Jung So Min is an Indoor Beach Beauty for the July Issue of Sure Magazine

This is entirely a Jung So Min visual admiring post, one that isn’t that hard to write when she looks so stunning in the July summer issue of Sure magazine. Some pictorials are to hawk wares such as watches, jewelry, purses, and of course clothes, but here I think it’s a makeup targeted shoot since her outfit is hardly seen in the shot while her strong makeup is very eye-catching. I love the beach hair, all mussed with texture and volume, while the various colorful eye shadow shades add the pop needed for the beige background palette. Even cuter is coming across a BTS picture of the shoot showing that Jung So Min isn’t even perched at any beach for this pictorial but was instead in a studio with fake sand carted in and the background photoshopped later. The end result looks great and that’s really all that matters.


Jung So Min is an Indoor Beach Beauty for the July Issue of Sure Magazine — 6 Comments

    • That’s interesting. Ever since I saw JSM in Playful Kiss, her features seemed more round. Maybe she’s become more chiseled the last time I saw her on-screen. I’ve always associated YEH was angled features especially because of her high cheekbones, sharp nose, and pronounced chin. Either way, both actresses are very beautiful and talented.

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