Ji Chang Wook is Contrasting Dapper and Urban for One Korea Pictorial in Los Angeles

Ji Chang Wook is really taking his time with his acting career in 2015 after finishing up K-drama Healer in the early part of the year. He’s always given me the impression of being a scrappy go-getter, someone willing to take on projects to keep building his resume. I’d say he’s finally arrived with the one-two success of Empress Ki and Healer, the former being a Pan-Asia ratings hit and the other bringing him additional popularity from the cult favorite drama. I thought he would have another acting project lined up by now because he’s also one of those ’87ers who have to enlist in the army next year.

If he’s just biding him time waiting for a promising project then by all means do so, so many K-dramas this year have been busts it’s better to be picky than waste three months on a dud. He was in Los Angeles last month in early June for entertainment activities, and as part of that trip shot a pictorial for Korea One that has now been released. I love it, even with the Pepto Bismol pink wall he’s repeatedly posing in front of, LOL, the non pink wall pics really show off his great style in front of a recognizable urban LA backdrop.


Ji Chang Wook is Contrasting Dapper and Urban for One Korea Pictorial in Los Angeles — 18 Comments

  1. We adore this guy, he got good looks and most especially great acting skills. He is very respectful and down to earth in gesture and action, Keep it up JCW, we’re following you!

  2. Oh my goodness he is so hot and sexy .. And extremely charming as well …

    I love him to the moon and back….

    Happy birthday JCW ❤️

  3. *missing Healo so much*

    I didn’t notice he’s an 87er! Huhuhu must prepare to say goodbye to him soon.

  4. He looks extremely gorgeous in any outfit and in any place you put him in. Happy birthday my dear wookie!!! Wish you good health, lots of love and a very good project…fighting!!

  5. Geez……he looks so yummy delectable after Healer. There’s some sensuous and sexiness vibes that can attract all females all over the world…#sighed..and this time he take ages to start drama/film. ..Palli Ji Chang Wook shii start 2 drama 3 film before enlist. Is that possible?

  6. Love the pics !!
    Sports Donga reported yesterday that his next project is a movie – “Fabricated City” with Director Park Kwang Hyun of “Welcome to Dongmakgol”. It seems that filming starts this month (no official announcement from his agency yet). I hope he will do a (good) drama after that, really miss him…..

  7. Yeah, he’s one of those actors that’s been steadily building his resume with both dramas and musicals – his acting chops have steadily improved over time as showcased with Empress Ki, then Healer.

  8. Oh boy, he never ceases to amaze his millions of fans with all these pics! We are all getting crazy everytime he has pictorials!!!! Ovaries exploded hahaha!!!

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