Scholar Who Walks the Night Continues the Parade of Pretty Drama Stills

MBC released tons of new Scholar Who Walks the Night  drama stills this past weekend so continue to feast your eyes on the pretty, and boy is there an unending stream of pretty. I’ll be candidly honest with my approach and expectation towards this upcoming vampire sageuk – it’ll likely be pulpy bad but I think I’ll still like it. The idea of pulp fiction really defines aptly a great swatch of K-dramas, nothing qualitatively highbrow but plenty of enjoyment to be had with the emotion-tugging. This particular drama is about Joseon-era vampires, ferssakes, so as long as it doesn’t get too weepy and serious then I think there will be fun had by all.

The source manhwa behind Night Scholar isn’t a particularly great manhwa either but has all the elements of a thrilling yarn – vampires, cross-dressing Candy heroine, vengeful spurned second loves, conspiracy in the court, more vampires – so suitably adapting it to the big screen is only a matter of understanding the limitations and the cast playing it with a self-aware wink wink sensibility. Lee Jun Ki and Lee Yoo Bi have a great frisson of awareness if their first stills together, while poor adorable Changmin looks so much like a fish-out-of-water in his still with veteran Lee Soon Jae playing his royal Kingly grandpa.



Scholar Who Walks the Night Continues the Parade of Pretty Drama Stills — 10 Comments

  1. LJK is unique. When we are woman watch him carefully he’s still looks so virile even with that incredibly good looking face. There are pretty boys in this drama that are also attractive for me including LSH, still I cannot take my eyes off LJK. It is misteriously amazing.

    • This is what they call androgynous beauty, and Lee Jun Ki has a big sparkle of it. I find this feature rare and divine as most of the godly images I’ve seen are androgynous.

  2. Wow, great supporting cast with Lee Soon Jae and Yang Ik June.

    Lee Jun Ki, Lee Yoo Bi and Changmin are looking good.

    One more week to go!

  3. LJK and LYB in visuals alone match quite well…… Buddhacat says he has an androgynous feel to his beauty that really sets him apart. While her look is feminine and pretty but somehow has a stronger feel than the average idol/actress so she looks a bit boyish in the costume.

    I just hope they match well in their acting also. And that the drama is not as stupid as Night Watchman Journal etc.

  4. Koala, thought you were going to recap The Time We Were/Not In Love…so disappointed you didn’t. Any reason?

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