Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right: Tao’s First Solo a Diss Track to his EXO Experience, Then SM Has His MV Pulled

If there is a thing called backfiring then SM Entertainment might want to consider giving a class because the company is certainly doing a bang up job at it. This week was the solo mini album release in China by former EXO member Tao (Huang Zi Tao), a development I covered recently only as confirmation that he’s finally left the top SM boy band for good, and not because I actually was interested in following his solo career.¬†Thanks to SM’s reaction to Tao’s first solo single, I ended watching watching a video I had zero interest in and subsequently writing about it.

Let’s just say the drama behind the scenes is way more interesting than the actual MV. Within hours after Tao’s MV was released on his official Youtube channel, it was yanked with an explanation that the MV infringed on SM’s copyrights. Seriously? SM is saying Tao is their copyright? The better explanation is the contract dispute over Tao’s departure from EXO, by which Tao laid it all out in the song lyrics which is the biggest FU to SM and his experience in Korea if I ever came across a diss song. Anyone curious can have a listen and watch below, but hurry before this video gets pulled.

Z.Tao Solo Single MV:


Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right: Tao’s First Solo a Diss Track to his EXO Experience, Then SM Has His MV Pulled — 31 Comments

  1. But to some extent, this is also backfiring SM. Now everyone will flock to see his MV without him paying for PR.

  2. I thought it was only officially released on Chinese sites…though his Baidu Bar probably uploaded it with his support.

    Yeah they yanked the teaser too after a couple of days

  3. I thought it as Sony Music entertainment, anyway it was not uploaded by a verified account i have seen some music videos being removed with SM entertainment copyright which is usually Sony Music

  4. I have not heard the song but I’ve seen people saying it was because he used an EXO song in the background music.

  5. I’m not a fan of EXO but I heard he was injured thus forcing him to quit EXO.Then a few months later he’s pursuing a solo career? I don’t understand anymore

    • As far as I know, his departure left a sour taste in people’s mouths. Chinese fans think he’s disloyal for publicly criticizing Kris and Luhan during their lawsuit ordeal. Korean fans think he’s using SM and his father as a stepping stone towards popularity and profit. He’s only adding oil to the fire by insulting SM.

    • It’s true that he was injured. There are photos of him walking with crutches but apparently he recovered fast and now he’s got his solo debut. I personally think it is happening too quickly and some people can’t trust him anymore.

      • He hasn’t recovered as his injury will take a long time to recover. Leaving EXO means he will get treatment in time and if wont get worse like it did when he was in EXO. Plus being away from EXO means his schedule will stop being insane and he will actually get his rest and the treatment he needs.

  6. This loser is the BIGGEST BITCH in the world of KPOP. Seriously dude, you’re such a hypocrite! Ugh. Kris and Luhan left the group but I wasn’t even mad at them.

    • He isn’t a hypocrite u are for even saying that he is. I swear, ppl don’t even respect the fact that he wants to follow his dream. ?

      • He can follow his dream after the 7years contract ends and without dissing SM and EXO.

        He used to be my 2nd favourite member(I have his solo cover for EXODUS album) but now I am glad that boy is gone from EXO.

      • What so NON-hypocritic about this disrespectful liar? How to command respect while he betrays his ex-members (now he is also an ex), scares to speak up for himself and asks his father for help!!

  7. I didn’t really follow the drama behind his “leaving” EXO. After hearing his father did a public declaration about his decision to leave, I THOUGHT it was all said and done. Then I heard he was starting his own company and releasing his solo project. I had already written him off as shady and opportunistic. It’s one thing to take shots at SM but to write off your ex-band members as well as your fans that helped make you a household name is ungrateful and unprofessional. Well he wasn’t even close to being my favorite EXO member. So good riddance, Tao

  8. I don’t follow the EXO drama, but this guy comes across as super shady. I don’t think the other guys left like this and acted like this either..and didn’t put out diss tracks. Isn’t he pretty much hated by both Chinese and Korean sides now? Smh… SM probably owns the name, even if it’s in part his own name. He can’t just put out a song under that name now.

  9. EXO fans in the comments LOL

    Honestly it’s a job in a pop group…if I was over worked, injured, under paid, with opportunities continously turned down I’d leave too

    • I know right? I’m puzzled why so called fans would want their idol to stay in an unhappy situation? People switch companies often and its no big deal but if k-pop idols do all of a sudden its betrayal.

      • Yes people switch companies often and its no big deal… BUT if you bad-mouth ex-members, hide and lie, then what do you think of that person?? There is something called “Integrity” which Tao does not have!!

  10. Lol at all these Tao haters in the comments. I followed exo until Kris left and it seems like the fandom has been going downhill since. Tao left because he was injured and overworked. Releasing a mini album doesn’t negate those facts.

    This situation is a hot mess, but at least it’s entertaining. SM and exo-Ls are like a bitter ex when their old SO has moved on to someone better.

    • I usually avoid these kind of posts here… don’t need to waste my time. I get a daily feed of kpop news anyways.

      Hypocrite or not, I’m sure his health is more of a priority now that he doesn’t have to be under the control of a massive amount of schedules- you can have time for an album and still be recovering. The aftermath of these departures always turn out to be a bigger drama than I was expecting lol.

  11. While I understand Tao’s reasons for leaving, I don’t think it was smart of him to diss SM publicly. Sure, fine, state your reasons for leaving like Luhan and Kris did. But don’t spit on the people you worked beside for years, those “bros” you lived and worked with. In my opinion, that’s insulting to the other EXO members and their fans. And without those fans, he wouldn’t have the base on which he wants to now build his solo career. Not a smart move at all.

  12. Notwithstanding anything that Z. Tao may have done,I still love him. We’re human beings hence,we’re prone to make errors.Z.Tao Oppa is not an exception. I loved him when he was in EXO and I’ll keep on loving and supporting him.

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