Yongpal Drops Second Moody OTP Drama Poster and First Stills of Second Female Lead Chae Jung Ahn

I like everything so far about upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama Yongpal (Yongpalyi), other than leading man Joo Won. But I don’t hate him, plus his styling in this drama is the best I’ve seen from him, so perhaps his turn as the rogue doctor channeling Healer is just the performance to flip the switch for me. The drama continues with a slew of great promotional material, producing an eye-catching second poster that is as interesting as the first one where Kim Tae Hee and Joo Won’s face silhouettes are formed by lettering.

The second poster amps up the divide between a rich heiress stuck in a coma and a poor doctor risking death to earn more money, with the dawning backdrop of the city forming the dividing barrier. The production also released the first stills of second female lead Chae Jung Ahn, who will be married to second male lead Jo Hyun Jae in the drama. He’s playing a baddie but it’s unclear whether she’s be his willing or unwitting helper. Either way she’s grown on me as a supporting actress since Prime Minister and I so whatever her character is up to it’ll certainly fun watching.


Yongpal Drops Second Moody OTP Drama Poster and First Stills of Second Female Lead Chae Jung Ahn — 19 Comments

  1. I like Chae Jung Ahn ever since Coffee Prince, love to see her again in this project. Things look promising, hope it won’t disappoint.

  2. I can’t wait! I hope Joo Won’s performance in this will turn you into a Joo Won fan as it did with Lee Jong Suk! ;P It took some getting used to for me to finally appreciate Joo Won as a good actor, so maybe you just need a little nudge. Hehe. Looking forward to this!

  3. I hope this is good because Joo Won’s done a string of projects I didn’t like at all. I used to love him but he hasn’t picked good scripts lately. It’s an intriguing premise but this could go badly wrong. I do like that poster though!!

  4. I guess I’m floored that you don’t recognize his talent. Like, FER REAL DUDE? I actually kind of hope you don’t “flip the switch”, especially this late in the game. If you haven’t recognized his talent yet, then… what the? Whenever you do switch, you tend to FAWN over those actors as if you’re the most Superdest! Fan! Evs! Weird.

    • that’s because she’s too freaking old for him ffs!! why oh why they could’t find someone young for this talented guy…

      • If Yoo Ah In and Kim Tae Hee can have wonderful chemistry even with her being years older than him, I’m not sure why Joo Won can’t do the same with her. I’ve watched my fair share of KTH and JW dramas and generally find KTH always seem to have good chemistry with her male costars.

        People are always praising JW for his acting and love to have their say on KTH, be it an attack on her looks or her acting. For the record, I am a fan of both. Can we just all get along and hope for this drama to be a good one that we all will enjoy?

      • lol, JW’s look is not that young. not having a a baby face. hes like older than his age.

      • LadyM, Shade and Ehh are one and the same person, and this person is also asper in AllKpop and fluff77 or fluffy_tale in othe sites, who is greened with jealousy of Kim Tae Hee. Joo Won gets the heat because of that. Seems like she will stop at nothing just to sow hate and all kinds of bad feels at Kim Tae Hee and people who acts with her.

      • I’ve seen actors/actresses with bigger age gaps and they got along just fine. Stop spewing your hatred/dislike on someone just because your bias did not get casted. 🙂

  5. I’m really hoping this will be good. Both because I like Joo Won and because the premise sounds interesting, I really want it to be some kind of good. And I also do hope this will help you mend this conflictive relationship you have with Joo Won. Well, I’m not sure I get it, but everyone is entitled to their opinions and relationships take time and effort on both parts, so let’s do hope this time it’ll work out between you two. Fighting!

  6. i guess im like you when it comes to him, not really a fan but we will see, also this drama premise kind reminds me of the fake drama kim tae hee made in her japanese drama boku no star 99, where she got hurt, got amnesia and the doctor and her fall in love and she we being targeted and someone was after her and she was trying to find out what happened to her. lol

  7. cant wait for this drama to get started. hopefully can get the best rating. its a great joy thatmy two biases having a same drama at the same time (Kim Tae Hee here and Kim So Eun in Scholars)..
    and can cure my bitter feeling on Scjolars who seems to waste KSE so far.

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