Jerry Yan Finally Admits to the Widely Reported Past Rumors that He Dated Top Model Lin Chi Ling

Better late than never is what went through my mind at this past weekend’s press conference for Jerry Yan‘s upcoming new drama My Best Ex-boyfriend. The feeling isn’t caused by Jerry coming back with a new drama but what he finally admitted to during the media question session. When asked about how he deals with his exes and specifically about long rumored top model former girlfriend Lin Chi Ling, a question that isn’t out of the blue since the drama is about exes getting a second chance again, Jerry admitted that he’s still on good terms with Chi Ling since they had a lot of good memories together and he doesn’t want to ruin that beautiful shared experience from the past by being bitter later.

Jerry also admitted that he was very young back then and at the start of his career so he always put his career first, and often neglected his other half. Now he would be much more considerate of her feelings and needs were he to date in the future. Jerry is a renowned sourpuss who hates media events, and usually wears a pissed off glower and hardly ever answers questions other than with clipped two syllables, so his good spirits and smiling candor at this event took everyone off guard. I guess Jerry just proved that he really has matured and is more than capable of doing the promotional parts of his entertainment projects. While it’s been years since Jerry and Chi Ling were linked together, it’s still nice to finally hear confirmation that they did date as closure for a very pretty coupling that unfortunately wasn’t meant to go all the way.


Jerry Yan Finally Admits to the Widely Reported Past Rumors that He Dated Top Model Lin Chi Ling — 18 Comments

  1. There was a time when I was humongous fan of Jerry. But then he disappeared for extended periods and I just stopped caring. Always shipped him with LCL though, so it’s good to know he dated her. Hopefully they both find their better halves soon.

  2. I haven’t watched any other of his dramas since meteor garden. Maybe I will catch this one. Why can’t he get away from his signature hairdo? Yikes!

  3. The last drama of Jerry’s I’ve seen is Down With Love & I enjoyed that, he shared great chemistry with Ella. I really loved their interactions off-screen because she’d always tease him & get him to talk. I’m looking forward to this drama though, I’ve been waiting for it to premiere since I saw the first stills from it.

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  5. he needs to get married. seriously. and his hair.. oh.. he’s still stuck in the same ‘era’. look at vaness, he changed here and there 😀 btw, talking about them, remind me of F4, does it still exist?? where’s Ken??

  6. LOL – took him long enough… I just thought it was pretty much a known secret.

    Anyhow, I too haven’t really been interested in anything that he has been in since DWL. But I may just watch that drama again. It was definitely my favorite of all of his dramas that I have seen, just edging out the hospital. I guess it’s not a very long list. I would say what I remember most was the interview where Ella is basically sitting on him. I love her. She always makes her costars feel really comfortable.

    • ok… not really sitting but kinda. Wondering if his new drama is any good. His acting doesn’t really inspire me. But with the right chemi… it’s still nice to watch.

  7. Great now if Hu Ge can also confirm he used to date Ariel Lin would be great. I need to know if this is true or not. I shipped them so hard back in the days.

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  9. Jerry’s performance in ‘Loving, never Forgetting’, is equally as explosive as in DWL and MG.

    Do catch the drama.

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