See how Hollywood stars become better looks with age eventhough they have wrinkles here and there. The only actress that I see has natural baby face is Jang Nara. And yet she still looks older because she’s not young anymore. It’s the fact.

  6. @Moneymo, enough badmouthing Ha Ji Won. It’s only fair now if you can mention your favorite actress here and so we all can see how fair/unfair your judgement was. I have a feeling I knew who she is and why you are talking crap about Ha Ji Won.

  7. Just FYI, that above comment is made by me, not the “Sandra” wrote at 10.00. I just realize that our name is similar, it could make people confused.

  8. I love HJW . She has great chemistry with all of her co-star young or old. HB has also acknowledge that there will be no Ji Won without Gil Ra Im and as far as JCW -it is very obvious that after Empress Ki ,he did gain an advantage.

  9. is it only me who thinks JCW was getting all the fame after Healer, not EK? in EK, HJW takes all the credit.. JCW and JJM didnt even go to China/HK or Japan for it.. i dunno about K-fans but if you ask int’l fans, many thought he’s just another face.. i might be wrong tho.. and seriously HJW fans need some chills here..

    • I only became a fan of JCW after Empress Ki.I’ve seen some of his drama but it was in Empress Ki that I really hint that his performance was outstanding. Of course ,it is only my opinion.

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